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SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

For data migration to SAP Business All-in-One, SAP Business Suite or SAP CRM SAP Best Practices for Data Migration V3.32


Are You Prepared For The Challenge?

Your Customers Needs

GoLive with NO business disruption

Poor quality master data unable to support core business processes

User Adoption
Lack of quality data can make new system unusable Return on investment is at risk if implementation is delayed

No Surprises
Surprises early in a project can be managed surprises late in a project are a huge problem

Data Migration Cannot Delay GoLive

Inability to track and manage the project can cause surprises late in the project

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Its about Our Customers Business Data

The Challenge Of Data Migration



Traditional steps:

Beware: data migration is far from easy!

Extract & provision data Transformation Upload

Why? Analysts

More than 80% of data migration projects run over time and/or over budget. Cost overruns average 30%. Time overruns average 41%.
Bloor, 2007

Data migration projects often exceed timelines and budget Organizations can minimize disruptions and delays by applying a set of best practices Lack of a planned approach to data migration Data quality and security issues Preparing for a fast, reliable, and stringent GoLive

80% of organizations will underestimate the costs related to the data acquisition tasks by an average of 50%

It is crucial to identify the right partner with the right solution and expertise for your data migration project.

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Data Migration to SAP Made Simple

SAP introduces an easy to use data migration solution to reduce project risks and speed implementation The solution Includes:

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services SAP Best Practices for Data Migration SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI with Data Management/Integration Kit

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SAP BusinessObjects Data Services

Migrate Trusted Data Quickly And Efficiently Key Features:

Easy Mapping - Reusable Database extraction to easily extract legacy system data Reusable and sharable transforms and functions - (drag and drop) to minimize hand coding Single interface - to design data structures and build transformation rules Visualization of source to target metadata - to analyze data lineage and impact Profile and analyze any source data Web-based administration - to manage job operations Operational dashboards - to monitor job execution and trends

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services is the most productive and scalable data integration platform for ETL

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SAP Best Practices for Data Migration Architecture

Legacy Data Environment Data Staging and Test Environment Loading Target Environment

Flat Files/ Excel

Performance Analysis

Dashboards and Business Reporting

Staging Area


Data Services Platform

Pre-Built load routines for SAP Objects


Name Parsing

Transform Data into SAP structure

Validate & Load

Business Validation Rules Automatic SAP Config Validation


Extract & Address Parsing & Correction Profile



Material/Product Parsing Matching



SAP Configuration Extraction

SAP Business One

Transparency, Communication and Governance,

SAP Best Practices for Data Migration (V3.32)

IDoc version

Key Features:

Predefined Migration Content


validation content for SAP Business Objects Data Services (including enrichment rules) for the SAP Best Practices Baseline Package and a broad set of industries. The content also includes extraction jobs to extract check tables from the SAP target system for value mapping.
Extended Reporting

error processing and reconciliation and visualization


Guide on how to install and use Data Services, Data Migration Installation Wizard, and the SAP Best Practices for Data Migration content.

Process Document for Data Migration is a process guide that provides a process flow and the sequence in which the objects need to be loaded.

Process Documents for Objects are independent object documents that provide you instructions on the complete object processing tasks within DI all the way to loading IDocs into SAP.

Guide provides the information you need to extend and modify the DI content that is an integral part of the SAP Best Practices Data Migration solution.
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SAP Best Practices for Data Migration (V3.32)

Available master and transactional data objects

Supported Business Objects:


Cost Element Characteristic Class Activity Type Activity Price Customer Master Vendor Master Material Master Material Master Classification Material Inspection Type Material Customer Replenishment Purchase Info Record Inspection Method

BOM (Bill of Materials) Routing SD Pricing

Master Inspection Characteristics Inspection Plan Object Dependency Source List Work Breakdown Structure Functional Location Sales Order
Master Data Objects Transactional Data Objects

Inventory Balances Accounts Payable/Receivable HCM Best Practices Based (Human Capital Management) Exchange Rates Cost Centers Profit Centers Standard Hierarchy Purchasing Requisitions Contracts Scheduling Agreements Service Master Reference Operation Set Order Reservation Planned Independent Requirements Equipments Open Deliveries Org Management Purchase Order Internal order

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SAP Best Practices for Data Migration (V3.32)

Available master and transactional data objects

Supported Business Objects:


Business Partner - General / Sold-To (Customer) Business Partner - Contact Persons Business Partner - Competitors Business Partner - Employees Business Partner Relationships Target Groups Product - Material Product - Service Product - Individual Objects Installed Bases Pricing Conditions Sales Orders Service Orders Sales Contracts Service Contracts Leads Opportunities Quotations

Business Partner Hierarchies Plant Prospect Channel Partner

Enterprise Org. Structure BP Product Relationships - Material Business Activities Financing Contracts Service Plans Pool Contracts Framework Agreements Product Service Letters Tasks Confirmations Price Agreements (within Contracts)


Master Data Objects Transactional Data Objects

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SAP Best Practices for Data Migration (V3.32)

Whats New?

New supported Business Objects:


Banks Fixed Asset


New support for migration from SAP Business One to SAP ERP Enhanced architecture and design Improved Reporting and Visualization Improved Data Migration Installation Wizard

SAP Business One Legacy Objects

Customer Vendor

Material Purchase Info Records BOM (Bill of Materials) SD Pricing Inventory Balances Accounts Payable and Receivable HCM (Human Capital Management) Sales Order Purchase Order Fixed Asset

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Preconfigured Content to Support the Entire Data Migration Process

Extract data

Map data

Validate data

Load data

Reconcile data

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Data extraction: SAP BusinessObjects Data Services tool helps connect to most known legacy
systems to extract legacy data (master & transaction)

Data mapping: Data mapping and restructuring functionality supports all the major master data
business objects required to configure SAP Business All-in-One as the target system

Data validation: Contains predefined content for business logic validation and data quality
improvement. Dashboards identify and visualize data errors early in the process

Data load: Contains program to activate the IDocs needed for the data migration process Reconcile data: Right data to support the business process

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SAP Best Practices for Data Migration

Impact on Effort and Savings
Typical Impact of Automation, Methodology, and SAP Best Practices for Data Migration

SAP Implementation project (Typical Data Conversion Approach)

SAP Implementation project (Using SBO Data Services)

SAP Implementation project (Using SBO Data Services & SAP Best Practices for Data Migration)

Accelerate your implementation using SAP Best Practices for Data Migration
SAP Best Practices for Data Migration is a valuable part of the fast-start program

Integrated Tool Framework for Volume Business

Solution Configurator Demo Assistant/ Laptop Sales Briefcase Process Navigator

Installation Wizard

Solution Builder
Project Accelerators:



Choose the processes that fit your business Estimate solution scope and cost on-line Connect with SAP or a local partner for counsel on next steps

Automate installation Deploy with pretested software and hardware stack Select, personalize, and activate SAP Best Practices functionality Migrate legacy data

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Make Implementation Projects Predictable

Increase Your Capacity for New Projects Benefits of the SAP BusinessObjects Data Services for data migration to SAP:
Reduce risk of project delays due to data migration so projects

are completed on time, schedule, and budget

Reduce customer effort for resources and time in the data

migration process
Ensure the SAP system goes live with the right data needed to

conduct the day to day operations in the new system starting on day one
Reuse the tool and content across projects to increase return on

Free up resources for other tasks and achieve higher profitability

in your projects

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Tool: Depending on the market segment the package price differs. Make sure to ask your sales representative for the data migration special pricing. Package names: LE : Data Migration Starter Pack SME: SAP BusinessObjects EDGE BI with integration kit or SAP BusinessObjects Edge BI with Data Management Content: The SAP Best Practices for Data Migration package is available to download or order as a DVD. Partners and customers can download the guides and preconfigured data migration content free of charge by going to the Service Marketplace and selecting the SAP Best Practices for Data Migration V3.32. To purchase your copy of the SAP BusinessObjects migration package, please contact your SAP partner executive (for SAP partners). Solution details and the latest updates of the migration package can be found under URL http://service.sap.com/bp-datamigration


Global Solution (IDoc)

Americas Global Solution (IDoc)

APJ Global solution (IDoc)

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SAP Business All-in-One Services For Partners Outlook

Value-add on-demand Services for SAP Business All-in-One Additional Services for the SAP Business All-on-One Solution

services for tailored dashboards & reports

for BI in SAP Business All-In-One

Business All-in-One Services for Partners


creation service for Xcelsius dashboards adaptation service for Xcelsius dashboards creation service for Crystal Reports adaptation service for Crystal Reports enablement workshop for Xcelsius dashboards and Crystal Reports data cleansing, validation, and load service data validation and load service

data migration services

for SAP Business All-In-One

assistance services
for SAP Business All-In-One

Your Contact:

Oliver Huschke Director Business Development SME Service and Support, SAP AG T: +49 6227 7 66402 E: oliver.huschke@sap.com


intention: get partner enabled

Seamless integration into running projects Support to accelerate license sales Support to extend partner portfolio

Deliver value-add to close temporary skill gaps Easy access to solution experts

Key Take-Aways

Product Capabilities

Designed specifically for SAP

Support for the entire data migration process Migrate trusted data quickly and efficiently

Predictable implementation projects Partner Benefits

Reduced project risk Free-up resources for other tasks Higher profitability in your projects

Customer Benefits

Free up time to sell more SAP solutions

Experienced, qualified partners Quick, cost-effective deployment

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Thank you!

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