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Consumer behaviour
Presentation on

Harshit Upadhyay
Sales Manager
Multi Way Automation Pvt. Ltd.
(DANFOSS Authorized Business Partner)
Roll No. 30
Batch – 35 (Marketing)

• DANFOSS is leading brand in manufacturing AC Drives (Variable

Frequency Drives) started in 1968. These Drives are are mainly used
for Enegy Savings & Automation of Plants operation.
• Serves in various business segment like Chemical, Pharma, Food &
Beverage, Textile, Plastics, HVAC, Water etc.
• Technical expertise in these segments ensures perfect selection of
Drives for your machines/ application & customer satisfaction with
our service support.
• Danfoss offers wide range of AC drives for different applications
from 0.25kW up to 1600kW & in 3ph 230V/ 415V/ 690V AC
supply range. We have large base of satisfied customers with
excellent service support (repair, field service, site support,
commissioning, training etc.) globally available.
Meetings – B 2 B – Marketing
• Consultants, like, AECOM, ESKEYAM, TOYO
Engineering, etc.
• OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers),
like, Jagmohan Plastics, Kabra Machines, etc.
• Corporate clients, like, Reliance Industries,
Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, etc.
• Contractors, like, Blue star, Voltas, L&T, etc.
• Govt. tenders, like, IOCL, ONGC, BHEL, etc.
Internet Marketing tools
• VLT Configurator, an web browser based tool
which helps customers to select their own model
as per there requirements.
• Customer Online service center, an SEO in which
any industry can contact Danfoss and write for
requirements & enquiries and accordingly
Danfoss representative responses on it.
• Mass Mailing, an online marketing activity in
which we send company introduction and
product portfolio to possible industry customers

Other advertising means
• Other than their own teams, Danfoss assign Authorized
Channel partners (industry segment wise & geographically)
to approach complete potential market.
• Also, they keep on increasing as they notice expansion in
any dedicated segment or region.
• Google ad world, an SEO, in terms of Danfoss they have
made it as Customer online service center, in which any
customer can easily find us even by searching us on any
Search engine.
• Exhibitions, visiting & appearing in technical based
corporate exhibitions. Sales representatives visit and
appear to approach maximum potential market.
• Research for launching a new model in
market, VLT FC360 Automation Drive in year
• An multi-application VFD which serves heavy
duty application in various industries and very
economic in pricing then others.
Collection of Data
• Information from industries, applications
about uses.
• Voltage ranges and power ratings of VFD’s
• Model selection procedure previously done.
• Pricing set by brands of models.
• Technical specifications of consultants.
Analysis of Data
• Market preferences in terms of applications.

• Built-in features and optional addition in


• Competitor Brand models which falls against

• Existing customers.
• Known consultants and their specifications.
• Competitor awareness.