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John Steinert Believes In Developing Strong Interpersonal Relationships

John Steinert, a successful management professional, has been acknowledged by the senior management on several occasions, owing to his exceptional performance, project management, development of employees and accomplishment of district goals and objectives. He is a persuasive communicator and possesses excellent presentation skills, which have been proven through his teaching success. In order to enhance the skills and efficiency of the employees, he evaluated their strengths and weaknesses, and also performed cross-training exercises.

A Well Qualified Professional A highly educated professional, John Steinert attended Erie High School in Erie, Illinois, from 1985 to 1989, and lettered in Football, Basketball, Track and Golf. Later, in 1989, he joined Trinity International University, Deerfield, Illinois, whereby, he received his Bachelor of Education degree in History/Secondary Education in December 1993. While pursuing his course, he was also conferred a Basketball scholarship. From 1997 to 1999, Steinert attended National-Louis University in Wheeling, Illinois, and obtained his Master of Education degree in Administrative/Educational Leadership in June 1999.

As A Change Agent A visionary leader, recruiter of talent and change agent, John Steinert has been responsible for recognizing, planning and meeting the needs for training, performance and educational programs, and at the same time, for finding and recommending the available resources/vendors, with an aim to achieve organizational objectives and to enhance employee development. In addition to this, he designed and implemented an on-line evaluation system, with a focus on changing daily instructional practices, which ultimately resulted in a 20% increase in the achievement of goals.

Helped Teams And Individuals Achieve Shared Goals John Steinert follows a collaborative approach, which has allowed him to help teams and individuals in achieving common and shared goals. He is a highly organized and detail oriented professional, and believes in developing strong interpersonal relationships. In order to ensure this, he offered facilitation and training on staff personality assessments that helped the stakeholders to gain perspective as well as improve employee relationships, which led to an increased output from departments/teams. In addition to this, he has a strong instinct for problem resolution, and aims at securing a leadership position that plans, organizes and facilitates organizational training, solutions, support and development, in order to achieve stronger business results.

Highly Proficient With Computers John Steinert possesses the ability to learn new technologies and to easily adapt with the changing circumstances. He has attended a large number of seminars and workshops, and holds certifications like Myers Briggs, Kepner-Tregeo, Real Colors and Ventures for Excellence. Steinert holds expertise in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook, as well as Applicant/Employee tracking systems (Applitrack). In adition to this, he is also well-versed with Learning Management Systems (Articulate, Moodle, Digital Chalk).