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JMC 2016-01
Major Features of the Amended JMC

• Process of Costing, Allocation and

Attribution of the GAD Budget;
• Revised template for the LGUs GPB
and GAD AR;
• Clarification on the Role of DILG on
the Localization of MCW
C.4 Attribution to the GAD Budget

– Application of HGDG tool for GPB

• HGDG Boxes 9-15; 18-23; and
• HGDG Box F1 and HGDG Box 7a

– Application of HGDG tool for GAR

• HGDG Boxes16 and 17; and
• HGDG Box F2
C.5 Calendar Schedule…
– Calendar for LGU GAD Planning and
• January –February
–all levels of LGU will prepare/pass
a local policy on the preparation
and submission of their GPBs;
–GFPS - TWG’s Review
C.5 Calendar Schedule …
– March
• Review of the Higher LGU
–Brgy. GPB to City/Municipal
–City/Municipal to Provincial level
C.5 Calendar Schedule …
– April-May
• DILG Review and Endorsement
–Brgy. GPB with AR
–Component City/Mun. GPB with AR
–DILG Provincial Office
–Province/HUC/ICC/NCR LGUs GPBs with AR
–DILG Regional Office
C.6 Submission, Review and
Endorsement of LGU GPBs
• Flow of LGUs GPB review was clarified
– GFPS TWG will focus on the alignment of entries
of the plan to GAD Related Laws;
– LPDO will ensure the alignment of entries to the
priorities of the Mun./City/Prov.;
– DILG’s review will focus on gender responsiveness
of the plan’s content; relevance of GAD PPAs to
GAD issues, and correctness and alignment of the
entries in the form/template
C.7 Implementation …
• Start of the implementation of the
LGUs GPB shall commence upon
enactment of the LGU Budget
• Issuance of policy directive
• GFPS to provide TA
• Monitor implementation
• Ensure preparation of GAD AR
• Consolidate reports
C.7 Implementation…
• If changes are done, LGU should
inform the DILG in writing
• DILG shall acknowledge the LGUs
action and shall inform the LGU if the
GAD PPAs in the adjusted GPB are
in accordance with the provisions of
the JMC
C.8 Preparation and Submission
• GFPS of all LGU levels shall
prepare the GAD AR based on the
DILG endorsed GPB, using the
appropriate template provided in
the revised JMC
C.8 Preparation and Submission
• If attribution is applied, HGDG
FIMME/PIMME test shall be
accomplished to determine the
actual expenditures for the
program/project subject to HGDG
C.8 Preparation and Submission
• DILG Regional Office shall prepare
Regional Summary of LGUs’
• DILG Central Office (BLGD) shall
prepare a National Report on the
LGUs accomplishment for
submission to PCW
C.8 Preparation and Submission
• Nos. 4 and 5 of C.8 of JMC 2013-01
shall remain in full force and effect
– The Annual GAD AR shall be accompanied by the ff:
• Brief Summary of the reported program or project;
• Copies of reported policy issuances;
• Results of HGDG Tests;
• Actions taken by the LGU on the COA findings
and recommendations
Section 5 Monitoring…
• LGU GAD M&E team shall evaluate the
outcome of the LGU’s policies/programs/
• LGU submission of GAD Evaluation Report
not later than June of the next term
• DILG Regional offices to prepare and submit
regional summary of reports on the LGUs
compliance to the MCW
Section 5 Monitoring…
• DILG (CO) shall submit a consolidated report
on LGUs compliance to MCW to PCW every
March of the year
• No. 5.1 to 5.5 of the Section 5 of JMC 2013-01
shall remain in full force and in effect
– 5.1 LGUs establishment/strengthening of M & E
and issuance of Local Policy for the creation of M &
E team

– 5.2. composition of M & E team and its functions;

Section 5 Monitoring…
– 5.3. LGUs GFPS shall monitor the
implementation of their GPBs and assess the
status of the LGUs institutional mechanism on
gender mainstreaming annually
– 5.4. Preparation of LGUs status of Report on
Institutional Mechanism for Gender
Mainstreaming – Annex G of JMC 2013-01
– 5.5. Submission of GAD AR is not later than
end of January of ensuing year for review
and consolidation of DILG
Section 6 Role of DILG
• 6.1.a Keep records of endorsed LGU
GPBs and GAD ARs and prepare
consolidated report on LGUs
compliance to the implementation of
the JMCs;
• Other roles of DILG stated in
JMC 2013-01 shall still be in full
force and in effect
Section 6 Role of DILG
• Monitor and evaluate LGUs compliance to the
1. Formulation and implementation of LGU
GPBs and GAD ARs;
2. Utilization of the 5% GAD Budget;
3. Formulation of GAD Code;
4. Creation/re-organization and functionality
of GFPS or similar GAD Mechanism;
Section 6 Role of DILG
5. Organization & functionality of Local
Council for the Protection of Children;
6. Establishment of LGU GAD Database;
7. Functionality of VAWC office/desk and
women’s shelter;
8. Mainstreaming gender perspectives in LGUs
local Plans/PPAs;
Section 6 Role of DILG
9. Functionality of GAD Office/unit if any;
10. Creation of Local Media Board
• Per RA 9710 LGUs are not mandated to
create local media board but LGUs are
encouraged to create LMB to monitor
the implementation of the rules and
regulations of NTC, MTRCB, FAP, FDCP,
The rest of the JMC 2013-01
that were not amended shall
remain in full force and effect
end of presentation