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By Aakriti Sharma 02MBA2011

Organizational Development (OD)

Organization Development (OD) is an effort (1) Planned (2) Organization wide, and (3) Managed from the top (4) Increase organization effectiveness and health (5) Planned interventions in the organizations processes, using behavioral-science knowledge.

OD Interventions
It refers to the range of planned, programmatic

activities Clients and consultants participate in during the course of an organization development program.

Team Interventions

Distinction between Groups and Teams

A work group is

- a number of persons - usually reporting to a common superior - having some face-to-face interaction - persons have some degree of interdependence in carrying out tasks for the purpose of achieving organizational goals A team is - a form of group - has some characteristics in greater degree than ordinary groups - and a higher degree of interdependency and interaction

Strategic units of organization Much of the organizations work is accomplished

directly or indirectly through teams Work team culture exerts a significant influence on individual behavior

Cross-Functional Teams: comprised of individuals

with functional home base- eg. Manufacturing, design, engg etc.- but they meet regularly to solve ongoing challenges requiring input from a number of functional areas
Effective Teams: clear purpose, informality,

participation, open communication, shared leadership etc.

High-Performance Teams: characteristics to a higher

degree ,have strong personal commitment to each


Team-Building Interventions
Formal work group diagnostic meeting Formal work group tembuilding meeting Process Consultation

Gestalt OD


Its purpose is to conduct a general critique of the performance of the group and to uncover and identify problems on which they will work on


It has the goal of improving the teams effectiveness through better management of task demands, relationship demands and group processes.


Developed by Edgar H. Schein
Process consultation model is similar to team-based

interventions It places greater emphasis on diagnosing and understanding process events Process consultation involved joint effort of external consultant and client organization.

diagnosing the problem areas
finding out alternate solutions and improving organization effectiveness

External consultant facilitates the client organization

in identification of problems and alternate actions to solve the problems. The decision making part is of client organization. The advantage of joint effort in process consultation is that external consultant has the expertise of techniques, methods, tools and procedure and the client is more aware about the organization, this makes process consultation more effective.


Focus more on the individual than on the group is the

Gestalt Approach to OD based on belief that persons function as whole, total organism. Goals are awareness, integration, maturation, authenticity, self regulation and behavior change Primary thrust is to make the individual stronger, more authentic, more in touch with individuals own feelings

Works within a group setting but focus is on individual

People should accept the polarities- positive and

negative Use is not widespread

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