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Financial Outsourcing Partner

Business plan
 A business plan is a formal statement of a

set of business goals, the reasons why they are believed attainable, and the plan for reaching those goals. It may also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach those goals.

BPO Business Process Outsourcing


Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a structured arrangement between an organization and an outsourcing partner to perform services. The provider of the outsourced services takes primary responsibility ensuring the process works, simultaneously dovetailing with the rest of the organizations functions and delivering the required results

Financial Outsourcing Partner


Outsourcing Partner is a professional services firm dedicated to the outsourcing of finance, accounting, and analytics business processes.  We extends our services throughout North America, Europe

 The business benefits of outsourcing extend

well beyond cost savings, and include improved efficiency, effectiveness, flexibility, quality, and compliance

 Further, our professional services firm

heritage remains a guiding part of who we are.  We seek to develop a partnership-like relationship with each of our clients, and always work to place service and quality first.


provide effective and innovative business solutions to our clients.

 Trust - We are dedicated to open, honest communication and business 


practices that seek to build trust and foster a spirit of partnership with our clients. Quality - We seek to deliver services that meet the highest standards of quality and business excellence, and to support the assets and brand reputation of our company and other companies with which we do business. Value Creation - We maintain an unwavering commitment in all that we do to act according to the best interests of our clients and deliver meaningful business value. Respect - We respect all individuals, their differences, and the qualities that each person offers. We promote a positive, productive environment and a corporate culture founded on fairness and equality. Integrity - We act with the utmost integrity at all times. We are committed to doing the right thing and govern our decisions and actions according to these guiding principles

Benefits of FOP
 Our comprehensive, competitive employee rewards and benefits packages           

have been carefully designed to show our appreciation to our employees for their dedication and commitment to FOP. Our benefits, both financial and non-financial, work to support a healthy work-life balance, career satisfaction, and the general well-being of our employees and their families. Benefits vary from country to country across our global office locations, but you can expect to find a range of flexible rewards and benefits programs which may include: Competitive Base Salary Performance Based Bonus Program Holiday and Personal Time Off Pay Health and Medical Benefits Insurance Benefits Retirement Benefits Employee Assistance Programs Disability and Leave Programs Ongoing Education Reimbursement or Sponsorship

Our services
 FOP provides a full range of customized,

outsourced finance & accounting  Accounting analytics  consulting & advisory services.


Training & Development

 Recruitment  Self-Assessment Tools & Training  Functional / Technical Training  Ongoing Education and Certification Programs  Leadership Training

Career development
 Employees have the opportunity to chart the

career course that is right for them. With new and ever challenging work opportunities, ample training and development programs, and ongoing career coaching, FOP employees are always moving forward in their careers.

Facilities to employees
 Security  Transportation  Utility Management  Accommodation  General Facilities and more...

Marketing plan
Marketing will be primarily done through the following channels; The basic marketing would be done by promoters of the company, who would be giving presentations in the various companies by giving an insight on how companies could enhance their employees' efficiency by conducting these sessions. Other sources of marketing would be as follows; Company website providing all the information about services on offer and online booking of such sessions. Designing of CDs highlighting the importance of such sessions for organization and distributing them across potential clients. Brochures and pamphlets shall be printed. The same will be distributed among employees during the presentations.

 Outsource Partners International  C- Quel Management Services P Ltd  Caliber point Business Solutions Ltd  Carisma Solutions

Swot analysis
Strength  Large number of talented graduates  Affordable and quality education as compared to developed countries  English language benefit  Well-developed industry  Strong customer base of well known companies

Weaknesses  Scarce foreign language skills other than English.  Lack of customer service culture  Expensive and poor quality telecom infrastructure  Poor electricity supply  Cultural differences

Opportunities  Horizontal and vertical expansion of existing customer base into new markets  Time zone difference between India and target markets  Increasing awareness of outsourcing services

 High Billing rates  Political instability  India's competitors in Eastern Europe, Latin

America and the Asia Pacific regions offering cheap BPO services  Increasing technology automation.

Challenges to outsourcing services in India

 Both IT and BPO sector is extremely

dependent in USA and if the US dollar depreciates can adversely impact the entire sector.  Additionally countries like China, Mexico and Vietnam are also expanding outsourcing operations and often providing cheaper services.

Organization Structure
CEO HR MGR MGROperations Finance MGR
MGR- Quality Control

Accountant Associates

Computer operators

Chartered Accountants

Financial Plan
 P &L Account  Balance Sheet  Break Even Analysis

Profit & Loss Account


Dr. Amt

Particulars By fees earned

Cr. Amt 3960000

To elec & water To telephone bill To internet charges To cab charges To salaries To sundry charges To interest on loan To interest on cap To fees to professional To miscellaneous exp To food exp To legal advisors exp To registration charges To other exp To printing chares To net profit Total

60000 160000 36000 180000 470000 270000 48000 48000 1882000 64000 232000 10000 9000 5000 5000 481000 3960000 Total 3960000

Balance Sheet

Particulars Capital A 160000 B 160000 C 160000 Int on cap-10% 48000 Transfer of profit from p/L 481000 Loan Creditors Short term loan


Assets Laptops Computers Printers Brochures Debtors Land & Building Furniture Cash in hand Cash in bank Invt in market securities

Amt 100000 140000 12000 18000 500000 700000 200000 10000 200000 128000

1009000 400000 451000 48000





Break- Even Analysis

MONTH 2008 June July August September October November December January February March April May Total

Revenue 0 60000 120000 180000 240000 300000 360000 420000 480000 540000 600000 660000 3960000

Cost 333000 131000 164000 197000 240000 263000 296000 329000 352000 385000 418000 451000 3549000

Profit/loss -333000 -71000 -44000 -17000 0 37000 64000 91000 128000 155000 182000 209000 411000

Company would reach break even in the month of October