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V By definition, discretion is the making of

choices among a number of possible courses of

action (Davis 1969)
V (Dictionary.com)
the power or right to decide or act according to
one's own
judgment; freedom of judgment or choice
V Discretion exist because the law does NOT
cover every situation that a police officer might
encounter in the field. So when an officer gets
to that fork in the road they use their own
discretion to make a choice on what to do
based on their surroundings and the certain
situation their in.
V The main problem with discretion in policing is
not the exercise of it but the abuse of the

V It is this way because in policing it is not about

who you arrest it is who and how many people
are let go due to a police officers under reaction
leniency and their option of whether to arrest
or not.
V Other police officers, who sometimes see non-
dangerous situations as more dangerous than
they really are. Such things result in brutality,
deadly force over reaction and being over
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V Discretion is far from doing as you please.
There are many things that keep discretion
within certain limitations, such as professional
norms( what you can do professionally)
community norms( what the community wants
or needs or expects of you) legal norms (
obviously what·s legal and moral norms( what
is the morally right thing to do?) ANOTHER
PROBLEM IS« some people on certain cases
want strict ´ by the bookµ law enforcement.
Others on other occasions want loose law
enforcement .
V Police discretion is neither a great thing nor a
terrible thing. It all depends on the officer and
how they use it. If only discretion could be
broken down into being right or wrong. Some
officers have bad uses or intentions for
discretions while other cops use theirs for
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