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Human Computer Interaction PRESENTATION


Marketing management processes involves doing marketing

schedule, record and manages marketing data. Marketing

management will be managed by the FITI marketing coordinator. They will create the marketing schedule that

show which lecturers are assigning to do marketing in which

place in what date and time. The marketing coordinator who acts as administrator in this system also can view the details of lecturer in order to choose suitable lecturer to go for assigned marketing activity.

Then the marketing coordinator will sent notification. The marketing schedule that created by the marketing coordinator will be viewed by the FITI lecturers after they log in into the system. The lecturer will log in into the system using the username and password. After they log in they can view the marketing schedule and generate claim report. Claim report that generated can be printed and used to claim. The lecturers also can edit their details if there are changes in their address or in their position. The lecturer needs to confirm the task in order to print letter for marketing

approval from Dean. This system will replace the manual way of marketing
management and able to processes work more efficiently and effectively. This system also enables lecturers and marketing coordinator to

communicate easily.

Problem Statement
1. UNISEL FITI does not have a computerized system for marketing purpose. 2. There is no proper marketing data management. They still use manual method to manage marketing data, lecturer data and claiming information. The data is not properly organized and there is no data backup. This problem causes loses of data, difficulties when searching for data and takes longer time to process. 3. Difficult to manage marketing activities and schedules. The administrator finds difficulties in communicating with the lecturers that involve in marketing activities.

To develop a computerized marketing system to

replace the current manual way of managing

marketing data. To create an event calendar to manage marketing

To manage marketing data in a proper and controllable database functionality.

To create platform for marketing administrator to

communicate easily with FITI staff regarding marketing activities.

Scope Of The Project

Basically this system will be use by two types of user:

FITI Marketing Coordinator (Administrator)

Create marketing schedule Can arrange and manage marketing schedule. Can view the marketing schedule Can view lecturers details Generate report for marketing activities that have been done. Sent notification to the lecturer

FITI Lecturers

Can view the marketing schedule and marketing details that offer to them if there is any Can generates claim reports after finish doing marketing activity

They will receive a notification if they did not

accept the task within 3 days after the marketing activity published in marketing schedule.

Can edit their details

The FeMMS is developed to replace the current traditional marketing management system for Faculty of Industrial Information Technology, University Industry Selangor. The FeMMS will reduce time to create marketing schedule by marketing coordinator. It is

also reduce time for FITI lecturers to view marketing schedule, and
generate claim report without disturbing teaching quality on class session. The main purpose of these systems is to make the users

work much easier, efficient and systematic.