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PR Proposal

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The percept profile Difference

Scope of Activities

Content Strategy & Development services Research & Brand Strategic Solutions

Extensive Research

Evaluation Parameters Tracking & Documentation

YOUR BUSINESS RESULT Define competitive landscape Examine influences Articulate decision making process Understan d need/value s Identify Key Markets Issues Brand: Corporate, product, people Develop integrated communications plan Translate into benefitled messages Identify drivers to influence behavior Define differentiating opportunities

Percept Communicati on Approach

On going Measuremen ts

Content strategy & development

A dedicated team to draft edit and manage multichannel (language) content consistent with your brand standards. Devising key messages with customized media approach to cater to various segments of audience channel Collaboratingwith internalteams to define your business goals and construct plans to bridge with audience/media needs. Drafting Press Releases, communiqu for launch/event, Updating Company Backgrounder and

Research & brand strategic solutions

Our in-depth research can help you get a better understanding on the environment, your competition and your brands very essence.

This will help generate new ideas while providing a framework for action

The data shared will also showcase the major trends in the industry which may impact your business.

We aim at providing both the qualitative and quantitative evaluation for the brand.

Media vehicles

Tracking & documentation

Percept Profile has a specialized team that aims providing clients with analysis, or copies of media content of interest to the clients

Percept Profile has experts on board catering the state of the art documentation requirements of the clients.

All media content is filed and presented to the client after every specified interval to keep a track of the PR activities and any content being flashed by the media that shall be of clients interest.

Measurement & Analysis


Share of Voice

Share of Voice by Region

Based on the number of stories published across different regions, during the period

Coverage by Top 5 Publications

Based on the articles published in top 5 publications during the period

Coverage by Top 5 Authors

Based on the articles by top 5 authors across the publications

Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis- By Region

Based on trend analysis in different publications across different regions

Corporate Communicati ons Crisis Manageme nt Media Relations

Competitor Analysis

Media Trainin g

CSR Media Planning & Intelligence

Editori al Servic es

The Brief

Casio India Co. Pvt. Ltd. (CIC), a 100% subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd, Japan, is responsible for marketing CASIO products in India manufactured by its parent company. The major products marketed by CIC in India are: Watches Calculators Digital cameras Musical instruments Projectors

The Brief

CIC is a market leader in the category of calculators with 90% market share.

The company holds a 2% market share in the watch industry by catering to middle-class and upper-middleclass youth segments.

The client wants to leverage on PR by highlighting the Casio product range and the spokesperson.

Media Bytes

Media Bytes


Media is familiar with Casio & Casio range of products. Information flow from the companies end is irregular. The availability of the spokesperson is relatively low in recent time

The Mandate
Increase decibel levels and share-of-voice of Casio products through press relations Consistent information to be shared Updated information to be shared Aggressive frequency of information sharing to be maintained Garner brand leadership Through non-media initiatives Through innovative media initiatives Through CSR

The Mandate
Raise the brand profile Arrive at a well-thought out positioning Be consistent to the positioning Make the brand desirous for its imagery Garner thought-leadership Be featured as a leader and an expert Crisis communications (if required)

Key Messages

Target Audience

Communication Approach

Product Profiling
Build product superiority

Product Review

The key media will be provided with Casio product range for a specific time period.

The media will touch , feel & use the product so as to write reviews on the products and give their ratings.

This will enhance the credibility of Casio products and create a hype about them.

Product Review
Reviews in Electronic channels such as NDTV Gadget Guru, CNBC Gadget Guru, Zee Business etc. Exclusive reviews in technology Magazines such as The Indian PC Magazine, Living Digital, Data Quest etc. Reviews in special columns in mainlines such as FE Smart Buy, Mint Lounge, Hindu Metro Plus Buy Line, HT What's Hot etc. Ensuring product reviews in Business and General Magazines like Business World, Business India, Outlook etc

Feature Stories
Insert quotes from the spokesperson on industry stories. Initiate stories on the Casio products. This will comprise of: Interview of the spokesperson Technology used in latest products Contribution of Casio towards the society

Product Updates

Provide editorial coverage on subjects like: Product launches by CIC Announcement of new products and services Announcing innovations like new R&D initiatives To leverage on distinct technology used in Casio products

To leverage on green technology used in Casio

FAM Trips

FAM trip to the manufacturing plant to create connect & bring CIC to the forefront

Provide the journo a reason to experience the technology and quality standards behind the making of the product

Highlight commitment, as well as our investments Highlight the quality standards

Press Release/Conference


will organize press conferences and

issue press releases for announcing launch of new products or whenever required.

Social Networking

Create personally branded profile on Face Book, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Start connecting to your current and past contacts Active accounts and reporting events on popular social networking sites like Face book and twitter.


Objective: To highlight Casio & its keyboard range by getting maximum media mileage

Rock shows are extremely popular amongst the youth Casio keyboards are widely used in rock bands. A gala event planned around music targeted at the youth would help create hype about Casio keyboard and popularise it even further.

Moreover it would attract Media attention to a large extent.

Tie up possibilities with Channel V for their existing property called Channel V Concert for Change.

Rock Show
Process Media PR Mileage

Invite rock bands to take Lifestyle /youth part in a rock show at college level. Upload videos on YouTube and ask for online votes by the mob. Special jury consisting of names from rock music fraternity & senior management of Casio. Use social call for action oriented media

Awareness Hype Top of the mind recall by involving the

networking platform - audience

Rock Show
Shortlist few selected rock bands to be taken to the next level . Highlight the bands by drafting & disseminating press releases about a major rock concert happening in association with Casio. Host a grand rock concert contest in a huge ground sponsored by few other brands(optional). Have Casio name flashed at the backdrop and everywhere in the


PR Mileage

Print media, social Hype networking sites like Top of the mind Facebook, Twitter, YouTube recall Excitement

Rock Show
Process Media PR Mileage
Hype about the product Media coverage Top of the mind recall Highlight Casio as a brand Highlight Casio Keyboards Reach out to the target audience Invite the media along with a Print celebrity (preferably any major Electronic rock star) to host the show. Conduct the contest followed by celebrity performance to get maximum coverage. Draft & disseminate press releases to prominent media for the coverage. Social media



Highlighting Casio camera range Spreading Casios philosophy : Creativity & contribution

The contest would help Casio hype its digital cameras & its exclusive features.

It would help gain maximum media coverage

Photography Contest
press release about the grand photography contest being started by Casio. The theme of the contest can be Saving the Mother Nature Invite photographs clicked by people based on the theme.

Social networking

PR Mileage
Media coverage Awareness Hype Highlight the brand and creating brand recall Involvement of the target group

Draft & disseminate aPrint

Photography Contest
Shortlist 15 best photographers and call them for a three day workshop.(by eminent photographers like Raghu Rai, Gatam Rajadhaksha, Atul Kasbekar) Get the photographers to capture fresh pictures & display the pictures in an exhibition. Invite top photographers to judge the contest & give their feedback in the exhibition

Print Electronic Social networking

PR Mileage
Media coverage Awareness Hype Highlight the brand and creating brand recall Involvement of the target group

Photography Contest
Announce the winner of the contest & award him/her with various prizes of Casio. for purchase Half the amount of the proceeds to be donated towards the cancer/HIV patients The remaining half to be retained by the photographers.

Print Electronic Social

PR Mileage
Media coverage Awareness Hype Highlight the brand and creating brand recall Involvement of the target group

Make the photographs open networking

Think Global , Act Local!

The fashion show is aimed at promoting Casio as an entity that has an expertise in terms of producing hi-fi world class technology across the globe.

However Casio has a local approach in terms of its contribution to the society.

Casio is socially responsible towards all the stakeholders in every country it markets its products.



Highlighting the Casio watch range via the fashion show Emphasizing on the motto of Casio- Creativity and contribution Positioning the company as a socially responsible entity

The fashion show would get the brand range acknowledged by the target group i.e. Middle class & upper middle class youth.

It would create a hype about Casio watch range by getting media coverage

Position Casio as a socially responsible enterprise by

Fashion Show
Celebrate World Creativity Day with Casio on April 21st which is also the month when Casio was incepted. Tie up with a prominent designer to showcase the Casio G-shock & Baby G watches specifically. Invite the media for the special event. Display the various watch models by Casio.

Print Electronic Social networking

PR Mileage Media coverage Awareness Hype Highlight the brand and creating brand recall Involvement of the target group

Fashion Show
Make the watches open for bid. Use the money for donating towards a greater casue. Draft & disseminate press release post event

Print Electronic Social networking

PR Mileage Media coverage Awareness Hype Highlight the brand and creating brand recall Involvement of the target group

CSR Initiatives

Promote the corporate responsibility of the company towards the society and Environment

Initiatives undertaken Promote CSR as Groups philosophy of giving back to the society and mother nature

Focus on green technology used by Casio in manufacturing projectors

Optimization of the Brand Ambassador

Feasible choice of brand ambassadors: Suresh Raina Bipasha Basu John Abraham Saif Ali Khan Sonam Kapoor

Optimization of the Brand Ambassador

Press conference / One-on-one interviews Participation in certain road shows for photo opportunities & key messaging

PR Coverage in media with respect to all publicity campaigns that is envisaged with him

Stories appealing the Nations spirit-connecting the Brand Anchor(s)

A nation wide campaign to leverage the Brand Anchors pull factor

Spokesperson Profiling

Positioning the spokesperson as the Thought Leader

Speakership Profiling

Maintaining active profile by spokesperson is quite important for media coverage.

This will be based on: Industry profiling of the spokesperson Corporate profiling of the spokesperson Good will profiling of the spokesperson

Speakership Platform

Provide the spokesperson with speakership opportunities at various platforms with high profile media.

Some of the speakership platforms are: Photo Today , Bangalore : focuses on latest trends and applications of photography and videographer industry

Technology Summit & Technology Platform , December: largest technology event in the country with widespread participation from the highest level of Government, Industry and Academia from both India and Partner Country

Music Messe Expo , June : Indias largest trade fair for the musician and musical instrument (MI) industry. The Expo features latest products, innovations

One-to-one Interaction

Organizing spokespersons interview with media people and getting them to talk about the products and other industry related issues on a one-to-one basis.

Some prominent electronic media may include NDTV Gadget Guru, Zee Business etc.

This shall help throw light upon the various products of CIC as well as build up media relations.

Articles by Spokesperson

Tie-up with some prominent print media. Penning down articles on behalf of CIC which would give an experts view on the technology sector.

This would be articles by invitation Place the spokesperson top of the ladder as a voice of the industry

Fee Structure

The Agency will charge a sum of Rs 1.5 lakh plus service taxes for PR per month applicable in all Percept Profile branch offices i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore including monthly coverage and analysis report.

OPEs will be charged as per actual.

Media Training-Rs 1.5lakh (excluding airfare & stay if required) Services in Other cities except where Percept Profile has offices if availed will be charged as per actuals.

Thank You