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The ACA Faces The Kindest Cut
As the Supreme Court heard arguments on Nov. 10, it appeared poised to uphold the bulk of Obamacare. But that’s not likely to make the issue any less politically potent as the pandemic claims more lives and control of the U.S. Senate hangs in the bal
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Derry’s Tentative Peace Under Strain
Selina Horshi’s 58-room White Horse Hotel sits just off the usually busy A2 highway on the outskirts of Derry in Northern Ireland, a few miles from the border with the Republic of Ireland. It also stands in the middle of what risks turning into a con
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The Long Haulers
Eight months and more than 50 million documented cases into the pandemic, there’s still much we don’t understand about SARS-CoV-2. We do know that the majority of those infected with the novel coronavirus display no or mild symptoms. Worryingly, a no
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In Brief
Coronavirus cases globally neared 51 million, and deaths topped 1.26m U.S. infections have surged to more than 100,000 a day. More members of the president’s inner circle have caught Covid-19, including chief of staff Mark Meadows and Housing and Urb
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A Guide to the World In 2050
Who really won the Cold War between the U.S. and the Soviet Union? Maybe China. In 1972, Cold War logic pushed President Richard Nixon into an unlikely alliance with Mao Zedong—paving the way for China to reenter the global community. In 1991 the col
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Biden’s Big Climate Change Opportunity
During the presidential campaign, much of the debate around climate change centered on what Congress should do. That’s an important question, but if history is any guide, it will take time for Congress to settle on a bill—and there’s no guarantee of
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In Zelle We Trust
When Federico Suárez made an overnight trip to Valencia last month to visit his boyfriend, the 24-year-old Caracas-based lawyer was in the mood to splurge. Over the course of a weekend, the couple enjoyed an empanada breakfast, shopped for imported c
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Democracy Needs A Good Bureaucracy
Typically, the start of a presidential administration is filled with expectation. Victorious campaign staffers arrive in Washington to claim jobs at federal agencies. Lobbyists commandeer hotel ballrooms for breakfast buffets with incoming power brok
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The Pioneers
What problems do you hope to solve during your six-year term? My slogan for the city is innovation and rights. I want to expand access to rights—not only education, health, but also culture and sports. I also want to improve the environment in the p
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Green Cars Won on Election Day, Too
Although President Obama threw a lifeline to U.S. automakers after the financial crisis, many in the industry were unhappy that his administration also was responsible for fuel economy rules that pushed carmakers to their limits. But the inauguration
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Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Build Here
Dave Sapsis went to bed on Sunday, Aug. 16, with a sense of foreboding. As the head of risk mapping at the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, he’d seen the readouts from the agency’s high-precision weather forecasting system showi
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Before You Pop That Champagne...
When Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE reported their successful coronavirus vaccine trial results on Nov. 9, the news sparked optimism around the globe that there was finally light at the end of the long, dark tunnel. Investors rushed to bid up stocks—not
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There in 15
The Minimes barracks in Paris don’t look like the future of cities. A staid brick-and-limestone complex established in 1925 along a backstreet in the Marais district, it’s the sort of structure you pass without a second glance in a place as photogeni
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The Airline Flying Above the Storm
The airlines have seen more than their share of casualties during the pandemic, as travel stopped and carriers’ finances nose-dived. That’s forced many survivors to concentrate on cutting costs, trimming payrolls, and walking away from aircraft order
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China’s Plan to Keep Its Citizens Spending
China has become almost free of Covid-19. Its success results partly from draconian quarantines. And it isn’t letting its guard down. The capital city of Beijing, for instance, added restrictions just six weeks after resuming international flights in
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Tweeter in Chief No More
When President Trump leaves the White House on Jan. 20, one thing he’ll have to hand over to President-elect Joe Biden is his Twitter account. Well, not that one. Trump will get to keep @realDonaldTrump, but the @POTUS account, which has 32.6 million
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Let the Battle Begin
We spent two weeks testing the game consoles that Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. released on Nov. 10 and Nov. 12, respectively, their first major new systems in seven years. Both have their strong points—like allowing games to load much faster—and we
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WANTED The Man Who Made $2 Billion Disappear
On a cool Saturday evening in March, Jan Marsalek headed across Munich for dinner at the home of a friend. It was a welcome respite for the chief operating officer of German payment processor Wirecard AG, as the previous few weeks had been particular
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Low Rates Widen The Economic Gap
Times are good for most U.S. homeowners, as record low interest rates spur a surge in refinancings and help lift home prices. They’re not so great for Donnell Williams’s clients, most of whom are Black and don’t have the financial resources to compet
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Wall Street Prepares For Biden
President-elect Joe Biden will look for a Treasury secretary and other key officials to negotiate with Congress on more stimulus, reverse some of President Trump’s regulation cuts, and mend relations with U.S. trading partners. A few contenders have
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Dealing With Trump’s Trade Legacy
If Donald Trump has illustrated anything as president, it’s that the postwar global economic order is more fragile than anyone thought. Think of America’s trading relationships and rank in the world as a painstakingly assembled collection of delicate
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Will Biden Inherit A Lame Duck?
There’s conflicting evidence about the buoyancy of the U.S. economy. On one hand, cases of Covid-19 are spiking as winter approaches, and with a Democratic president poised to take office, Republicans are showing no willingness to spend the kind of m
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A Red Fortress, Not A Blue Wave
Republicans are likely to extend their six-year control of the U.S. Senate even after polls, the pandemic, and heaps of campaign cash had Democrats expecting victory heading into the election. Although Democrats picked up seats in Colorado and Arizon
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Crack Open a Craft One
As beverage director at Clover Club in Brooklyn, N.Y., Tom Macy has been formative in the 21st century cocktail revival. But then: Covid, when everyone was forced to pivot. When the bar was temporarily locked down at the onset of the pandemic, Macy a
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There’s Got To Be A Better Way
Canadians voted for a new parliament last year in a poll organized—from sea to shining sea—by a single, nonpartisan federal agency known as Elections Canada. Lines outside polling stations in ethnic minority communities weren’t hours longer than else
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Mellow Jello
At the bottom of the cocktail ladder, where the cheapest ingredients and most potent regrets reside, is the jello shot. The dive bar version requires only hot water and booze poured over saccharine powdered gelatin, then two hours to firm in the frid
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How U.S. Colleges Are Keeping China’s Lucrative Students
Neveah Sun was looking forward to studying at New York University this fall, majoring in psychology and journalism while experiencing life in the middle of Manhattan’s Greenwich Village. Instead, the 19-year-old from the Chinese city of Suzhou spends
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Take the Fifth
Now that ducking into a bar for a quick one is moot for many, drinkers are taking libations into their own hands—and pockets. At least that’s what Sean Bandawat, president and owner of 201-year-old housewares maker Jacob Bromwell, has found. The comp
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Can a Covid Vaccine Be Too Perfect?
Chinese companies’ seemingly remarkable progress has them leading the race for a corona-virus vaccine. Their speedy ascent has been unhindered by common scientific setbacks being reported by Western rivals, however, raising questions about how string
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More Elections, More Disinformation
The closing of polls in the U.S. will inevitably herald the start of postmortem investigations into the roles Facebook, Twitter, and Alphabet’s YouTube played in the vote. The problem with a postmortem is that, by definition, it suggests the issue is
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