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Antaerior & medial compartment of thigh ,femoral triangle and adductor canal

Anterior compartment
(Extensor compartment)

Muscles of the Anterior Thigh


p AL

Vastus lateralis

Rectus femoris Vastus medialis

Vastus intermedius

Patella (sesamoid) Patellar tendon (lig.)

Quadriceps femoris muscles:

1. 2. 3. 4. Rectus femoris. Vastus medialis. Vastus lateralis. Vastus intermedius.

Femoral triangle

Boundaries of the iliopsoas Femoral Triangle pectineus adductor longus

Superior- Inguinal ligament
Medial - Adductor longus m.(medial border)

Lateral - Sartorius m.(medial border)

Roof - Fascia Floor - iliopsoas, pectineus, adductor longus muscles

Contents of Femoral Triangle

Femoral N. enclosed in femoral sheath Femoral A. Femoral V. Lymphatic

Deep nodes in femoral canal Femoral ring Lacunar lig.


Sup. circumflex iliac

Superficial Vessels of the Femoral Triangle

Sup. epigastric Sup. & deep external pudendal

Great saphenous vein Subsartorial canal (adductor canal)

The saphenous opening

Is a gap in the deep fascia in the front of the thigh just below the inguinal ligament. It transmits the great saphenous vein, some small branches of the femoral artery, and lymph vessels.

Femoral hernia
The hernial sac descends through the femoral canal within the femoral sheath.


Contents of the Anterior compartment

Muscles: Sartorius, iliacus, psoas, pectineus, and quadriceps femoris Blood supply: Femoral artery Nerve supply: Femoral nerve

Adductor canal

Contents of Adductor Canal

Femoral a.& v.
N. to vastus medialis


Saphenous n. S(medial)

Sartorius (cut)

VM (lateral)


Medial compartment
(adductor compartment)

Obturator externus Adductor magnus

(horizontal part)

Obturator n. (L2,3,4)

Adductor longus

Adductor brevis

Adductor hiatus Adductor magnus

(vertical part)



Contents of the Medial compartment

Muscles: Gracilis, adductor longus, adductor brevis, adductor magnus, and obturator externus Blood supply: Profunda femoris artery and obturator artery

Nerve supply: Obturator nerve

Nerve supply of

anterior & medial compartment

Femoral n (L2,3,4)
Obturator n (L2,3,4)

Saphenous n (cutaneous)
(branch of femoral nerve)

Innervation of the Compartments of the Thigh



Femoral obturator Sciatic

(femoral & obturator N)

Adductor Magnus
adductor portion (obturator N.) vertical portion (tibial N.)

biceps short and long head

Posterior & gluteal

Superficial epigastric a Superficial circumflex iliac a Femoral a S & D external pudendal profuda femoris a Perforating branches of deep femoral Descending branch of lat femoral circumflex a

Adductor hiatus

Popliteal a
Descending genicular a

Blood supply