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ENSR International

Team 7

Company Background
Established in 1968, ENSR is an Environment Consulting firm, having 70 offices worldwide, including 45 in the US Has 1200 employees having expertise across 60 different technical disciplines Service Lines
Air Quality Water Quality Process Engineering Due Diligence Environment Health and Safety Remediation/Integrated Site Closure Capital Permitting/Impact Assessment Other

Problem Identification
Due to flat sales and expectations of a tight market ahead, the management had to take some action to improve the prospects of the company

Webers Suggestion
To recruit Business Development Officers, BDOs
Their sole job would be to sell The compensation would be given solely on the basis of the sales targets achieved

Kellehers Suggestion
To improve the incentive system
The current system exerts more emphasis on specific, objective aspects such as sales, leads and billable hours

The incentive system must reflect the other tasks carried out by the consultants, hence making it more subjective

Andersons Suggestion
To abolish the CSC system or to build a key account program The key account program will integrate the CSCs in order to make them work together with their common clients Teams will be formed with consultants across the CSCs dedicated to each of the common clients

Webers suggestion Pros
BDOs will be completely dedicated to selling and can hence improve the sales The compensation would be linked directly to the sales and prevent any downside risk

The compensation does not provide for motivating the BDOs in maintaining relationship management The BDOs compensation plan does not focus on profitable Account Retention

Evaluation (contd)
Kellehers Suggestion Pros
The subjective compensation plan might help in motivating the employees by integrating various tasks done by the consultants

It does not consider clearly defining the sales tasks

Evaluation (contd)
Andersons Suggestion Pros
The formation of teams across the CSCs will help ENSR have dedicated teams to concentrate on specific clients from which good revenues are generated

This is a huge task and involves high amount of risk Assessment has to be made on the feasibility in integrating the various CSCs

Partially integrate CSCs by forming teams to concentrate on the common clients and also share the workforce capabilities The employees need to be motivated by a more subjective compensation system which reflects the various tasks performed by the consultants/employees Since the latest trends indicate that the RPFs come from the firms with which the relationships have already been made, changes must be made to improve the client satisfaction and account retention

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