Living with Cancer and creating hope

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Living a dream life

Perfect marriage««.

Two beautiful and healthy daughters«.

A great house«««.

The whole world at our fingertips!! Until we hear the three words that will seemingly forever change our lives.

From planning a baby«««..

To Not Planning At All

We mourned the fact that I would die from colon cancer and lost sight of the fact that I was very much alive.
Association of Cancer Online Resources

Kate Murphy ± 23 year survivor of stage III colon cancer

Diagnosed at age 51 ± He was my first buddy and the single person who reached out to give me hope.

The start of chemotherapy 
First only one chemo existed 

Colon Cancer Research was rampant ± and I was lucky.  As Colorecal Cancer Coalition¶s Director of Research says ± RESEARCH CURES CANCER~!  And it definiely extends life!  As others were developed, I benefited one at a time and then as research progressed in combination  My tumors were slow growing and responsive to chemo

Adding another kiddo to the mix««four years of fun! 

Then the tumors suddenly started growing. Two small lesions appeared in my lungs. A spot on my spine

And nothing stopped them 
I went on two clinical trials to no avail

No More Options Hospice Suggested

As time becomes short««

We attended a conference and yet another surgeon agreed«.

And life spins out of control.

A Battle Cry

My Gordian Angel, Gordon Gwosdow ± without him I would not have known about radioembolization - calls

Excitedly go back to my oncologist who says he doesn¶t think this treament will help ± but what do I have to lose?

More research«.more options«.more hope«.move living. So much to do and so little time.

Packing a lot of living into dying!!!! Every day a gift!


Dusty Weaver ± thriving and surviving with colon cancer at age 51

My offer of support brings awareness to many«. and Katie Couric calls me a medical matchmaker.

One voice can make a difference!

Combined voices can change the future!

A New Era««.here to experience it!

Ronnie, Robin, and Suzanne backstage ± one day at a time«.LIVESTRONG~

We have been blessed to know things others don't yet understand, and our challenge is a great one: We understand our mortality, and we revel in the blessing of every breath we draw and every day we see. Our job is to bring a little heaven to earth, in the form of faith and love. Tony Snow~

Access To Medical Imaging Coalition to prevent medicare cuts to imaging

Survival takes balance
Self advocacy A multidisciplinary team of professionals


Whenever you see a turtle on a fence post you know he had support

Just this year my journey has taken new shape and is giving just that to others

From a congressional testimony on Radiation Safety

and on to a nomination to The Texas Women·s Hall of Fame

There is no better balance or perception of life than when dancing on the edge of a cliff. With each step there are ups and downs, ins and outs, the unknowns, the spontaneous energies of balance - death and life, good and bad, despair and hope - that are there to embrace. For those of us who dance on the edge it is important to grasp the promise that lies in the next step as each one brings more options, better treatments, and very soon- a sooncure.

I have everything ² including cancer!