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1. You received a summons because a complaint submitted to the Board of Nursing. The BEST thing to do is:

a. Contact the lawyer of the hospital b. Obtain copies of relevant documents c. Talk it over with co-workers d. Approach the plaintiff and clarify the complaint

2. You were called in a nursing malpractice case concerning wrong medication order. When a nurse is asked to testify in court as witness, she must be guided by the following, EXCEPT: a. Testify based on facts b. Review documents such as medical records and reports c. Speak clearly, adequately and intelligently d. Volunteer additional information whenever necessary

3. A patient who suffered paralysis because of a fall from the OR table complained that the nurse did not protected his hip before transferring him back to the table. If there is lawsuit which of the following bears the most credence in a court of law? a. Testimony of an expert witness b. Eyewitness account c. Documentations d. Honesty of the defendant nurse

4. The Board of Nursing has these functions, EXCEPT: a. Issues subpoena and subpoena as testificadum to violators of RA 9173 b. Examines the qualifications of Deans and Nursing Service administrator c. Requires graduates of nursing to render one year of job experience in the Philippines

5. Mrs. Dalubhasa was immediately appointed as a new BON member after its regular member suddenly suffered from massive stroke during her term. When a vacancy exists before the expiration of a term of office of a member of the Board of Nursing, somebody is appointed to take over. This kind of appointment is called: a. Ad interim b. Hold over c. Regular

6. As a nurse, one must know his obligations in his profession. The obligations to maintain an efficient ethical standard in the practice of nursing belongs to: a. Registered nurses b. Board of Nursing c. Members of the PNA d. Nursing leaders

7. Of the following concepts of nursing Education and Nurse Licensure Examination, which is correct? a. The authorization to open nursing schools shall be based on a joint recommendation of the Board of Nursing and the Philippine Nurses Association b. To pass the examination, a general weighted average of 75% with no grade below sixty percent in any subject must be obtained c. Applicants to a nursing school must be high school graduates who belong to the upper forty percent of the graduating class d. A refresher course for those who failed the examination for the third time may be offered by a

8. You are liable to which of the following illegal acts when a fake related learning experience document is submitted with your Nurse Licensure Examination application? a. Misrepresentation b. Incompetence c. Falsification of documents d. Perjury

9.A certificate of registration is a legal document necessary for the practice of a profession. It is best described as: 1. A temporary right 2. A vested right 3. A privilege 4. A proof of expertise 5. An evidence of basic attitude , knowledge and skill a. 1,3,5 b. 2,3,4 c. 1,3,4 d. 3,4,5,

10. While Kris, a 17 year old girl was watching TV, she felt pain in the right quadrant of his body. The doctor diagnosed that she be undergoing STAT appendectomy. In relation to taking an informed consent from a 17 year-old adolescent, the nurse should remember that the adolescent: a. Does not have the legal capacity to give consent b. Is not capable to accepting and choosing c. Is able to give voluntary consent when parents are not available

11. A legally safe advise to a parent of an infant with an obvious physical defect, the nurse should: a. Discourage them from talking about their baby b. Encourage them to express their worries and fears c. Tell tem not to worry because the defect can be repaired d. Show them post-operative photographs of babies who had similar defects

12. Legally, we need to protect co-workers from infection and contamination from a client who has been placed in a blood and body fluid isolation. The nurse is instructing auxillary personnel in the correct procedures. Which statements by the nursing assistant indicates understanding the stated protocol?

a. Masked should be worn with all clients contact b. Gloves should be worn for contact with no intact skin, mucous membrane c. Isolation gowns are not needed

13. A nurse must have some basic knowledge regarding how a legal suit prosper, it is arrange as follows: 1. Execution of judgment 2. Investigation by a fiscal or prosecutor 3. Filling a police report 4. Deciding a case a. 1,2,3,4 b. 4,3,2,1 c. 2,3,4,1 d. 3,2,4,1

14. Who among the following cannot legally give consent to any medical or surgical treatment? 1. A person accused of civil interdiction 2. A minor person 3. An unconscious or imbecile person 4. Emancipated minor a. 1,2,3 b. 2,3,4 c. 1,3,4

15. Violation of the Dangerous Drugs Act is also a violation of: a. RA 6425 b. RA 9173 c. RA 603 d. RA 2930

16. A nurse was apprehended after carrying 25 grams of methamphetamine hydrochloride inside patients room, the following are the possible liabilities or sanctions for him, except? a. Revocation of license b. Suspension c. Fines d. Imprisonment

17. Under the new Philippine Nursing Law of 2002, each professional nurse must be legally accountable in all his actions, which involves proper monitoring and, recording. The legal implication of this is due to?

a. That regardless if the nurse recorded his observation or not, he shall still be accountable and liable b. If the nurse did not document anything, he shall not be liable c. If it was not written although it was performed, it is considered as not having been done at all d. Because a chart needs to be completed by handwritten words

18. Which of the following constitute defamation? 1. If the use criticizes the work of another nurse in front of the patient 2. If the nurse releases any privilege communication to a friend 3. If the head nurse tells to the chief nurse for evaluation concerning efficacy of her staff nurse 4. If the nurse informs the patient about the incompetence of another nurse a. 1,2,3 b. 2,3,4 c. 1,3,4 d. 1,2,4

19. If the nurse allows the publication of a picture of a malformed baby without the consent of the parents constitute

a. Defamation b. Invasion to the right of privacy c. False imprisonment d. Battery

20. A patient in a long term care facility falls out of bed, fracturing the left hip. The side rails on the bed were not raise at bedtime, although this client has been identified as risk for fall. The nurse identifies this client as an example of: a. Battery b. Negligence c. Tort d. Criminal offense

21.In which situation would be a nurse be protected from a any legal action a. Stopping an accident scene and providing first aid b. Reporting suspected cases of abuse of dependent adult to the appropriate authorities c. Teaching health maintenance practices to a group of women d. All of the above

22. The present composition of the Board of Nursing is? a. 1 chairman 6 members b. 6 man team c. 3 members d.1 chairman 5 ad intern appointee

23. The term of office of a member of the Board of Nursing is? a. 4 years b. 3 years c. 7 years d. Till they reach the age of 65 years old

24. What do you call agency of the Government which is responsible and accountable for the issuance of the certificate of registration for a new nurse to enter into practice? a. PRC b. PNA c. ANSAP d. Board of Nursing

25. As a registered nurse, Ma. Pedrita grace is covered by the law regulating the practice of nursing in the Philippines which is: a. RA 4704 b. RA 7164 c. RA 877 d. RA 9173

26. The hospital will be held liable if an effort to cut down on expense it decides to hire underboard nurses and midwives in place of registered nurses and midwives, and these person proves to be incompetent. This premise is anchored on a legal doctrine: a. Res ipsa loquitor b. Caso fortuito c. Respondent superior

27. Nurse Marikit observed the toes of Mr. Melvin, a patient with leg cuts to be cyanotic and cold to touch, but she failed to report this overt sign to Dr. Negro. The leg becomes gangrenous and had to be amputated. Under this situation the nurse can be held liable for: a. Mal practice b. Negligence c. Breach of privacy

28. A patient who gets injured while being restrained may cause Mike to be liable for:

a. Assault b. Battery c. Assault and battery d. False imprisonment

29. Nurse Daisy agrees to catheterize patient Beth, a hypertensive and the sole daughter of Mrs. Jannah under the direct supervision of Dr. Mendrez. Under the defined elements of an obligation, the active subject in the given situation is: a. Nurse daisy b. Patient Beth c. Mrs. Jannah d. Dr. Mendrez

30. Signing of an information consent is one of the legal responsibilities of a nurse before surgery is done. It is valid when:

a. Signed by the person under 1 year of age b. Witnessed by a blind or a deaf man c. Signed by a consenting adult given due explanation d. Signed by a witness

31. Under the Philippines Nursing law, no person, unless exempt from registration, is authorized to practice nursing without holding a valid certificate. A person posing as a nurse without a certificate of registration shall be charged of: a. Malfeasance b. Misdemeanor c. Unprofessional conduct d. Prohibited practice

32. A client is placed on a stretcher and restrained with Velcro straps while being transported to the x-ray department. A Velcro straps breaks and the client states The Velcro was worn just at the very spot where the strap snapped The nurse is: a. Exempt from ay lawsuit because of the doctrine or respondent superior b. Totally and singly responsible for the obvious negligence because of failure to report defective equipment that harms the client c. Liable, along with the employer, for misapplication of equipment that harms the client d. Completely exonerated, because only the hospital, as principle employer, is primarily responsible for the quality and maintenance of the equipment

33. On admission the same-day surgery, the nurse reviews the chart to verify the clients identity. Which of the following is most important? a. Admitting record b. Addressograph labels c. Identification bracelet d. Location of the family

34. The clients identification armband was removed to start an intravenous line as part of the preoperative preparation. The operating room transport team has arrived to transport the client. What is the best nurses response? a. Send the removal armband with the chart and the client to the operating room b. Place a new identification armband on the clients wrist before transport c. Tape the cut armband back onto the clients wrist

35. One of the element negligence is breach of the standard of care. Standard of care may be defined as: a. Nursing competence as defined by the state nurse practice act b. Degree of judgment and skill in nursing care given by a reasonable for and prudent professional nurse under similar circumstances d. Health services as prescribed by community ordinance c.Giving care to clients in good faith to the

36. The position as to whether or not a nurse can lawfully restrain a client is made by the:

a. Nurse b. Family c. Hospital d. Physician

37. The physician wrote a medication order for a client. The nurse thought the dosage was incorrect; she questioned the physician who said it was alright. The nurse gave the medicine and the client died from an overdose. Who is liable? a. The physician but not the nurse b. The physician c. The nurse who gave the medication d. Both the physician and the nurse

38. Felony is considered consummated when: a. All the elements necessary for its execution and accomplishment are present b. The offender performs all the acts of execution which would produce the felony as a consequence but nevertheless do not produce it by reason of causes independent of the will of the perpetrator c. The offender commence the commission

39. When the law attaches the capital punishment the felony is considered as: a. Grave b. Less grave c. Light felony d. None of this e. None of this

40. The night differential is equivalent to what percent of the salary per day? a. 10% b. 20% c. 30% d. 40%

41. If an employee is asked to work on Sundays as a regular duty day the employee is entitled to a:

a. 10% additional to his salary b. 30% additional to his salary c. None of this d. 50% additional to his salary

42. Legally, the head nurse is evaluating the infection control procedures on the unit. Which of the following may indicate break in aseptic techniques:

a. The nurse is not wearing gloves while feeding an elderly patient b. A client with active TB s required to wear mask while going to another department c. A nurse with open wound takes care of client, but puts on his gloves first d. Nurse puts gloves, gown and mask before entering an isolation unit

43. Since Meldy was a victim of child molestation, after giving necessary treatment and documentation, you will be task to? a. Report to the nearest police station b. File a report to the community council c. Call the Bantay bayan officials d. Write to the Child abuse Council

44. The nurse in the emergency room can provide the best emotional support to a rape victim by doing which of the following? a. Asking her questions to help her talk about the rape b. Telling her it is very important that she discusses the rape now while it is still fresh in her mind c. Telling her that at some point she may feel angry, afraid or sad and that these feelings are normal d. Explaining that since her initial action is different from other victims, she probably will not have

45. Which test is least likely to indicate that Meldy Reyes, a 12 year old girl has been sexually abused:

a. Pap smear b. Urine culture c. Throat culture d. Vaginal culture

46. When interviewing a child suspected of being sexually abused, the nurse should:

a. Ask leading questions b. Have the parents present c. Have a security guard present d. Use the childs words to describe body parts

47. Children who survive physical abuse are least likely to become a. Depressed b. Drug abusers c. Abusive parents d. Academic achievers

48. Maria, an HIV patient would like to agree in an experimental research regarding alternative treatment in the relief of their anxiety. What is the best approach of a nurse in taking marias consent? a. Be sure that Maria understood the experimental research before she signs the consent form b. Read the consent form to Maria and give her an opportunities to ask for questions c. Refuse to be the one to obtain Marias consent

49. A nursing instructor provides a lecture to nursing students regarding the issue of clients right. This instructor asks a nursing student to identify a situation that represents an example of invasion. Which of the following if identified by the student indicates an understanding of a violation of this client right? a. performing a procedure without consent b. Telling the client that he/she cannot leave the hospital c. Threatening to give a client a medication d. Observing care provided to the client without the

50. A client is brought to the emergency room by the emergency medical services after being hit by a car. The name of the client is not known. The client has sustained a severe head injury and multiple fractures and is unconscious. An emergency craniotomy is required. In regard to informed consent for the surgical procedure, which of the following is the best initial action: a. Call the police to identify the client and locate the family b. Obtain a court order for the surgical procedure c. Ask the emergency medical services team to sign the informed consent d. Transport the victim to the operating room for surgery

51. The new Dangerous Drugs Act that affects the dispensing of regulated drug among health workers to psychiatric patient is? a. RA 9165 b. RA 2493 c. RA 1000 d. RA 7658

52. The new born Screening act which is a preventive diagnostic test to determine possibility of mental retardation at a very early stage of life is? a. LOI 9165 b. RA 1000 c. RA 2495 d. RA 9288

53. Under the Law on Reportable Diseases, or RA 3573, the following are required to be reportable within 24 hours upon diagnosis, except? a. Polio b. Measles c. Diarrhea among infants d. None of the above

54. As a staff nurse, you must be an advocate of the parents and public consumers in reporting take drugs in your local drugstore. Your basis is? a. RA 8302 b. RA 9165 c. RA 6675 d. RA 965

55. Katherine, an OR nurse just admitted a female patient due to craniotomy. The nurse noticed that the consent from was not yet signed by the patient even before the sedatives and other preop medications was administered. After 20 minutes of waiting in the OR, the nurse received a texted message that the surgeon cannot attend for surgery because he is also confined in the hospital for chest pain. What can you ethically do next? a. File a report to the nursing supervisor b. Call the attention of the nursing director c. Immediately postpone the procedure d. Call another surgeon of same practice to

56. It is required under the new nursing law that all members of the Board of Nursing must equally represent all three major areas of nursing. Which is not included? a. Nursing education b. Nursing service c. Community health nursing d. Nursing research

57. The following are included as examples of prohibited practice of nursing, except? a. Falsification of nursing documents b. Providing nursing care without license c. Violation of the minimum wage pay for nurses d. Failure to attend nursing seminars at PNA

58. When informed consent is obtained from the patient, the explanation of the surgical procedure, possible risk, complications and alternatives is the responsibility of the: a. Registered nurse b. Surgeon c. Admission clerk d. anesthesiologist

59. Carla Lopez, head nurse, together with her staff nurse Kiko, Kikay and Kokoy failed to completely compute the correct dosage for a medication for a patient named KUKurukuko. Patient Kukurukuko died. The relatives of Kukurukuko sued the abovednamed nurses. Id said nurses will be sued what will be their status on said case? a. Accomplices b. Principal c. Co-principal d. Accessories

60. If a document such as a chart will be needed in court to prove the commission of negligence by said nurses as written therein, the hospital and the court will be needing which order? a. Subpoena b. Subpoena Ad testificandum c. Commission order order d. None of them

61. The relatives of Kukurukuko who filed said criminal case against the nurses shall be considered as a?

a. Defendants b. Witnesses c. Plaintiff e. Accused

62. Carmina Villaroa, an OB nurse who has knowledge with what is her procedure shall be protected from legal suits. She knows that she will be liable as an accomplice in an abortion if she: a. Assist in the escape of the offender b. Refers the pregnant mother to the abortionist c. Conceals the evidence of the crime d. None of this

63. According to the birth registration law all births need to be registered without penalty within:

a. 30 days b. One month c. 60 days d. Ten years

64. Nurse Neneth, a public health nurse receives a patient who is declared DOA. She heard that the victims son was the cause of such death. She knows that any person who kills his father is guilty of: a. Parricide b. Murder c. Infanticide d. Abortion

65. Which of the following is considered unprofessional conduct? a. Untidy appearance while on duty, repremanding patient b. Reporting to a superior the wrong doing of the colleague c. Demanding payment for services rendered d. Recording those events as witnessed

66. Under the new Nursing law, the contents of a license are as follows, except?

a. Registration number b. Date of examination c. Date of registration d. Date of expiration

67. Nurse Pedro Gwapito was requested by a graduating student nurse Angel Gabrielle to sign a from for character reference. Other requirements for licensure examination for nurses include the following: a. A PRC application form accomplished under oath b. Birth certificate c. Duly accomplished completion forms

68. Nurse Ritchel clarified to Joey that if she wanted to be a full pledge nurse under the Philippine Law, the condition for rating the examinations are as follows except: a. General rating of 75% with no rating below 60% for the first examination b. To pass the second examination, a rating of 75% is needed in a repeated subject c. Reexamination in all subjects with one year if she failed the second examination d. No fourth examination is given

69. Ms. Maria Marimar twenty years old from X College of Nursing submitted her application for nurse licensure examination but was refused because: a. Her transcript of records was authenticated 200 days prior to the actual date of application b. She is an alien with proof of reciprocity c. Her application was not under oath d. She was only three years of permanent residency

70. Luckily, Ms. Jinna passed the examination and is waiting for the issuance of a certificate to practice nursing. This responsibility primarily belongs to the: a. Civil service commission b. Board of nursing c. Professional regulatory commission d. Office of the president

71. While waiting for the issuance of her license, she accompanied one day a friend Ms. Menor, to the Philippne nurses Association. To qualify for membership in the PNA, Ms. Menor must meet the following except:

a. Registered nurse of the Philippines b. Good moral character c. One year nursing experience

72. The Philippine Nurse Association was founded in 1922 by: a. Anne Sand b. Dean J. Sotejo c. Anastacia G. Tupaz d. Rosario Delgado

73. To practice legitimately her profession, Ms. Padilla must renew her license every?

a. One year b. Two years b. Three years c. Four years

74. To be a dean of a nursing school how may experiences in nursing is required in RA 9173?

a. 10 years b. 1 year c. 20 years d. 5 years

75. A person occupying supervisory or managerial positions requires the number of experience needed in the nursing service administration is? a. 1 year b. 2 years c. 3 years d. 5 years

76. After passing the local board examination, Trixie immediately was hired as a staff nurse. She still lacks the necessary skills and expertise to be certified IV Therapy nurse. The responsibility for her to upgrade her skills lies in a. Herself b. BON c. Her hospital

77. Soon, you will be joining the practice of professional nursing. Together with other members of the health care team, you will be expected to assume different roles and responsibilities. The primary role of the nursing aide is: a. Taking of vital signs b. Reporting the needs of clients c. Administering oral meds for stable patients

78. The nurse has a care-giver role, which focuses more in: a. Submitting the patient for diagnostic procedures b. Providing a direct nursing care c. Implementing a care plan d. Recognition of needs of client

79. A nurse must know the clients bill of rights as to act as an advocate in behalf of the patient. This includes:

a. Explanation on an invasive procedure before administration b. Arranges medical surgical services for the patient c. Defend the rights of the patient d. None of the above

80. Under what circumstances may a nurse use force against a patient? a. Under no circumstance b. To bring an emotionally distraught patient to his sense c. To assess an unconscious patient level of reaction to physical stimuli d. In self-defense, but only if the nurse has reasonable grounds to believed that she is attacked

81. An oral order was given by a physician to a nurse: a. Is legally valid only if covered by a written order for professional safety b. Is legally valid only when followed by a written order c. Is legally valid only if made in the physical presence of a witness d. Is never legally valid

82. If the patient does not understand the information given by the physician during an informed consent, the nurse should: a. Answer the patients question b. Notify the supervisor c. Notify the physician d. Do nothing as the consent has already signed

83. Giving a medication to a patient against his will is an example of? a. Illegal coercion b. Negligence c. Battery d. Grave threat

84. When witnessing an informed consent, the nurse is attesting that the: a. Patient is informed about the procedure b. Patient consent to procedure c. Patient is sufficiently alert and oriented to consent d. Patient knows the risk of the surgery

85. Legally, besides being the witness to the informed consent in exceptional circumstances, the nurse may also obtain:

a. The informed consent b. The patients signature c. Telephone consents from the next of telephone d. Administrative consent

86. If a patient has questions regarding the correctness of treatment the nurse should: a. Inform the physician b. Discuss the other therapies c. Refer the patient to other qualified physician d. Reinforce the appropriateness of the treatment

87. In order for negligence to be committed: a. The wrong therapy must be given b. Injury must be incurred c. A change in the patients condition must be overlooked d. An error in judgment must be made

88. The most appropriate way to legally provide for a patient teaching is by: a. Referring to it in the nurses notes b. Providing written instructions c. Teaching with a witness present d. Giving the patient a written examination

89. A prominent member of your community is brought to your ED after attempted suicide. You receive a phone call from a newspaper writer asking you to tell him about the accident. a. Breach of patient confidentiality b. Malpractice c. Professional misconduct d. Unprofessionalism

90. A client arrives in the E.R. and is assess by a nurse. The client is struggling, confused and verbally abusive. The client complaints of headache from drinking alcohol and is asking for medication. The nurse explains to the patient that the physician will perform an assessment prior to the administration of medication. When patient becomes verbally abusive the nurse obtains leather restrains and threatens to place the patient in the restrains. With which of the following can be client legally share the nurse as a result of the nursing action? a. Assault b. Battery c. Negligence d. Invasion of privacy

91. A nurse calls a physician in regard to a new medication order because the dosage prescribed is higher than the recommended dosage. The nurse is unable to locate the physician, and the medication is due to administered. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? a. Hold the medication unit the physician can be contracted b. Administer the dosage prescribed c. Administered the recommended dose until the physician can be located

92. A registered nurse arrives at work and is told to report (float) to the intensive care unit (ICU) for the day because the ICU is understaffed and needs additional nurses to care for the clients. The nurse has never work in ICU. Which of the following is the most appropriate nursing action?

a. Refuse to float in the ICU b. Call the hospital lawyer c. Call the nursing supervisor d. Report to the ICU and identify tasks that

93. A nurse gives an inaccurate dose of a medication to a client. After assessment of the client, the nurse completes an incident report. The nurse notifies the nursing supervisor of the medication error and calls the physician to report the occurrence. The nurse who administered the inaccurate medication dose understands that the: a. Error will result in suspension b. Incident report is a method of promoting quality care and risk management c. Incident will be reported to the board of nursing d. Incident will be documented in the personnel file

94. Which statement reflects the legally correct action by a nurse when a person solicits medical advice? a. The nurse must always refer the person to a physician b. The nurse does not need to refer the person to the physician if he convinced it is not necessary c. If the nurse is on the private practice w/out written physicians protocols, she may diagnose and treat the person w/out physician referral d. The nurse must always follow up on the persons status day or two later

95. The legal time of death is considered to be: a. When the second brain death note is placed on the chart b. When the ventilator is turned off in the operating room c. When the first brain death note is placed on the chart d. When the heart is removed during the

96. The Republic Act that refers to the Magna Carta of the Public Health Workers:

a. RA 2382 b. RA 1082 c. RA 7305 d. RA 6425

97. Republic Act 7164 known as the Philippine Nursing Act 1991 embodies the regulation of Practice Nursing in the Philippines. A member of the Board of Nursing must be: a. Citizen of the Philippines b. RN and holder of Masters degree c. 10 years of continuous practice of profession

98. After a review of colostomy care, Mrs. Carolina say she doesnt know if shell be able to care herself at home without help. Which of the following nursing interventions is most appropriate? a. Review care with the client again b. Provide written instruction for the client c. Ask the client if there is anyone who can help d. Arrange for home health care to visit the

99. A nurse gives the wrong medication to a client. Another nurse employed by the hospital as a risk manager will except to receive which of the following communication? a. Incident report b. Oral report from the nurse c. Copy of medication kardex d. Order change signed by the physician

100. Performing a procedure on a client in the absence of informed consent can lead to which of the following charges? a. Fraud b. Harassment c. Assault and battery d. Breach of confidentiality

101.Under the PRC Board of Nursing resolution No.8 nurses be allowed to perform IV therapy under the?

a. Department of Health b. Philippine Regulation Commission c. Association of Nursing Service administration of the Philippines (ANSAP) d. Philippine Nursing Act 1991 (RA 7164)

102. It provides for compulsory basic immunization for infants and children below 8 years old

a. Presidential Proclamation #773 b. PD #996 c. RA 7846 d. Presidential Proclamation #1475

103. If a client is asking the nurse about the cost of treatment at the healthcare facility where care is being received. The nurse refers to a document when needing information about the clients query. The patients right to this information is based on?

a. Code of nurses b. Clientsbill of Right c. Hospitals policy manual d. Nurse Practice Ad

104. A nurse working in a ambulatory surgery unit frequently signs as a witness on consent for surgery forms. By signing as a witness, the nurse is?

a. Legally responsible to verify the clients understanding of the proposed procedure b. Stating that the clients has been informed of the risks and benefits of the procedure c. Verifying that the client signed the consent form d. Verifying that the physician thoroughly informed the client about the risks and

105. The nurse knows that responsibility for obtaining an informed consent for a procedure rest with?

a. The person who will perform the procedure b. The nurse who is caring for the client c. Patients family member during the patients unstable moments d. The hospital

106. The legal permission obtained from the client before any invasive procedure, involvement in research or administration of experimental medication and intervention is: a. Affidavit b. Contract c. Informed consent d. Power of attorney

107. Mang Dong a TB patient, frequently buys drugs from Mercury Drug Store. In our country, senior citizens are given the privileges in purchase of their medicines. How much is the discount? a. 20% b. 10% c. 15% d. 25%

108. The scope of nursing practice is legally defined by: a. Code of ethics b. PNA c. Hospital policy and procedure manuals d. Physician in the employing institutions

109. The report of person who relates a testimony of an actual witness or participant in a event is a:

a. Primary source of information b. Secondary source of information c. Tertiary source of information d. Quadruplex source of information

110. The legal basis of primary health care in the Philippines is the Letter of Institution (LOI) #949 on October 1979, one year after the conference at Alma Ata Russia in 1978. Which of the following components of the primary health care is the nurse continuously involved in?

a. Maternal and child health b. Environmental sanitation c. Adequate food and nutrition d. Health education

111. A confused patient who fell out in bed because side rails were not used as an example of which type of liability?

a. Physical injuries b. Assault c. Battery d. Negligence

112. The best way a nurse can avoid being named in malpractice lawsuit is to: a. Keep documentation vague so that claims are difficult to prove b. Develop emphatic rapport with the client c. Used traditional methods in the practice of nursing rather than policy and procedure manuals of the institution

113. Good Samaritan Laws encourage health care professionals to give assistance in accidents because they

a. Supply funds for the first aid training b. Limit legal liability in emergency situations c. Establish standard treatments for emergency aid d. Provide for reimbursement for first aid

114.In attending to emergency cases in the absence of a physician, the nurse should remember to do the following except: a. Give assistance only within the areas of nursing practice b. Use sound professional judgment and give only care as required c. Institute only life saving measure d. Perform medical functions without reporting to the physician after rendering such care

115. You placed a hot water bag over a paralyzed leg of Aling Pining as ordered by Dr. X. in the next shift, the head nurse observed burns over the area. You are liable for the negligence because:

a. You did not observe prudence in the performance of the procedure

b. You place hot water in a paralyzed area c. You did not assess sensation in ht leg of the patient d. You followed the doctors order without clarifying

116. Ms. Judie Sta. Maria and 3 other staff nurses are subjects of an administrative cases filed with the Board of Nursing because of negligence. The relatives claimed that there was a failure to render proper nursing management when the client was having an asthmatic attack. Ms. Judie and three other staff are considered? a. Accessories b. Respondents c. Accomplices d. Complainants

117. During the investigation, it was decided to call the watcher to testify what she knows about the case. The watcher can be compelled to be present in the next hearing if the investigating body issues which of the following? a. Injunction b. Summon c. Subpoena duces tecum d. Subpoena

118. The family of the dead patient who filed an administrative case against the nurses is considered which of the following? a. Dependent b. Accomplices c. Accessories d. Complainant

119. The doctor assigned to the patient was also sued together with the nurses. When it was his turn to take the stand during the next hearing, he was told to bring with him a copy of the patients chart. The hearing officer will have to issue what legal order to compel the doctor to bring the patients chart? a. Injunction b. Summon c. Subpoena duces tecum d. Subpoena

120. If found guilty of negligence, the bOard of Nursing will most likely: a. Sentence her life imprisonment b. Revoke Ms. Judies license c. Subject her to years imprisonment d. Demand a P40,000 fine