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America’s Shadow Death Row
The government does not exclusively kill people who are on death row. It condemns many to die by drone strike.
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‘Unity’ Is Not What America Needs Right Now
President Biden’s pursuit of solidarity is well intentioned. But without concrete plans to hold bad actors accountable, his efforts will be useless.
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How Biden Plans to Beat Republican Obstructionism
History suggests that Joe Biden and the Democrats are going to have a tough two years and a disaster in the midterms. Here’s their plan to avoid that.
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Can Abolition Work in an Age of Right-Wing Extremism?
Punishment can radicalize and further alienate people, while social policy and grassroots community building can defuse potential violence.
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The Atlantic Daily: The Battle to Contain the Pandemic Enters a New Phase
Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox. President Joe Biden delivered his inaugural add
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Joe Biden Has a Europe Problem
The new president has a daunting list of foreign-policy challenges. Among the biggest will be managing a longtime ally.
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What Novelists Can Learn From Playwrights
Editor’s Note: Read Brontez Purnell’s new short story, “Early Retirement.” “Early Retirement” is taken from Brontez Purnell’s forthcoming novel-in-stories, 100 Boyfriends (available on February 2). To mark the story’s publication in The Atlantic, Pu
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Kamala Harris Is the Decider
With a 50–50 split in the Senate, Harris is poised to have final say over crucial decisions in the coming years.
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Stop Keeping Score
“How to Build a Life” is a column by Arthur Brooks, tackling questions of meaning and happiness. Starting today, the column will be published weekly on Thursday mornings. I am an inveterate scorekeeper. I can go back decades and find lists of goals I
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The Case Against the Iran Deal
Reviving the JCPOA will ensure either the emergence of a nuclear Iran or a desperate war to stop it.
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I Never Expected to See It Here
As I sat in my Capitol Hill office two weeks ago, watching a violent mob storm the symbol and seat of our democracy, I was reminded of my distant past. As a child, I saw my birth country of Somalia descend from relative stability into civil war, over
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Why Kids Might Be Key to Reaching Herd Immunity
A few days after Christmas, Molly Hering, 14, and her brother, Sam, 12, got their first shots as part of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine trials for kids. Their mom had heard about a clinical trial being conducted at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and Mo
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How to Undo One of Trump’s Worst, Most Despicable Policies
As President Joe Biden takes office, his administration will get to work reversing some of the Trump administration’s most controversial and destructive policies, including the elimination of key environmental protections, the creation of new immigra
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Trump’s Parting Gift to Joe Biden
Tension within the Republican coalition over the Capitol riot could push GOP-leaning voters into the new president’s camp.
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The Biden Generation’s Last Chance
The country’s future now rests in the hands of a generation that won’t be around to see the outcomes of its decisions.
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A Taxonomy of Donald Trump’s Facial Expressions
The outgoing president’s journey from reality television to the Oval Office is evident in every smile and every scowl.
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A Sermon in America’s Civic Religion
The past four years made the usual bromides in Biden’s inaugural address sound newly fresh and relevant.
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What I Saw at the White House on Trump’s Last Day
The handover of power was a solemn affair. There was no mistaking the new administration for the old one.
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The Surprising Thing About Biden’s Inauguration
Everyone knows that Joe Biden’s presidential aesthetic is purposefully boring: He’s promising a national nap time after Donald Trump’s violent four-year kegger. “Politics doesn’t have to be a raging fire,” the new president said during his inaugurati
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The Atlantic Daily: Biden Gives a Strikingly Normal Speech
Every weekday evening, our editors guide you through the biggest stories of the day, help you discover new ideas, and surprise you with moments of delight. Subscribe to get this delivered to your inbox. Today’s presidential inauguration was mostly re
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The Sound of Silence
The quiet in the streets of D.C. today was a fitting end to the noisiest political era many Americans can remember.
The AtlanticLeitura de 8 minsPolitics
Coexistence Is the Only Option
Millions of Americans sympathize with the Capitol insurrection. Everyone else must figure out how to live alongside them.
The AtlanticLeitura de 6 minsAmerican Government
Boring Is Better
Joe Biden has a real shot at being a boring president. It will require constant work. Many forces of commerce and human nature are arrayed against him, and countless obstacles stand in his path. But if the country is lucky, entire days will pass with
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America Desperately Needs a New Age of Moral Leadership
Following Trump’s intensely polarizing presidency, Biden’s message of decency, truth, constitutional integrity, and care for one another is more imperative than ever.
The AtlanticLeitura de 8 minsAmerican Government
Trump Destroyed the Most Important Virtue in America
What should have been a week-long celebration of the resilience of American democracy has turned into a dark circus. Instead of citizens lining Pennsylvania Avenue to cheer and greet a new president, all of downtown Washington, D.C., is an armed camp
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An Incompetent Authoritarian Is Still a Catastrophe
So what if he was bad at it? The five years of the Trump era—which began with his descent down the gilded escalator in Trump Tower in 2015 and are ending with a massive military presence in the nation’s capital to protect the transfer of power to his
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Swamp Thing
Trump’s pardons sent an unmistakable message, capping the corruption of his tenure in office.
The AtlanticLeitura de 5 minsMedical
Ask Dr. Hamblin: So When Can We Stop Wearing Masks?
Editor’s Note: Every Wednesday, James Hamblin takes questions from readers about health-related curiosities, concerns, and obsessions. Have one? Email him at Dear Dr. Hamblin, I’m still confused about what our lives
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The Worst President in History
Three particular failures secure Trump’s status as the worst chief executive ever to hold the office.
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America Can’t Exhale Just Yet
Demonstrations across the country after the Capitol riot were small, but more violence may soon come.
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