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Let us refresh ourselves
Self-Defeating karmic patterns 1. Self-Defeating Thought Patterns 2. Self-Defeating Emotional Patterns 3. Self-Defeating Belief Patterns

The Four Enemies 1. Fear 2. Irresponsibilit y 3. Power 4. Laziness

All diseases are basically problems and all problems are basically challenges.

We need to shift our view point from one end i.e., disease to the other end i.e., challenge

Our sense of unworthiness makes us feel less energetic to shift the view point from disease end to challenge end

The sense of unworthiness is otherwise called as disease.

Diagnosing a disease starts with recognizing the degree of self-unworthiness

The conventional medical system is so very conditional that it has ignored the being aspect of the human

Even the healing touch experts have ignored the importance of attitudes and belief systems of the diseased

Hence, we have created a new nomenclature called as vibrational medicine which gives total importance to the being aspect of the human

The future era of the medical science is going to be that of holistic Medicine

A study of the holistic medicine starts with the study of body energy system

The body energy system Physical Body Etheric Body

Astral Body Causal Body Supra Causal Body Spiritual Body Nirvanic Body

The body, Mind and Spirit vibrate at a higher level with the progressive understanding of one’s own right and wrong attitudes

Health High rate of vibratio n Right attitude s Wrong attitude s

Health-Disease Spectrum

Low rate of vibratio n


The Body has got a natural barrier against the continuous downpour of the negative influences of the mind

Cleavage of the Body-mind barrier results in the disease

The cleavage occurs when the negative thoughts produced by the mind enters the emotional and belief level

The thoughts which are at the belief level are otherwise called as ‘attitudes’

Right attitudes make us well Wrong attitudes make us ill

They are two major nadies ‘Ida’ on the left side, ‘Pingala’ on the right side which intertwine with each other, like serpents, at seven places which are otherwise called as ‘Chakras’ through which passes the ‘Sushumna’ carrying the ‘Kundalini’ power

The three major tubes give off many emissaries to form an energy network which forms the anatomy of the energy body.

Any obstruction in the flow of energy turns into a disease related to the corresponding chakra

The energy body contains Seven Chakras Sahasrara Chakra Ajna Chakra Visuddha Chakra Anahata Chakra Manipuraka Chakra Swadhistana Chakra Muladhara Chakra

The Seven Chakras carry Seven Truths and Seven pitfalls

Disease is basically because of depletion or congestion of energy flow in the corresponding chakra

Muladhara chakra (the base chakra)

The ‘Muladhara’ controls base of the spine, anus and rectum, genitals

Pitfalls related to ‘Muladhara Chakra’ Feeling threatened, Feeling discriminated, Inability to trust people, Fear of totally being alone

Well grounded ness – “ the ability to bring the ideas produced by the mind into the physical plane ”

The Truth

There are levels of health and enlightenment according to the level of understanding confined to one particular chakra

Enlightenment High rate of vibratio n


Right understandin g

Wrong understandin g

Fear-Enlightenment Spectrum

Low rate of vibratio n Fear

Swadhistana Chakra (Second Chakra)

‘Swadhistana’ Controls Sexual organs, lower intestines, lower vertebrae, urinary bladder, pelvis, appendix

Pitfalls related to ‘Swadhistana Chakra’
Feeling inadequate, Fear of child-birth, Financial and job insecurity,

The Truth
Feeling adequate and having enough self-power

Personal Power Interpersonal relationships Social interactions

These will be better or worse according to the maturity levels of this chakra

Sharing, learning and growing together is a reflection of proper energy flow in ‘Swadhistana’

Manipuruka Chakra (Third Chakra)

‘Manipuraka’ Controls upper intestines, liver and gall bladder, kidneys and adrenals, spleen

Pitfalls related to ‘Manipuraka Chakra’
Fear of responsibility, Feeling neglected / over looked, Fear of failure, Anxiety regarding the results

The Truth

Trusting one’s instincts, abilities, power Having self-confidence, self-reliance

Manipuraka which is otherwise called as solar plexus is the centre of energy data which forms the basis of intuition and direction and life

Workmindedness, timing of emotional expression is a reflection of proper energy flow in ‘Manipuraka’

Anahatha Chakra (Fourth Chakra)

Anahatha Controls heart, lungs, breasts, ribs, oesophagus

Pitfalls related to ‘Anahatha Chakra’
Fear of showing and sharing love, Guilt and resentment, Holding past hurts, Inability to forgive

The one’s Self love and following Truth heart’s desire and emotionally vibrating with the others and other forms of life

The attention / affection seeking behaviour of the child existing inside is to be turned into unconditional love

A strong love support and rehabilitation system is to be developed for an overall personal development

Emotional balance and harmony are the prerequisites of an emotionally enriched person

Emotional enrichment is a must to prevent heart breaks

Visuddha Chakra (Fifth Chakra)

‘Visudha’ Controls thyroid, trachea, neck vertebrae, throat and mouth

Pitfalls related to ‘Visuddha Chakra’
Fear of self-assertion Habit of gossiping Inability to shed tears Inability to express one’s emotional needs

The Truth Creativity, individual will power and self expression makes us live according to our life’s design and purpose

Exercising one’s personal choice without any inhibition towards any trail and error makes us a highly creative being

Clarity of intention self-focussedness dream turns into a reality

Ajna Chakra (sixth Chakra)

‘Ajna’ Controls brain, eyes, nose, ears, pituitary and pineal glands

Pitfalls related to ‘Ajna Chakra’
Fear of intellectual inadequacy Fear of self examination Misuse of intellectual power Refusal to learn from life’s experiences

Living and learning are synonymous and understand that there is no teacher greater than our own lives

The Truth

Advanced thinking skills, reasoning, intitution are very much required for the evolution of soul towards enlightenment

Third-eye is the door way to astral wisdom (which comes from the astral masters, Akashik records and over-self)

Sahasra Chakra (Crown Chakra)

‘Sahasrara’ Controls major body systems like nervous system, musculo-skeletal system, skin etc.,

Leading a meaningless life Fear of knowing oneself Inability to trust natural and supportive process of life

Pitfalls related to ‘Sahasrara Chakra’

Tuning oneself to universal wisdom and commands and establishing direct connectivity with the astral wisdom is a must to end the cycle of incarnations

The Truth

Opening of all the petals of the Sahasrara is what is called ‘nirvana’ or the point of no return

To brief about
The flow of energy and consciousness which is vital for our health and growth can be summed up to one singular truth for which we need to open is willingness to learn and grow

The illness and well being of body, psyche and spirit is all related in eschewing luxury of negative thoughts and attitudes

Shifting the source of enjoyment from what appears to be great to what is really great keeps us healthy wealthy and wise

Holistic medicine a. Meditation and Enlightenment therapy b. Past life therapy / re-birthing c. Human companionship and growth methods d. Guided imagery / Creative visualization

Guided Imagery / Creative Visualization

The subconscious mind doesn’t discriminate a vivid mental image and reality. Based on this principle is formed the ‘Guided Imagery’ and ‘Creative Visualization’

Let us experience the wonders of Creative Visualization Just relax…!

Try to understand
Human beings have a tendency to develop a belief that the unfavourable situations they come across will prone to become more and more worse Just come out of it

Identify and erase the wrong attitudes even if you are not suffering from any ailments by Frequent calming of mind Emotional expression Becoming aware of the influences of our various inter person relation ships Learning to share and grow together An easy life does not teach us anything. --- Richard Bach

The Right Food
The right food for the physical body is Vegetarian food. The right food for the mental body is Reading Books.

Whatever you ardently desire, sincerely believe in vividly imagine and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass.

--- Grand mother of Sybil Leek

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Grow like a Chinese Bamboo

All the Very Best

The End (It is the Beginning)

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