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Russia and Ukraine Are Trapped in Medieval Myths
There are plenty of economic and security explanations for the war in Ukraine. And they’re useful, but they’re not enough. The cultural, historical, and religious underpinnings of the conflict between Moscow and Kyiv go back to fundamental questions
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From The Editor
RUSSIA’S HORRIFIC INVASION OF UKRAINE has already had a historic impact on geopolitics. Several commentators have called it “Europe’s 9/11.” Others have declared “the West is back” and announced an end to the post-Cold War era, pointing to a rejuvena
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Canada Showed How to Make a Carbon Club Work
Last year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference—known as COP26—closed with a new climate agreement: the Glasgow Climate Pact. The pact reaffirms the global community’s commitment to limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial le
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Don’t Blame Amharas for Ethiopia’s War
After months of devastation and suffering under the weight of war, Ethiopia may be witnessing a rare chance for peace and inclusive dialogue following the federal government’s release of prominent prisoners, notably Bekele Gerba and Jawar Mohammed of
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Featured Contributors
Melinda Liu is a Beijing-based foreign-policy commentator, Newsweek’s Beijing bureau chief, and the co-author of Beijing Spring. John-Baptiste Oduor is an assistant editor at Jacobin magazine. He covers contemporary politics, philosophy, and culture.
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The Dangers Of Decline
Decline is a tricky concept. The term makes us think of a country that is falling like a rock—one whose power and capabilities are dropping across the board. But a country can be in relative decline vis-à-vis a fast-growing adversary even if its own
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An Afghan in Ukraine
On the evening of Aug. 14, 2021, the day before the Afghan government fell to the Taliban, Masouma Tajik stepped out onto the cool white tiles of the balcony of her friend’s threestory house and looked out over Kabul. A heavy silence had settled over
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The Art Of Suffering
Two major works of Chinese government propaganda released this year have elicited opposite viewer reactions: effusive praise and ridicule. Both works, the historical fiction film The Battle at Lake Changjin 2 and the five-part TV documentary special
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Fruit for Thought
Harsh Times, Mario Vargas Llosa’s 2019 novel first published in Spanish and now translated into English, is a didactic book. Set before and after the U.S.-orchestrated coup that toppled Guatemala’s socialist president, Jacobo Árbenz, in 1954, its mes
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Putin’s War Is Europe’s 9/11
On the morning of Feb. 24, as Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, German army chief Alfons Mais got up and wrote on LinkedIn that he had “never ever expected to experience war again” in Europe. After years of b
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How Beijing Sees Biden
JOE BIDEN HAS HAD MORE FACE TIME with Chinese leaders than any other U.S. president. He played basketball with Xi Jinping when they were both vice presidents; he sparred with former President Jiang Zemin over human rights; and he debated the merits o
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Foreign Policy
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Left Behind
There exists a strand of social thought, stretching from Georg Hegel in the 19th century through to Max Weber in the early 20th and Jürgen Habermas in the postwar era, that insists a hallmark of modernity is the differentiation of forms of human know
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Generation Snitch
When the internet proliferated in the early 2000s, Chinese millennials saw it as a window to a bigger, wider world—one in which China was becoming more integrated. Back then, many Chinese still saw the West as a model to learn from. In my high school
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What Exactly Is america’s China Policy?
That China seeks to challenge the United States’ privileged position in Asia is beyond doubt. But does China intend to go even further—to replace the United States as the global hegemon, remake the liberal international order, and threaten freedom an
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What In The World?
The following is adapted from past editions of FP’s weekly news quiz. Test yourself at 1. Which region ended 2021 with the world’s highest COVID-19 vaccination rate? a. North America b. South America c. Europe d. Asia 2. Russia’s i
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Russia Reenacted Its Georgia Playbook in Ukraine
The lead-up to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine bore a chilling resemblance to its approach to Georgia in 2008. Five days prior to launching its operation in Georgia, the Kremlin concluded the large-scale Kavkaz 2008 military exercise in the North Caucas
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The United States Is Wrong on Yemen. Again.
In late January, Brett McGurk, the White House coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa, boiled down the suffering of millions of Yemenis into a false binary in which Washington had done everything it could for peace. He claimed that the Hout
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The West Is Reborn
Sometimes we cannot know what principle we are prepared to defend until it is challenged. In There Is a North, the historian John L. Brooke argues that only after the American South coalesced around the defense of slavery post-1850 did the North disc
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When the Rubber Hits the Road
In a critique of West Africa’s Liberia in 1958, the Black American sociologist and commentator W.E.B. Du Bois commented that “a body of local private capitalists, even if they are Black, can never free Africa; they will simply sell it into new slaver
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Kazakhstan’s Protests Aren’t a Color Revolution
On Jan. 5, Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev imposed a state of emergency, and two days later, he ordered police to shoot to kill “terrorists”—that is, anyone who participated in the protests’ violent aftermath. “I didn’t think I’d see mass shoo
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Break Down the Barriers
THE MOST INSIDIOUS THREAT TO WESTERN LIBERAL DEMOCRACIES doesn’t come from China or Russia but from within: from the dread their white majorities feel as demographic change puts their grip on power at risk. The urge of white, Christian native populat
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The Grimmest Fairy Tale
When the French writer Vanessa Springora published her 2020 memoir, Consent, a chilling indictment of a culture that tolerates criminal behavior toward a minor when the abuser is an influential literary figure, it landed in France with what one revie
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Cease-Fire In The Culture Wars
TO THRIVE, LIBERAL DEMOCRACIES NEED TO ADOPT POLICIES that offer economic prosperity to more of their citizens. They need to embrace a more ambitious vision of diversity by promising all citizens—majority and minority—social respect and a place at th
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Premier University SMU Blazes A Digital Transformation Trail
Singapore Management University (SMU) — an attractive, welcoming and cosmopolitan university dedicated to impacting humanity positively by nurturing well-grounded leaders of tomorrow — sits at the heart of the Singapore central business district. Thr
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Spotlight On Sustainable Living Protects The Planet And Boosts Wellbeing
SMU aims to become a thought leader and solution partner in managing environmental change, contributing to sustainable city living, furthering resource sustainability, and shaping the legal, regulatory and financing frameworks to build healthier and
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Stop the Corporate Enablers of Tyranny
DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES WILL CONTINUE TO BE UNDERMINED as long as they don’t clamp down on the commercial market for intelligence-grade software and other technologies. Spy and hacking systems threaten the free press, freedom of expression, and the righ
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Build An Alliance Of Democracies
IN THE FREE WORLD, NATIONAL DEBATES are blinding us to the great challenge faced by democracies everywhere: Liberal democracy is in decline around the world, and autocrats are feeling increasingly emboldened. That need not be the case. The world’s de
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Iran’s New Top Diplomats Are a Problem
As the sixth round of Vienna talks aimed at restoring the 2015 Iran nuclear deal ended last June, there was little in either the tone or substance of the public statements by senior U.S., European Union, German, Iranian, and Russian diplomats that su
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Beijing Still Thinks It Owns the Future
Arising chorus of analysts now describe China as a “peaking power”—one that might take greater risks to revise the international order before its strategic window of opportunity closes. They cite the country’s aging population, slowing economy, and h
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