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The education system in Malaysia has gone through two major phases which are colonial era (1940-1956) and post-independence period (1957 until present). British Education system of the colonial era was based on the laissez-faire policy. There five different school systems have evolved as a result: - Malay vernacular schools - Chinese vernacular school - Tamil vernacular school - English schools - Madrasah or religious schools

6/5/12 The school curriculum was revised and reoriented from colonial-style toward a nation curriculum. While underlying philosophical principles the inclusion of the subject Islamic Religious Knowledge in the system. As a results in Malaysia education is dualism which is caused by the fact that two distinct education systems with the important differences in various aspects operated side by side. One of the two systems is known as the traditional or religious education system. This system focuses on pure Islamic based on ulum an-naqli. The other system is based on the ulum al-aqli and focus on the areas outside of religious studies. It sometime called modern studies system or popularly called as secular system.

Islamic education in Malaysia 6/5/12

6/5/12 Islamic education in Mahathir perspective.

The idea of an Islamic university in Malaysia has been regressed by many Muslim quarters since Independence in 1957. Mahathir thought as a Malaysian Muslim, he shared this vision and very glad to be able to contribute in a small ways towards its founding. He was encouraged by the support of Professor Ismail Al-Faruqi. International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) is operates under the direction of a Board of Governors with representatives from the eight sponsoring governments and the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). It maintains links with governments and institutions all over the world, such as the League of Islamic Universities, the International Association of Universities and the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

The visions of this university are: 6/5/12 - To produce better quality intellectuals, professionals and scholars by integrating the qualities of faith ( iman ), knowledge ( `ilm ), and good character ( akhlaq ) to serve as agents of comprehensive and balanced progress as well as sustainable development in Malaysia and in the Muslim world. - To foster the Islamization of the ethics of Muslim academic and administrative staff of IIUM, and certain aspects of human knowledge - particularly in the social sciences and humanities - with the view to making them more useful and more relevant to the Muslim Ummah. - To nurture the quality of holistic excellence which is imbued with Islamic moral-spiritual values, in the process of learning, teaching, research, consultancy, publication, administration and student life. - To exemplify an international community of dedicated intellectuals, scholars, professionals, officers and workers who are motivated by the Islamic world-view and code of ethics as an integral part of their work culture.

Islam not just a 6/5/12 a faith. islam is a way of life . A belief, way of life that encompasses all that one does during ones lifetime must include command of all the knowledge that can contribute to it. Such is the importance of all knowledge in islam that we enjoyed in surah Al-Ghashiyah that must observe the mountains and the camels. Obviously these are examples of the creation of Allah s.wt. and equally obviously , they have bearing on life. To observe is to study. Some studies constitute the sciences, for what else can result from the observation if not scientific knowledge. Yet there are Muslims who would have to confine learning and knowledge solely to the study of the teachings and interpretations of Islamic theology and Islamic laws.

He wants the graduate of Islamic universities is not 6/5/12 only knowledgeable in his subject but is well rounded Muslim whose faith is not merely inherited but fortified by his understanding of the teachings. Beside he really hoping that graduates from Islamic university can play in any role in preventing oppression in restoring justice and in bringing justice. Islam stresses in the need of knowledge and skills in those fields which is can strengthen and protect the ummah. He wants Islamic university to develop Muslim who are splitting themselves and quarrelling over minor issues. Instead of solving the problems through the application of Islamic principles and teachings but we resort to get help from those cannot have any sympathy from Islam /Muslim.

6/5/12 To prepare Muslims to face the problems of the modern world view is balanced between life and the hereafter. It is meant to perpetuate Islam as religion for all times.

He used prophets as role model to implement Islamic principles as way of life, for being strong ummah in knowledge. Academics and students in university struggle to restore Islam, to restore the faith, to restore the respect and dignity and reinstate the role of ummah in worldly affairs. Islamic university has duty to Islam and Muslim ummah and graduates have a duty to Islam and Muslim ummah.