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Strategic Plan Goal 1 Increase Academic Achievement Since 2006
•Increased number of passing AP exams by 38% •Increased number of AP participants by 213% •2nd in state for graduates completing at least one AP, IB, AICE or Dual Enrollment course •Increased number of African American AP participants by 429%


Strategic Plan Goal 1 Increase Academic Achievement

Ø Maintained District grade “B” Ø Duval County has experienced significant increases in FCAT, with gains in Math, Science and Writing. Reading has not increased enough. Ø According to results from a national test in 2009, Florida was one of only four states with significant increases in both fourth and eighth grade reading since 2005. Ø The 2010 graduating class was the first group of students to complete an even more rigorous college ready curriculum that includes Algebra II, an additional science requirement and two years of a


S tra te g ic P la n G o a l 1 In cre a se A ca d e m ic A ch ie v e m e n t •Every high school now offers one of four •acceleration programs – Advanced Placement (AP) – International Baccalaureate (IB) – Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE)

College Preparedness
ØC o l a b o ra ti g w i Fl ri a S ta te l n th o d C o l e g e to e n su re o u r stu d e n ts l • a re p re p a re d fo r p o st-se co n d a ry e d u ca ti n . o

Ø3 2 C a re e r A ca d e m i s e Ø5 m e e t n a ti n a lsta n d a rd s o ØR e m e d i te co l e g e - l ve l a l e e n tra n ce ski l i re a d i g , ls n n m a th e m a ti a n d w ri n g i th e cs ti n 1 2 th grade


S tra te g ic P la n G o a l 2
Significantly Increase the Successes Graduation Rate
•Increased graduation rate by 2.1% to 66.6%
•Nearly 10% over the last five years

•Improved promotion rates at all grade levels •Reduced the number of students absent for more than 20 days by 37% over the past four years. •Extensive partnership with Learning to Finish •Opening only Schools for the Future school next year Challenge •Further increase promotion and 6 graduation rates

Strategic Plan Goal 3 Employ the Best Teachers and Principals

•Increased number of teachers who are teaching in their field •Increased number of teachers endorsed in Reading and ESOL •Received Race to the Top and Teacher Incentive Fund grants •Ahead of other districts in implementing SB736 requirements •Focus our work to support high performing teachers, especially in reading


Strategic Plan Goal 4

Establish Safe , Secure and Respectful Schools
•Reduced suspensions by 49% from the previous year •Secondary suspensions are down an additional 22% this current year over last years 47% reduction. •Reduced the number of serious conduct violations by 37% over the past two years •Improved students’ perception of safety and respect in schools

Strategic Plan Goal 5 Engage Family and Community Support

•Met target on number of Volunteers - 22,910 volunteers and 510,119 hours •Met target toward 2020 goal of 20,000 mentors

•Continue to increase effectiveness of communication and engage the community, especially enlisting the support of larger corporations •Need more mentors

Strategic Plan Goal 6 Deliver High Quality Support for Schools

Successes •Maintained Rating at levels in financial

the district Bond one of the highest the state in terms of stability.

Challenges •Continue to improve school building utilization •Compliance with Class Size


Student Success Bill
• Requires the Commissioner of Education to establish a learning growth model for school district use for the FCAT and other statewide assessments. • • Requires that 50 percent of a public school teacher’s evaluation be based on the performance of his or her

Student Success Bill
• Anyone hired after July 1 can only be on probation or a yearly contract. No more tenure contracts. • Most human capital decisions have to be made based on performance (not on seniority)
– Transfer – Promotions – surpluses

Student Success Bill

Compensation for Performance:

• Requires School districts to establish a new performance salary schedule by July 2014 • Current teachers can stay on the current salary schedule, but in order to get a raise, they would have to go on the new performance schedule

B u d g e t S h o rtfa ll
Revenue Shortfall - $70 million Fixed Cost increases - $37 million Total - $107 million Use of Fund Balance (Reserves) $10 million Shortfall to District - $97 million


Florida Constitution

Article IX, Section I

Ø The education of children is a fundamental value of the people of the State of Florida .

ØIt is , therefore , a paramount duty of the state to make adequate provision for … a uniform , efficient , safe , secure , and high quality system of free public schools that allows students to obtain a high quality education ….

Budget Challenges
• •

Operating Budget - $1 Billion Original Projected Shortfalls
– 08/09 - $70 million – 09/10 - $43 million – 10/11 –$96 million

TOTAL = $209 million

DCPS funding : State vs . Local

State Local

99 - 00


10 - 11

43% 57%




Budgeted Funds per Student


Between 06 / 07 and 09 / 10

Electricity – 26 % increase - $5 . 5 million ØMedical Benefits – 26 % increase - $16 million
STATE MANDATED FUNDING • 1993 5.4% • 2010 30 . 1 %

Budget Reductions Taken
• District staff cuts • Secondary schedule change (shorter days and fewer classes) • School consolidations • Transportation reductions • Employee Benefits • Hiring freeze • Reduction in travel • Division Budget Cuts

Intervene Schools
• An Intervene Schools meets the following criteria:
– Current "F" elementary or middle schools that have earned at least four "F" grades in the last six school years – High schools and high school combination schools that have earned less that 395 FCAT performance points and have earned at least four "F" grades in the last six school years

• Duval County Public Schools that fall into the Intervene Category for 20102011 include Andrew Jackson High

Intervene Schools
• To exit the Intervene category: – Convert the school to a district managed turnaround school – Close and reopen the school as a charter school or multiple charter schools. – Contract with an outside entity to run the school. – Close the school, reassign the students to another school, and monitor the students’ progress.

Intervene Schools
• District Plan:
– Restructured the schools using the Turnaround model in 2009/2010 – Proposed a Blended Option Selection for all four Intervene Schools
• The Blended Model proposal includes the exploration of District smaller schools within a school, focusing on specific career or academic academies with wrap

Intervene Schools
• The new model includes a strong focus on reading and the core areas. • District will provide extended learning opportunities to all students. Additionally, behavioral support, individual and family counseling, mentoring, parenting classes, fundamental living assistance needs, and truancy support will be provided. This implementation would be carried out with the support of Duval Partners for Excellent Education. • Teachers will be provided with extensive professional development to support25

Duval County public schools are improving every year and are on the path our children and our community deserve.


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