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House Construction Portal

• House construction portal is an android
based app.
• An estimation app for house
• It will give the estimation of material
that will be required for building the
• It has three main modules material
estimation, interior and property finder
• The ultimate home construction portal in your pocket app you
will ever need.
• Designed for the beginners who want to build home but have
no idea that what cost is required for building their home.
• Our app will give you valuable information about the
necessary quantities and the price for doing the construction
of your home.
• You can make estimations while sitting at home through our
• Time-saving, money-saving, intuitive and easy-to-use interface
guarantee that it will become your indispensable working tool
anywhere you go.
Project goals and objectives
• By using app people can build their house with ease
and can estimate how budget they required for
building the house while setting in the home

 It will save time and money by providing the correct


• Its objective is to find the right site for the user

where they can build the house according to their
It will calculate the material and cost that will use
(cement bricks steel etc.) according to the size selected by
the user.

Interior work (woodwork, tiles etc.) it will give u accurate

estimation of this.

last it provide the over all summary cost to build home

from land to complete home.
High level system components

Property Finder
Property Add Upload
Interior Estimation
Generate Report
o Material Estimation
o Cost Estimation
o Print
o Download
Hardware and software used
Android device with touchscreen
Screen resolution of at least 480×800 is required for proper
and complete viewing of screens. Higher resolution will be

Android operating system support jelly beam 4.3 or
Support API 15 or 16
Android studio for developing code.
Implemention issuses
• Only operational on jelly bean and above versions

• problem arise where there are different measuring unit


• No one can touch every aspect of construction with

special focus on trends in Pakistan.

• Different requirements of people.

Application Architecture
Problems encountred
• There are many solutions already available in the
market addressing this issue at every platform for
example in android “House construction cost”,
“Construction material estimate”, “fieldwire” etc .

• They all are working great but problem arise where

there are different measuring unit used.

• As well as there are different methods of

construction used in different countries. None of
them touches every aspect of construction with
special focus on trends in Pakistan.
• In this app main focus is to facilitate people of our
• We touch every aspect of making a complete house
such as property finder, material estimator and
interior decor.
• A concise solution for every problem a common man
can face thinking of building a house.
• The unit of measurement in Pakistan is inches usually
but it also varies with province and area, our app will
provide a complete conversion table and method in
order to convert in local unit system