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Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Team Members
Jeff Thomas Wes Gann Bret Belgarde Anthony Conkright

History of NLP Fundamentals of NLP Uses of NLP Modeling

Behavior Modeling Richard Bandler John Grinder


Study of successful people and the brain processes they use.

Virginia Stiler (Mother of Family Therapy) Fritz Perls (Founder of Gestalt Therapy) Milton Erickson (Father of Modern Hypnotherapy)


2 Volume Structure of Magic


Hypnotic Techniques of Milton Erickson, MD

Volume I 1975 Volume II 1977

Intended for therapists

Books (Contd)

Frogs into Princes

1979 Typescript

First Book that brought mass market


2 Camps
Tony Robbins Lesley Cameron-Bandler

3 Stages
Practitioner Master Practitioner Teacher

Many Teachers have formed their own schools


More camps being created

US and UK

Pop Psychology Pseudoscience

NLP Fundamentals

Noticing physiological patterns

Repetitive Motions Eye Movement

Repetitive Motions

Flipping a pen
Nervous habit, person is uncomfortable

Tapping foot
Impatience or boredom

Reading Eye Movements

Upper Lower Upper Lower Right Left

Right Right Left Left

Upper Right
Visual Construction Building an Image What would your car look if it was purple?

Lower Right
Kinesthetic Accessing Feelings Accessing Senses What does it feel like to touch that rug?

Upper Left
Visual Remembered Recalling Images What color was your room?

Lower Left
Auditory Digital Internal Dialogue Can you recite the Gettysburg Address?

Auditory Constructed Making up sounds What would you sound like if you inhaled helium?

Auditory Remembered Recalling past sounds Can you remember the sound of your mothers voice?

Uses of NLP
Selling Management Customer Service Sports Coaching Personal Development


NLP is used along with the NLP Meta Model in asking questions to find out exactly what the customer wants and needs.


Management needs to find ways to motivate people in order to get them to work. NLP can help a manager do this.

Customer Service

Here NLP allows a person to understand the point of view the customer is coming from and also allows the person to help control the customers emotions.

Sports Coaching

Motivation is another big tool here. The coach needs to have his team motivated but also he needs them to perform at their best on command. NLP models excellence and helps make sure the skill set is there to replicate it.

Personal Development

NLP is at its best here. Almost every aspect of a persons life can be controlled by NLP. They can increase confidence, creativity, performance which can result in a better life.

Sales Management Customer Service Coaching Personal Development

NLP Modeling
The use of NLP techniques as applied in a work environment

Why Use Modeling

Develop Strong Team Relationships Foster Positive Interpersonal Skills Enhanced Negotiations Problem Solving Build Deep Levels of Rapport Better Elicit Information from Clients Make the Client comfortable

Key Function of NLP

Building Deep Levels of Rapport

assume a similar state of mind become more like the other person when people are like each other, they like each other.

Intro to the senses

Three major processes/senses used when communicating

Images Dialog Feelings

Cater to a persons representational type

Visuals Image Based Auditorys Dialog Based Kinesthetics Feelings Based

NLP Modeling Process

Modeling Consists of:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Think in Terms of Modality Matching Body Language Matching Tonality Matching Breathing Pattern Matching Level of Abstraction Matching Common Interests

Match Their Modality Make Use of Innate Mode Qualities Speed Up or Slow Down To Match Their Tempo Speak To Their Modality

Matching Body Language

Mirror their physiology Copy Posture, Facial Expressions, Gestures and Movements Be Subtle Do NOT Mirror Negative Body Language

Matching Tonality
Match Tone, Tempo, Timbre Match Key Words Say It Back To Them

Breathing Pattern
Match Breathing Pattern Key to in and out breaths Pace Breathing Pattern Adjust Breathing Pattern

Match Level of Abstraction

Match Information Chunk Size Match Information Level of Detail

Match Common Experiences

Match common experiences Keep it Real Avoid Negative Connections

Test your Rapport Develop Sensory Acuity Track Reactions Adjust

History of NLP Fundamentals of NLP Uses of NLP Modeling Commercialism of NLP

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