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Making a Global Difference

The World Wildlife Fund is perhaps one of the best-

known organizations for the protection of endangered species and their habitats around the world.
They have been around for over 45 years and their goal

is to conserve 19 of the worlds most important natural places by 2010.

They focus on several campaigns to make sure that they

are making the biggest impact that they can. Currently, the WWF is urging its members to help lions and snow leopards, choose good wood and save forests, and eat sustainable seafood.

In 2006, WWF got: -56% of their revenue from contributions; -20% from government grants and contracts; -18% from in-kind and other earned revenues; -6% from their network revenues. That same year, they used: -83% of their money on program expenses; -11% on fundraising; -6% on finance and administration.

They support ocean conservation, climate change

prevention, forest preservation, and the protection of endangered species.

They pride themselves on their method of bearing

witness to environmental crimes in a non-violent manner, and although some people find them annoying, they have done a lot of good in the world. They are best known for their protests on ships. been fighting for the preservation of the earth since 1971.

The members of this environmental organization have

Their revenue breakdown was as follows:

-over 64% was used on their campaigns; -23% was used in fundraising costs; -approximately 10% was used as grants to their Greenpeace Affiliates, and the rest was used for administration costs.
Although the fundraising costs are a little high, its

obvious that this organization uses most of its money for its cause.

National Geographic is well-known for their magazine and for

their specials on TV. Through their eyes, we have seen the world in a million different facets, and realized the importance of saving the planet we have.

The organization itself is one of the longest-running in the

world theyve been around since 1888.

They focus on: exploration and conservation of

forests, oceans, habitats, species and societies. Also, National Geographic has a strong basis in history they pride themselves on their exploration of ancient civilization and culture.
Donations are shifted to one of five areas in the

society education, research and exploration, conservation, cultures and public outreach.

Friends of the Earth is one of the largest environmental

networks, with over 70 national member groups and 5000 local activist groups on all continents.
Friends of the Earth USA has been around since 1969

and has supported campaigns in climate change, forests, fair trade, proper use of taxes, and the banning of genetically-modified organisms. They support biodiversity, environmental rights, and repayment of ecological debt by rich countries to those that they have exploited.

With over 2.8 million in revenue in 2006, Friends of

the Earth spent much of that money on specific campaigns and staff and volunteer expenses.
They gathered 1.6 million from their membership

support fund, and much of that was spent on international representation, communications, publications and translations, and specific campaigns and projects.

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