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AVTECH Corporation

Proposed Project Management System & Design

Project Supervisor: Mr. Andrew Ritchi

Team Members Jaber AlMansoori - H00003811 Mansour Ali - H00018178 Mohammed Saeed - H00018204 Obaid Al zaabi - H00018178 Yousef Al Hammadi - s980008834

AVTECHs Profile The company started during WWII specializing in manufacturing of electro mechanic devices. The company adapted after going of its comfort zone in the late 1970s. Late 1990s problems started occurring.

Success Criteria
Increasing the man power by recruiting highly qualified personnel in R&D division. Marketing budget should be increased due to the increased number of competitors. Speedup delivery of projects within deadlines. Reduce the delay in customer delivery. Analysis & evaluate competitors. Meets the stated objectives. Updated with the latest technology and tools for project management purposes. Minimizes risk impacts.

Existing Organizational Structure

AVTECHS existing Organization Structure is functional this structure is a very effective when a clear line of command needs to be present, however, The main issue here is that AVTECHs Scope of work became very versatile, they now work on computers ,biomedical devices and precision devices for aero plane technologies and couldnt cope up with customers demands.

Countless late projects and some faced severe financial over runs. Lack of communication and difficulty to develop Are directly caused by the Organizational structure.

Proposed Organizational Structure

The Proposed organization structure is the Matrix structure. The reason this is the most suitable structure is because one department can work on different projects in parallel, this structure is very effective in the electronics manufacturing industry where time is extremely important to reserve a cut on this racing industry.

Project Objectives The Scope

Analyze AVTECH weakness. Set a development plan and solutions in a formal document to reduce AVTECH weakness points and use others weaknesses for AVTECH advantage. Get an approval from AVTECH to start the process in which they are satisfied. Search for the best components supplier company. Set a group of people to study the project before applying it to AVTECH and delegate them to accept it or deny it. Evaluate current employees and their skills. Use subcontractors if a project needs outsourcing knowledge.

Our team success Criteria

1. Reduce the delay in customer delivery. 2. Analysis & evaluate competitors. 3. Meets the stated objectives. 4. Updated with the latest technology and tools for project management purposes. 5. Minimizes risk impacts.

R&D working in parallel Research & Development division can now work on many projects at once saving the company a lot of time by meeting customer demands on time.

Close out Criteria Cost is not an issue but time is critical

Change from Functional structure to Matrix . Providing the right level of training for employees. Improving the customer care . Increasing the budget for the Marketing division.

Scope Verification : Accepting the project's products. Completing the Post Implementation Evaluation Report . Pay off the resources staff, facilities, and automated systems. Completing and archiving project records . Celebrating project completion.