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Choose Well at Home

Healthy Home Delivery Meal Service

• Learning Objectives:
– By the end of this training one should be able to:
• Explain to participants what Choose Well at Home is
• Create referrals
• Assist participants with setting up their Choose Well at
Home accounts
As Reid Health moves forward as the
community leader for bringing a
future of wellness focused healthcare
to those we serve, it is important
that we address the nutritional
needs of the high risk both within the
walls of our hospital and outside in
our community.
What is Choose Well at Home?
• Choose Well at Home is a “spinoff” of the
Choose Well menu available at the Reid Café
at 1200
• Choose Well is a healthy meal delivery service
program that meets the needs of the various
populations that we serve at different levels.
Choose Well at Home Goals
• Provide healthy, affordable meals to
participants with chronic disease(s) in an
effort to improve nutritional intake
• Reduce readmissions and/or the need for
frequent provider office visits
• Engage participants in understanding that
healthy eating can not only be possible, but
delicious too
Fun Facts about Choose Well at Home
• All meals are designed by Reid registered
dietitians (RD’s)
• All meals are prepared fresh and then frozen
for Choose Well clients
– Clients will need access to a microwave in order to
reheat meals
Nutrition Guidelines
• Generally, the Choose Well at Home meals are
balanced in:
– Calories
• <550 kcal per meal
– Carbohydrates
• 10-71 g
– Sodium
• <650mg per meal
Choose Well at Home vs. Fast Food
Choose Well at Home Fast Food
Price $2.50 >$5
Calories 337 1006
Fat (g) 9 53
Saturated Fat (g) 2.1 13.6
Carbohydrates (g) 40 94
Sodium (mg) 319 1596
Populations Served
• Three populations will benefit from the
Choose Well at Home Program
1. Chronic Disease Management ( i.e.
diabetes, obesity, heart failure etc.)
2. Malnourished/Medically Fragile with
Food Insecurity
3. Peri-operative Program Participants
Chronic Disease Management
• Patients struggle with following diet
restrictions that are necessary to control their
• Choose Well Meals could:
– Improve control of their disease states
– Prevent admission/readmission to the hospital
– Prevent frequent visits to PCP
Malnourished/Medically Fragile with
Food Insecurity Population
• Who are in this population?
– Patients that have been identified as either malnourished
or medically fragile
• Patients who might not be discharged into an optimum nutrition
situation to regain strength and promote healing
• Choose Well meals address the need for adequate
protein and calories
– Adequacy of protein and calories may prevent readmission
to the hospital
• This population would receive 30 meals (or value of
$75) FREE including oral nutrition supplements then
transition to the Chronic Disease Management phase
Peri-operative Population
• Patients needing some level of nutrition
support prior to a scheduled surgery
– Promotes healthy outcomes
– Prevents surgical complications such as wound
• Patients needing to meet pre-surgery weight
loss goals
Menu Options
• Approximately 40 different menu options
• A la carte options also available
– Examples include sandwiches, salads, soup, fruit,
• Additional cost
• Can be used for weekend meals
Example Menu
Meal Structure
• Meals contain:
– 1 entree
• Beef, chicken, pork, seafood, turkey, or vegetarian
– 1 to 2 sides
• Typically rice, vegetables, fruit, or other grain product
Example Meal and Nutrition Label
Delivery and Pickup Logistics
• Two possible delivery dates (Thursdays and
Fridays currently)
• Pickup Option at Reid Health
– Used for participants with regular appointments
at Reid Health
– Only available with online payment
Delivery Van
Payment options
• Check
– For current order given to Delivery Driver (Dave)
made out to Reid Food and Nutrition Services
– First delivery participants will pay for current week
and next weeks order
• Online through PayPal
– Using credit card or PayPal account
– Requirement for pick up
How to refer a patient to Choose Well
at Home?
• Provide the patient with a Choose Well at
Home welcome packet
• Orders can be placed:
– Online at reidhealth.org/choosewellathome
– Paper copy with delivery driver
• Transition navigators and care coordinators
can use the online portal to create referrals
Referral Guide
• New referral
– Fill out participant information to get participants’
unique registration code
– Participants or referring staff create user account
• Requires email and password
– If participant does not have email access, use
– Participants or referring staff fill out demographic
• Demographic information includes billing address, delivery
address, emergency contact, special instructions comment
box, and pickup day if applicable.
Referral Account Creation
1. Navigate to
2. Click create account button at bottom of
3. Fill out work email, password, and
registration code (choosewellReferral)
4. Fill out account details using Reid address
Create New Referral
1. Click on hamburger menu
2. Click referral option -> click new referral from sub

3. Fill out all fields and select malnourished/food

insecure checkbox
4. Click create referral button
5. Referral will pop up in new tab and a hard printed
copy can be given to participant
Create User Account
1. Click hamburger menu
2. Click referral option -> click all referrals from sub

3. Click row of chosen participant -> click create user

4. Fill out email/password information -> click create
user button
5. On next screen, fill out account details
Phase 4 (Mid Aug/Sept) Phase 2 (Mid May/June) Phase 1 (Apr/Mid May) Phase 3 (July)

Thank you for listening!
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