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A vote from Israel Is a vote for Israel

What is iVoteIsrael?

How many voters are there in Israel?

-- Federal Voting Assistance Program

Which state are you registered to vote in?

45.0 40.0 35.0 30.0 25.0 20.0 15.0


In which year did you last vote?

35.0 30.0 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 5.0 0.0 2010 2008 2006 2004 2002 2000 Before 2000 I have DK/ref never voted in a U.S. election

Who did you vote for in 2008?

45.0 40.0 35.0 30.0 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 5.0 0.0 Barack Obama John McCain Other I did not vote in the 2008 Presidential elections

How likely are you to vote by absentee ballot from Israel in the ?upcoming elections
25.0 20.0 21.6 23.0 18.1

10.0 5.0 0.0





Very likely

Somewhat likely

Somewhat unlikely


Definitely not

As an American citizen living in Israel, how do you feel about ?voting in U.S. elections
50.0 45.0 40.0 35.0 30.0 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 5.0 0.0 44.9

19.1 11.3

17.9 6.9

I feel I have the same right and responsibility as any American citizen to vote.

I feel I have a higher duty to vote.

I have some reservations about voting in U.S. elections

I feel I should not be voting


Which issues are the most important to you when deciding ?who to vote for 70.0
60.0 50.0 65.9

30.0 20.0 10.0 0.0 Domestic issues such as the economy, jobs and healthcare 13.8 8.9 2.6 8.9 DK/ref Israel-related Security issues, Other foreign issues such as the war policy issues on terror such as the war in Afghanistan

Thinking of a Presidential candidate's positions on 'Israel related issues', which issue are ? you primarily thinking of
40.0 35.0 30.0 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 5.0 0.0
Position on position on Iran Israeli territorial concessions in Judea and Samaria Position on dividing Jerusalem


21.4 13.4 6.3

11.2 8.3 0.8

position on Position on The Position on Nothing specific foreign and Right of Return delegitimization Israel issues military aid to of Palestinian of Israel is an all-inclusive Israel refugees to Israel term.

What reservations do you have ?about voting

30.0 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 18.5 14.8 25.5 22.8


5.0 0.0
I am not sure I feel it isnt I dont have a I do not want I dont believe how to right to vote if strong opinion to disclose my vote will exercise my personal Im living on American make a right to vote by outside the politics or the information for difference to absentee ballot taxation country candidates the final reasons outcome Other

?Who do you intend to vote for

35.0 30.0 25.0 20.0 15.0 14.7 10.0 5.0 0.0 Barack Obama Republican Candidate Other I will not vote Undecided 10.2 32.3 27.2


Who do you intend to vote for ?for Congress

50.0 45.0 40.0 35.0 30.0 25.0 20.0 15.0 10.0 5.0 0.0



13.7 1.2

A Republican A Democratic An candidate candidate independent candidate



Barack Obama re-election rate

Obama 2008 voters

Will not reelect Obama in 2012 37%

Will re-elect Obama in 2012 63%

What do you think is the most important external issue facing ?the State of Israel
Media/image Terror Delegitimization of Israel in international arena Israeli-Palestinian peace/conflict/negotiations 5.6 6.7

14.7 53.8

Iran 0 10 20 30 40



Which English news sources do ?you regularly visit

Not at all/ None of them Other Fox News CNN Ynetnews The Times of Israel Haaretz/Herald Tribune (print) Haaretz (internet) Arutz 7 / Israel National News Israel Hayom English newsletter The Jerusalem Post (print) The Jerusalem Post (internet) 0.0% 5.0% 10.0% 15.0% 20.0% 25.0% 30.0%

Which Hebrew news sources do ?you consult daily

Not at all/ None Other Ynet Galei Zahal (radio) Reshet B' (radio) Channel 1 (TV) Channel 10 (TV) Channel 2 (TV) Walla (internet) Haaretz (internet Yated ne'eman Israel Hayom Haaretz Maariv Yediot 0.0% 5.0% 10.0% 15.0% 20.0% 25.0%

Close Elections
Year State Election Margin of Votes

2012 2008 2008

Iowa Alaska Minnesota

Republican Caucuses House of Representatives U.S. Senate

34 1 312

2004 2004 2000 2000

Montana Washington New Mexico Florida

Attorney General
House of Representatives Gubernatorial U.S. Presidential U.S. Presidential

2 133 366 537

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Vote?

All U.S. citizens born or naturalized in the U.S. living in Israel are eligible to vote in all U.S. federal elections including Senate, House of Representatives and Presidential elections - by absentee ballot.

What if I never lived in the US?

Children of American citizens born abroad (even if they have never resided in the U.S.) are eligible to vote in all federal elections in 22 states Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin) and the District of Columbia. Even if your state does not appear on this list you are still encouraged to send in an application.

I've lived here for a long time. Which state should I register in?

You vote in the state and county of your last residence. Children of American citizens who have never lived in the U.S. vote in the State and County of their parents last residence.

If I was registered to vote last year, do I need to register this year?

Yes, a new law was passed this year that all citizens have to re-register for an absentee ballot regardless of whether or not youve voted in the past.

I heard they dont even count absentee votes.

All ballots that are legally cast must be counted. It is merely a myth that ballots cast from absentee voters are not counted
One of the reasons why each states Secretary of State certifies their states elections at the end of November or early December is that they are busy counting a processing the votes of military and absentee voters that may have arrived after election day.

My vote doesnt matter, Im from New York.

Whos knows what can change over the next 6 months Congressional races are close We want to create and Israel Bloc of 100,000 voters, to send the message that Israeli voters are a group to reckon with

I dont feel comfortable voting in an election of a country that I no longer live in.

The next President will have a more profound, direct and immediate effect on your lives (safety, security) than any other American around the globe. Joe Schmo in Montana goes out to vote every election, even though the identity of the next president will barely impact his life - how can you not?

The Absentee Voting Process

How Do iVoteIsrael Citizens Vote? Register online in 2 minutes or less

Federal Post Card Application (FPCA)

By filling out the FPCA, iVoteIsrael voters can:

1. 2. 3.

Apply to register to vote. Request an absentee ballot. Update a mailing address and/or other contact information.

You should submit an FPCA:


Once a year.

Completing the FPCA: Affirmation and Witness

After you read the affirmation, sign and date the form.

Charles Berkowitz

08 1 1 2 0 1 2

By signing the FPCA, you are verifying your information under the penalty of perjury.

Dont forget to write the date: Month, Day, Year

Chaim signs and dates the form. His State does not require a witness, so he leaves that portion of the application blank.

What Can You Do?

Take forms for your family, coworkers and friends. Register 10 people to vote. Like us on Facebook: Facebook.com/iVoteIsrael Send an email to your network: register to vote at iVoteIsrael.com

Contacting iVoteIsrael
If you have questions or concerns about providing voting assistance, you can contact iVoteIsrael:

Questions? Contact iVoteIsrael!

Jerusalem Coordinators Yehuda Solomont Sydney Taksar

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