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Presented by-
Ankur Luthra (IMB2010023)
Arnima Srivastava (IMB2010041)

] A situation when a two or several entities cannot
proceed due to in availability of a resource.
] amples from real life:-
] he Door.
] he Computer.
] A ÷ ÷ is a situation wherein two or more
competing actions are each waiting for the other
to finish, and thus neither ever does. It is often
seen in a parado like the "chicken or the egg".
þ  Y 
he word impasse may refer to any situation
in which no progress can be made.

] A bargaining ï  occurs when the two

sides negotiating an agreement are unable to
reach an agreement and become deadlocked.

] Actually Both are the same



1. 2. 3.
Negotiation Agreement Business

] Consequences of a deadlock or a breakdown in
the management of a joint venture.

] he need to epressly include a Deadlock

Resolution Mechanism.
In the contet of a joint venture, a deadlock occurs where
the shareholders have an irreconcilable disagreement.

Like in the case of a

º Split Vote
º Use of Veto Power by a Minority or Majority stake
º Meeting could not be convened due to the absence of
requisite quorum.
] Almost invariably mutually harmful
Ł either as a result of direct action
Ł or simply due to the resulting delay in negotiating
a mutually beneficial agreement.


] scalate he Deadlock to a senior
1 person in the Management.

] Arbitration

] Closure of the Joint Venture


] w    




] Here in you involve a third party .
Like a legal body or an epert.
his is effective only when :-
he Parties are willing to resolve the deadlock .
he third party involved is capable of facilitating
the negotiation process.
he dilemma of eposing your business to other

] his aspect is the worst of all scenario¶s
] But, many a times it catalyses the deadlock
resolution process.

] Best Illustrated by the Jet Airways and Air

Sahara deal.

ÿhe human capacity to face, overcome and
be strengthened by eperiences of etreme
In the international negotiation contet it
can be a critical factor facilitating the emergence
of success in the face of failure

he capacity of negotiating parties to recover
from actual or anticipated setbacks, stalemates
and deadlocks eperienced in the negotiation
process by finding ways to restart the process.
It can help negotiators in achieving
negotiated outcomes when they face real or
potential failures.

rþhen employing any resolution mechanism:-

] he parties have to be mindful of the pitfalls and

the vulnerability to abuse.
] hen be prepared to live with the potential

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