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Normative statement is a value judgment that is good or bad, wrong or correct, acceptable or unacceptable.
Non-normative statement is also known as descriptive statement that concern on the facts.

Identify types of


She could answer all questions correctly. NN We should keep to our promises. N I always sleep early. NN Remain silent in the exam hall. N This is a good house to buy. N He helped the victim. NN The red car was made in Japan. NN

Normative statements about deeds/actions. Good/bad, correct/wrong, obligatory/not obligatory, necessary/unneces sary Good/bad, noble/wicked, responsible/blame worthy, saintly/despicable Judgements of moral obligation (deontic judgements)

Normative statements about people, their motives, aims, behaviour.

Judgements of moral value(Aretaic judgements)

(deontic judgments Normative statement with moral judgement (Aretaic judgments)

What Ahmad has All human beings need done is wrong. the right to freedom.

Reens motive is good.

A good person does not cheat or steal.

Normative statement with non moral judgement

(deontic judgments

You need to buy a new pair of shoes.

To answer correctly the candidates must read the questions carefully. Sweet food is not healthy.

(Aretaic judgments)

That car is good.

Sometimes we can change a non-normative statement into a normative statement about the same matter : Matter Election
N.Normative Fewer people are registering themselves as a voter. Parents have authority in the family. Normative Good citizens must register themselves as a voter. Always obey the orders of your family.


Quality received or rejected as an instrument to achieve certain objective. Dependent on other value to achieve certain objective. Second order values (bravery, diligence) ***Bombing of Hiroshima to end the Second World War.***

Quality received and rejected solely because it is good or bad without considering its effect. No dependent on other values to achieve certain objective. First order values (kindness, juistice.) ***A judge passes a sentence because it is obligatory for the judge to do so, according to.***

Quality accepted or rejected by someone who gives his views. Accepted or rejected on the basis of an individuals opinion. ***The USAs desire to attack Iraq.***

Quality may be valuable or not valuable but free from personal choice. Accepted or rejected on the basis of a set of criteria agreed upon by all or a majority of people. *** Child labour is cruel practice which must be abolished.

Value accepted or rejected by regulation in a society in order to achieve certain societal objective. It is arbitrary, not perfect, and differs in other societies. Can change with time. ***Family development in Malaysia and California (with or without an official marriage)***

Value the worth of which is not related to the custom of a certain society. Generally accepted and tested or proven to be good or bad. Constant at all time and in all places and in almost all norms of society. *** Living as a legally married couple is a good practice.***