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Product Overview ZXR10 T16G &T64G

 ZXR10 T160G/T64G is an Ethernet routing switch developed by ZTE Corporation which can be applicable to the backbone layer.  ZXR10 T160G/T64G provides the interfaces including fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet.  OCLAN can satisfy the increasing requirements for bandwidth.  ZXR10 T160G/T64G also supports multiple Unicast and multicasting  protocols.

Working Principle

 ZXR10 T160G/T64G is a large-capacity rack mountable Ethernet switch, which implements wire-speed Layer2/3 switching via twolevel hardware switching. Level 1 switching is between ports of line interface cards; level 2 switching between line interface cards is implemented via control switching board.

Functional Introduction
 ZXR10 T160G/T64G adopts the structure of standard 19-inch plug-in box.  ZXR10 T160G has 10 plug-in slots, two of which are slots for control and switching board, and the other eight ones are slots for line interface card.  ZXR10 T64G has 6 plug-in slots, one of which is slot for control and switching board, four of which are for line interface card, and the left one can serve as the slot for control and switching board or line interface card.


 ZXR10 T64G includes the following four modules:  Control module:  Switching module:  Packet processing and interface module:  Power supply module:

Modules cont..

 Control module: is composed of main processor and some external functional chips, which implements processing to applications of the system. It provides various operational interfaces including serial interface and Ethernet interface to perform data operation and maintenance.

 Switching module: It provides multiplex high-speed bi-directional serial interface to implement wire-speed data switch between line interface cards.

Modules cont..

 Packet processing and interface module: Interface module is the external interface of ZXR10 T160G/T64G, providing one or multiple physical ports. Different line interface cards can implement access of different rates and types.

Power supply module: It adopts 220V AC power supply or 48V DC power supply, providing power for other parts of the system.

Hardware Structure

 ZXR10 T64G system is composed of chassis, power supply plug-in box, board, fan plug-in box and backplane. The system adopts international standard 19-inch plug-in box,

Hardware Structure

Technical Parameters


OCLAN switch


Power Supply Module

Front View

Rear View

Power modules cont..

 ZXR10 T64G employs hot-backup design in power supply part, at the same time, it provides 48V DC power supply and 220V AC power supply. DC power supply adopts 1+1 backup mode, the power is supplied by two group of 48V DC simultaneously; while AC power supply adopts 2+1 backup mode, thus, the reliability of power supply system is enhanced.


DC power supply modules

 DC power supply adopts 1+1 backup mode. Each system is configured with two DC modules, the technical parameters of which are as follows:    Rated voltage: -48V Allowed voltage range: -57V~-40V Input electrical current: 25A

 Maximum power consumption: 1200 W


Ac power Supply modules

 AC power supply adopts 2+1 backup mode. Each system is configured with 1~3 AC modules, the technical parameters of which are as follows:  Input voltage: Single phase 220VAC10%     Input electrical current: 4A Frequency: 505% Maximum power consumption: 900 W Line voltage waveform distortion rate<5%


Fan Modules

 Multiple fans are drafting air from the internal; the left side of the chassis lies air inlet due to of which flue is formed from right to left.


Unit / Component Introduction

 Control Switching Board:  Control switching board (MCS) is the core of ZXR10 T64G,  implementing the functions of control module and switching module. The control switching board provides the function of master/slave switchover; it can also perform 1+1 redundancy configuration.


Console Interface:  Console interface is used to connect background management terminal, on which it performs operation and maintenance to ZXR10 T64G via tools such as Super Terminal. Console interface is a RJ45 socket, connected to COM port of background management terminal via serial cable. One end of serial cable connecting ZXR10 T64G is RJ45 connector, the other end connecting background management terminal is DB9 female connector. 10/100Base-TX Ethernet interface   10/100Base-TX Ethernet interface (MGT) on the control switching board is the management interface connecting background, which can be used as the switch out band NM interface.




Line Interface Card.

 ZXR10 T64G line interface card includes: Fast Ethernet interface  board, gigabit Ethernet interface board and 10gigabit Ethernet interface board. The optical interface of line interface card adopts pluggable optical module, supporting various transmission media and transmission distance.  44+4 Fast Ethernet Electrical Interface Board: 44 + 4 fast Ethernet electrical interface board provides 44 fast Ethernet electrical interfaces and 4 gigabit Ethernet electrical interfaces, totally 48 Ethernet electrical interfaces


characteristics of 44 +4 fast Ethernet electrical interface board


Gigabit Ethernet Optical Interface Board

 The optical module used by gigabit Ethernet optical interface is pluggable SFP optical module. Every port supports four kinds of common distances used by gigabit Ethernet,