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The KonMari Economy
NETFLIX SPARKED JOY … as well as social media buzz, memes, and possibly sales trends with its recent debut of Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. Inspired by Kondo’s KonMari method for decluttering and organizing living spaces, the series is prompting view
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Don’t Fall for Wall Street’s Optimism
AFTER A BRUTAL DECEMBER, when trade turmoil and signs of slowing growth sent global stock markets into a tailspin, America’s investment institutions did the sensible thing: They reduced their 2019 stock-price targets for the S&P 500. But they didn’t
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Live For The Hustle
From building doorman to A-list schmoozing venture capitalist in less than 10 years: thus begins the legend of John Henry.
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E-sports Is The New Premed
The Ohio State University is introducing a video game–related degree. Will other colleges follow suit?
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Hollywood’s New Odd Couple
Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman have big plans for short videos. Quibi, their yet-to-launch service, aims to dominate the market in high-quality hot takes for mobile phones. They’ve raised a billion dollars and paid big bucks to attract top talent
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The New Faces Of Watch Design
For horolophiles who want to stand out, microbrands are making a mark on a storied industry.
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The Spy Inside Your Car
Digital assistants may be a convenience for drivers, but they also raise serious privacy questions over the information they collect.
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Remembering Herb
ON A VISIT to Southwest Airlines’ headquarters in Dallas, employees strolling the corridors stop to chuckle at a kind of mirth-filled museum depicting its legendary cofounder hugging and mugging. Workers can gawk at a life-size cutout of Herb Kellehe
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Joint Ventures
THE FIRST TIME I SMOKED POT was in Building 10 at the NIH. The year was 1979. I was 15 years old and being treated for Hodgkin’s disease at the National Cancer Institute. A kind nurse had found an empty examination room in the clinical center where I
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Cast a Critical Eye Over the A.I. Hype Merchants
Like mainframe computers in the 1960s, artificial intelligence has the potential to transform business. But the key to utilizing it will be realizing its limitations.
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The Hidden Upside To CEO Drama
When a company axes its chief executive, its stock often plummets. But when the firing is part of a bigger overhaul, investors can win in the long run. Here are some shake-ups worth celebrating.
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How to Deal With No Deal
THE VERY POSSIBLE scenario that the U.K. leaves the European Union without a negotiated exit deal would be a shock to everyone’s system. With no trade deals in place, tariffs would jolt into effect, causing shortages on shelves and blockages in ports
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Wall Street’s Contact High
Excitement about legal weed turned Canadian startup Tilray into one of the world’s hottest stocks—and turned its American founders into billionaires. As Big Cannabis goes mainstream, will the buzz wear off?
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Paul Cox Has A Radical Theory For What’s Causing Alzheimer’s. Here’s Why We Should Listen.
IN A SMALL LAB IN JACKSON HOLE, Wyo., 65-year-old Paul Cox believes he’s closing in on a treatment that might prevent Alzheimer’s disease. And ALS. And a host of other neurodegenerative diseases, for that matter. Cox, we should point out, isn’t a neu
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The Internet Space Race
THE NEXT BILLION PEOPLE who get connected to the Internet may be looking to the heavens. That’s where a race is on to provide online access from fleets of satellites, led by a who’s who of tech and several deep-pocketed startups. The aim is to help
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2 How We Got Here And Why
Our neighborhoodsarefailingus. Dying business corridors hurt the middle class. THE SOUTH Shore neighborhood boasts a lakeside park with commanding views of Chicago’s skyline. It’s only a 25-minute commute by train from the downtown Loop. It features
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1 The Current State Of Affairs
TRAILER PARK LIVING IN TECHTOPIA BY MICHAL LEV-RAM WHEN UMBELINA Martinez’s family first came to the United States decades ago, from Michoacan, Mexico, they settled in a three-bedroom house in Redwood City, Calif. It wasn’t all theirs; 25 people li
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Your Money Is No Good Here
AS MORE AND MORE businesses go “cashless”—that is, they accept only electronic forms of payment—questions inevitably arise about the impact it will have on the “unbanked.” It’s a bigger issue than you might think. The latest FDIC survey estimates th
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Unfinished Business
IN MARCH 1961, JOHN DAVENPORT, a venerable writer who for years sat on Fortune’s erstwhile “board of editors,” wrote a nearly 6,000-word feature for the magazine titled, “In the Midst of Plenty.” Its premise was straight-forward: Although poverty in
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VR Gets Real In The Or
Doctors and medical students are increasingly using virtual reality to prepare for surgery.
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On Macron vs. the Gilets Jaunes
AMID THE ERUPTION of indignation and violent demonstrations in this months-old Gilets Jaunes (yellow vests) movement, few in France are surprised by the rejection of President Emmanuel Macron’s intellectualized method of governing and the wider Frenc
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When Workers And Investors Share The Wealth
Being stingy with pay and benefits can boost profits in the short term. But companies—and their stocks—may do better when they’re generous.
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The Ghosn Show
One of the most talented automotive executives of his generation is behind bars in Japan. What now for the alliance he forged?
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Tackling ‘Tough Tech’
Unlike many venture capitalists, Katie Rae is a fan of startups that take on big and complicated problems.
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Beautiful And Sustainable
Big players in one of the planet’s most polluting industries are finally getting serious about their environmental responsibilities.
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Hot Under the White Collar
Around the globe, prosecutors seem to have a growing appetite for holding corporate leaders accountable. What’s driving the shift?
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The Dean Of Dallas Design
Billionaire Tim Headington is trying to breathe more life into downtown Dallas by giving it a hipper aesthetic.
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Why Business Must Step Up To Shape The Next Industrial Revolution
Technological disruption threatens to create a gap between business’s priorities and society’s. Here’s how business leaders can harness the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” for everyone’s benefit.
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Forget Pie In The Sky, Drones Are Saving Lives
Drones may one day make your life easier by delivering pizza, but today—in Rwanda—they are already playing a vital role in emergency medical services.
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The Shrinking Middle Class
THE VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS consider themselves “middle class.” No one can quite agree, though, on what that means. Richard Reeves, along with colleagues at the Brookings Institution, has cataloged no fewer than a dozen economic formulas that see
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