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100 Powerful Women of 2020
This year is testing everyone's strength - but women never back down from a challenge. Meet the female leaders from 100 brands and businesses, all fighting for a better future.
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Taraji P. Henson: Your Mission Must Be Stronger Than Your Fear
The actress and entrepreneur has opened up about her own mental health - and now she's helping others do it, too.
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A Brief Guide to Letting Black Entrepreneurs Be Entrepreneurs
If you want to make the business world more inclusive and equitable, stop seeing Black founders as a cause worth supporting and start viewing them as the innovators and difference-makers they already are.
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To Help More Women Reach the Top, We Must First Help Those at the Bottom
These days, there's a lot of focus on adding women to corporate boards. That's good - but it doesn't solve a much deeper problem.
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To Get the Most of Your Team, Treat Them As More Than Just Employees
As leaders, we must ask ourselves tough questions and face this year's challenges with a human perspective.
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It's Time to Reinvent the "Girlboss"
In the past year, a roll call of buzzy female founders have stepped down from (or been forced out of) the companies they started, after the leadership and culture of their businesses were questioned. What does that mean for the next class of women le
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She Sold Her Co-Working Business and Joined a Giant Competitor. Here's Why.
Shelley Bade has had a complex journey with the co-working franchise Office Evolution. It began as a competitor, then turned into a support system when she needed it the most.
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How to Find the Right Franchisees, According to D1 Training's COO
Dan Murphy is an Army vet and a former NCAA athlete who knows the power of community. Now, as COO of the gym franchise D1 Training, his business is only as strong as its weakest link.
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If You're in Franchising and Need a New Bank, Ask These Questions
Now more than ever, franchisors and franchisees alike need to work with a bank they can trust. Here's how to get the most of your financial partner.
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The Halal Guys Once Drew Huge Crowds. Now It's Pivoting for a Socially Distant World.
COVID-19 has forced the restaurant industry to rethink everything. No brand has seen a more dramatic shift than The Halal Guys, a food cart turned franchise where long lines and busy stores were part of the appeal. So how do you transform a hot spot
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Struggling to Hire Top Talent? Change the Way You Recruit.
The global tech company Infosys wanted to diversify its hiring. But to get it right, it needed to rethink a lot more than just its recruiting methods.
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When's the Right Time to Pursue Your Passion? It's Right Now.
A few years ago, for some occasion I don’t recall, my parents bought me a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. I love scotch, especially if it costs north of $200, so I wanted to save it for something special.  I waited and waited. I assumed the righ
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How a Historic Book of Textiles Inspired a Forward-Looking Garment Factory
Shivam Punjya founded an ethical factory in Gujarat, celebrating the craftsmanship of India.
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How to Be More Creative, According to Joseph Gordon-Levitt
We may be physically apart, but the actor and entrepreneur says we can (and should!) still find ways to creatively collaborate.
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6 Ways to Maximize Your Time While Working From Home
COVID-19 is stretching people thin, especially if they have kids at home. We asked six entrepreneurs: How are you managing your day...and your sanity?
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Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?
If you're nervously thinking of handing your tasks (and inbox!) over to a complete stranger, don't worry - we did the research for you.
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Before Launching a Business, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions
That’s a very important question. In fact, it might be the most important question — and many entrepreneurs bypass it on the road to independence. We’re so excited by our 2 a.m. epiphany that we don’t want to know the answer. We fear that this is our
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Why the Founders of Senreve Built a Fashion Brand in Silicon Valley
Fashion is all about insider status, but to truly innovate, these founders wanted to break away from the pack.
EntrepreneurLeitura de 2 minsSmall Business & Entrepreneurs
The Beauty of Being an Outsider
Coral Chung and Wendy Wen had built successful careers in business consulting and investment banking, respectively. When they both ended up doing some work with storied luxury fashion brands (Chung with Prada, and Wen with Chanel), the Stanford busin
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How to Win Friends and Influencer People
Early in his career, Shaun Neff carried around gold business cards that read shaun neff, boss man. People weren’t always sure how to interpret this. Was it braggadocio? A joke? They would half smirk and reply, “Oh, a gold card,” Neff says, imitating
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How This Parking-Spot App Beat Competitors... By Moving Slow
Mark Lawrence kept hearing the same thing from investors: If he wanted their money, he’d need to expand fast. It was 2012 and Lawrence was cofounder and CEO of SpotHero, a startup that enables drivers to book parking spots in advance — say, at a lot
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How Fast Should You Grow?
Mark Lawrence kept hearing the same thing from investors: If he wanted their money, he’d need to expand fast. It was 2012 and Lawrence was cofounder and CEO of SpotHero, a startup that enables drivers to book parking spots in advance—say, at a lot or
EntrepreneurLeitura de 13 minsLeadership
During my last full-time job as an executive leader, my colleagues and I were asked to stand in front of the entire company and talk about which of the organization’s corporate values resonated with us the most. Our choices: self-awareness, positive
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Brandless Has a New Owner, and a New Mission. Can It Save Itself?
It was a once-hot company with a bad business model, like many of its direct-to-consumer peers. Now it's back as a quieter company focused on slower growth. Is this what DTC needs?
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The Future of DTC Is…Boring?
Not many people know the name Ryan Treft. That’s just fine with Ryan Treft. “I don’t plan on hitting the speaking circuit,” he says. “I’d rather be behind the scenes.” It’s served him well so far. Treft has been behind some great direct-to-consumer s
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Finding Her Happy Place
Dee Clemmons is never not working. The serial entrepreneur has spent nearly 30 years operating a combination of childcare facilities, a business consultancy, and a janitorial supplies company. And in 2016, she joined the Board of Commissioners in Hen
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How a Sketchbook Helped Me Capture a Million-Dollar Idea
Every entrepreneur has had some burst of creativity — the aha moment that set them on their path. But sustaining that creativity can often be the most challenging part of the process. We’re continuously bombarded with new information and demands that
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Got an Idea? Draw It
Every entrepreneur has had some burst of creativity—the aha moment that set them on their path. But sustaining that creativity can often be the most challenging part of the process. We’re continuously bombarded with new information and demands that c
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The Steps to CEO
Loren Goodridge is no stranger to hard work. After joining the Navy in 1984, he was recruited for the nuclear power program and underwent two years of intense training (which has a very high attrition rate). He spent the next six years on fast-attack
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Are You Productive, or Just Busy?
Not everything your team does will push your business forward. Here's how to refocus that time and energy - and get on a path toward long-term success.
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