Assignment no: 3
Sahrish Irfan Faizan Mahmood Sara Inam Butt Anam Saleem Zeeshan Tauqeer

15-1.ONE DAY TRAINING PROGRAM FOR SALES TEAM • Three sessions: ▫ 9-11 am ▫ 11.15 pm ▫ 2.30-4 pm .

Session 1 • Introduction ▫ Objectives of training  Why are they getting trained?  What would be the desired outcomes of the session?  Expectations from the sales team? ▫ Details of product (product features)  Features  Differentiation  Usage rate of consumers .

usage rate… . differentiation.▫ Competitors  Leaders  Followers ▫ Details of competitors products features.

Session 2 • Selling techniques • Attention: You should get the attention of your prospect customers through some advertising or convincing method. There are many variations of closing techniques that can help get the business. • Interest: Build their interest by explaining the benefits of the products. Giving examples of good and reputable customers would also be beneficial. Ask for the order. This is your closing. • Desire: Build their desire for your product by showing them its features and letting them sample or test it. If they object. . address their objections. Compare it to its competitors. • Action: Encourage the prospect to act. • Conviction: Increase their desire for your product by statistically proving the worth of your product.

so you should go ahead and let me place your order today. • A Deal/Concession Close: Using this closing technique gives the prospect the feeling that they are making a smart choice and saving money (or getting more value).“ • A Time-Driven Close: This one works well with statements like. .• A Direct Close: Simply ask for the order when you are sure your prospect is ready. Use it with phrases like "Order today and I can add this other unit for only 10 percent more.“ • Trial Offer: You can let the prospect use the product at no risk for a trial period. This works well if you're selling products that make people's lives easier. "prices are going up next week.

Palm tops • Market intelligence  Sales team should observe the rates.g.• Details of Promotion program  Sales team should know the promotional programs used by the company and their interpretation from the customer’s point of view • Technology  Sales team should know how to operate the technological products used for daily sales record e. deals and other actions of the competitors so that he could give the real and in-time information about market changes. .

• Promotional material It must be clearly defined that where and how the promotional materials should be used and how to make them look more attractive • Techniques of merchandizing Try to get the most dominant space for your product in the stores Provide directional signs inside stores towards your product. .Session 3 • PJP Make the PJP in such a way that economies of time & cost are ensured at all times to avoid unnecessary duplication & repetition.

that client may finally be forced to turn to your competitor. and earned their trust.• Develop good relationships ▫ Relationship selling is all about building a friendship or relationship with your prospects and listening to their needs. . you are on the road to making them a customer. If you neglect a client who has trust in your integrity as a person and as a salesperson. but keep regular contact and keep all channels of communication open. shown you care. • Maintaining Customer Contact ▫ Part of relationship selling involves maintaining regular contact.) So. (Who has probably been calling regularly to get their business. make sure you not only build the relationship. Once you have built that relationship.

▫ How they should be dressed up. ▫ Time management. ▫ Communication skills. ▫ Controlling their anger .• Personal grooming ▫ Explaining key dimensions of sales process. ▫ Team work. ▫ Explanation of some common problems normally occurs. retailing and customer service to the sales team.

From this exercise the trainer would be able to give them more suggestions. One member would act as customer and the other done would act as a sales man.• Mock act ▫ At the end of this session there should be some mock acts about selling products. The members of the sales team should be divided into different groups. .

Some final points in training include: ▫ Encourage and motivate your sales staff through enthusiasm and on-target information. ▫ Make it specific. . and make sure that they understand why it is useful. ▫ Make future sessions build on techniques learned from preceding sessions. ▫ Keep it lively! ▫ Provide useful information.

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