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Mail Tracker

The Objective of this system is to illustrate the use of Tracking.

Email Tracker is an application, which is used to trace the mails send by the users.

Mail tracker application may be depends on client-server architecture.

Fully compatible with Internet messaging standards.

Allow message access and management from more than one computer.

Client needs no knowledge about the server's file store format.

Provide user friendly, efficient and portable environment.




Admin is the one who is going to monitor all the users and grant or deny permissions to any user. Admin have the information related to the entire transactions user is doing.

Admin has to monitor all the user transactions. Admin keep track of entire user transactions like .,to whom the user is sending the mails and what is the content and from whom he is receiving the mails and what the content in that.

User can get into system with the authentication and can access all mailing services. Mailing services are ..,

Inbox User can have all the received mails stored in this module. It gives the complete information of all the mails received.

Out Box User can store the information related to all the mails sent by him will be stored in the outbox.

Checking Mails User can access all the mails received by him will be stored in the inbox and user can check those mails whenever user feels it is required.


User can sent mails.User can utilize the option called composing to send the mails. To send the mails the mail has to be composed.

Deleting The Unnecessary Mails

User receives much number of mails. User requires few mails to be stored and rest to be deleted. This module provides the option for user to delete unnecessary mails.

Existing System
Now days there are many mail servers which are providing the mailing the systems to the users. The problem with that we can t view the information of the user s transactions Further Drawbacks of the Existing System are :

Time Delay Redundancy Accuracy

Proposed System
Mail tracker is the proposed system which is optimized alternative for existing system.  It provides the user to perform messaging operation.

Here we can view the information of the user s transactions

In this project the client is kept unknown with the server mechanism.

Requirement Specifications
Functional Requirements Inputs
The major inputs for this application can be categorized module -wise.

This application must be able to produce output at different modules for different inputs.

Performance Requirements Performance is measured in terms of generated according to the requirements. reports

Hardware Requirements
Processor Ram Cache Hard disk : : : : Intel Pentium III or more 256 MB or more 512 KB 16 GB hard disk recommended for primary partition

Software Requirements

Opera ting system

Windows 2000 /XP or later

Front End Software

Jdk 1.6,Servlets,Jsp,html

Back End Software

Oracle 9i or later


Tomcat 6.0

The project Tracker can be expanded to full pledged Mail Server which can be implemented at any organization or on any server.

We can also implement the Messaging services with use of Mobile Technology & Web Technology in this application.

Tracker can maintain all the transactions of the user so we can also take the complete transactions done by the user from log in to log out.

It can be a globalized application.

Use case Diagrams

Class Diagrams

Object Diagrams

UseCase Diagrams

Collaboration Diagrams

Component Diagrams

Activity Diagrams

Deployment Diagrams

State Machine Diagrams

Sequence Diagrams

import java.sql.*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; import java.io.IOException; public class Serv_AddAddress extends HttpServlet { Statement st; PreparedStatement pst; Connection con; ServletContext scon; String name,nick,mailid,address,uname; long phone; public void service(HttpServletRequest req,HttpServletResponse res) throws ServletException,IOException { HttpSession session = req.getSession(); Try { Class.forName("sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver"); con=DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:baig","mails","tiger"); st=con.createStatement(); scon=getServletContext();

pst=con.prepareStatement("insert into addresses values(?,?,?,?,?,?)"); uname=(String)session.getAttribute("user");//ss.name(); if(uname != null) { ServletOutputStream sos=res.getOutputStream(); name=req.getParameter("nam"); nick=req.getParameter("nname"); mailid=req.getParameter("mid"); address=req.getParameter("add"); String p=req.getParameter("pno"); phone=Long.parseLong(p); pst.setString(1,name); pst.setString(2,nick); pst.setString(3,mailid); pst.setString(4,address); pst.setString(5,""+phone); pst.setString(6,uname); pst.executeUpdate(); // int i=st.executeUpdate("insert into addresses values("'"+name+"','"+nick+"','"+mailid+"','"+address+"',"+phone+",'"+uname+"')"); sos.println("<html><body bgcolor=lightpink text=blue><h2><i>One row inserted into the Addresses database</i></h2></body></html>"); res.setHeader("Refresh","2;URL='Serv_Address'"); } else { ServletOutputStream sos=res.getOutputStream(); sos.println("<html><body bgcolor=gray text=blue><h2><i>Please Login to Access This Facility</i></h2></body></html>"); res.setHeader("Refresh","2;URL=loginsc.html"); } } catch(Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); } }







The System automatically Track all the user transactions.

It gives the complete online mailing standards to the user and organization

The system includes various modules, which will help us to maintain the Information about the Client s Transaction. Hence, the Client need not maintain any other system for maintaining their records.

The following books were referred during the analysis and execution phase of the project  SQL THE COMPLETE REFERENCE By Sql Press


Mastering Visual Basic.NET By Microsoft Press

MSDN By Microsoft

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