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Sales Presentation
Avoid Presentation Trap

The Salesperson Is The Teacher And The Customer Is The Student.

People Remembers
• 10 percent of what they…. • 20 percent of what they….

• 30 percent of what they….
• 50 percent of what they….

Target Audience
• Who is your audience and why they are interested enough to hear your presentation? • How much does your audience know of your product and other similar products? • Do they have any preconceived notions? • Competitors:
– If your audience looking at competitors ..! • Which ones? • What are their special interests?

• Know what your key points are and learn how to make them quickly. • In some cases you may:
– Prepare a sample of the product, and After a preliminary discussion, place the product in audience hands. He can then able to examine it in detail. He is able to ask questions and see how his team would use it in their environment.



• Put your organization logo. • Describe your organization in a few words. • Introduce yourself. • Introduce your product.



• Opportunity to tell your audience what you are going to cover.


• Problem they have and solution provided by your product. • Be sure to present this in terms of your audience and their pain.. • Why they should listen to the rest of your presentation.

(1-5 slides)


Product Description
• Clearly describe your product in terms that your audience will understand.
– Benefits – How your product fits into their existing environment.

(1-2 slides)


• Help to illustrate your points.
– How your product is being used and how customers have
benefited from the product.

(1-3 slides)


Closing & Thank

The Non-designer Design
• Each slide objective should be in the title. • Lots of text on a slide makes it difficult. • Colors:
– use the colors from the template for all charts and graphs. – Red only for alert. – Don't get carried away with many different transitions.

• Pick easy to read font. • Stick with alignment (left – center – right).

Speaker's Notes
“ I think this slide is trying to say...”
This phrase may destroying your work.
Solve this problem by Provide Speaker's Notes and Synchronous it with slides.


Handout Copies
• Print the slides in a format where there is room (space) for the audience to take notes. • In addition:
– You may have charts or back-up information that has too much detail to include in your presentation.


• give the presentation to audience within the company first before giving it to an external audience.
– Your pitch will be more powerful, polished, and
professional. – You are more likely to accomplish your objective. – You look better.

Standing Projects More Energy.
Always stand, even when you are talking to a small audience.

Check list


• www.livebinders.com • www.strategyclub.com/presentation-preview-adidas/ • www.presentationmagazine.com

Sales Presentation

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