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Victoria Espinosa: Farewell To A Tireless Activist For Puerto Rican Theater
Victoria Espinosa: March 26, 1922 – July 6, 2019. Image taken from YouTube video. On July 6, 2019, Puerto Ricans mourned the passing of actress, director, playwright, teacher, and theater producer Victoria Espinosa, a key figure in twentieth-century
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Beloved Hill Is A ‘Painkiller’ For Afghans Seeking Refuge From Conflict-torn Kabul
"I had this normal life, free of stress. There were no suicide bombings, no killings. Today our lives are full of uncertainty."
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Moldova's Journalists Cautiously Optimistic After ‘Silent Revolution’
Following inconclusive parliamentary elections, the pro-Russian and pro-EU opposition put their differences aside and formed a government, ousting the ruling party lead by the country's most powerful oligarch.
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Macedonian PM Publicly Apologizes After He Was Deceived By Pro-Kremlin Russian Pranksters
In the video, the Russian pranksters pretend to be the former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.
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Nigerian Students Face Cybercrime Charges For Criticising Their University Online
A graduation ceremony at a Nigerian university. Photo by Rajmund Dabrowski/ANN, via Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0, June 7, 2009. A group of students and alumni linked to the privately-owned Madonna University in the Niger Delta, Nigeria, risk up to seven y
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The ‘Water Attack’ Of Chinese Tech Exec Opens A Flood Gate Of Complaints Against The Company
"The whole country knows what the problem is and only Robin Li and his PR team pretend that they don’t know."
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This Is How Hungarian Villages Fought Back Against Planned Nuclear Waste Repositories In The 1980s
Town hall meeting in Hungarian village of Ófalu in 1990. Photo by, CC BY-NC-SA 2.5. This story was published in Hungarian and English by the Hungarian investigative journalism non-profit, Atlatszo. An edited version is published below her
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Russia's North Still Up In Arms Over Moscow's Trash Exports
Resistance to a remote landfill has grown into a nationwide environmental protest movement.
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Azerbaijani Artists Win Fight To Save A Prayer House-turned-cinema From Demolition
In a city increasingly overtaken by skyscrapers, the Salaam Cinema has become a symbol of resistance.
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‘A Dangerous Trend': Pakistani Journalists Critical Of The Government And Military Targeted In Twitter Campaign
As if threats from the authorities against press freedom in Pakistan were not  enough, online nationalist vigilantes are also on the pry against journalists.
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China’s Censored Histories: The Struggle To Carry Memories Of The Tiananmen Massacre Into The Future
Chinese internet users circumvent censorship on 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre with artworks, music and memes.
Global VoicesLeitura de 3 minsPolitics
Should Trinidad And Tobago Repatriate The Families Of ISIS Recruits?
Trinidad and Tobago is the highest per capita recruiting source for ISIS fighters in the Western hemisphere. The nation must now decide whether or not to repatriate their dependents.
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As Tanzania Bans Plastic Bags, Activists Launch 300 Youth Environmental Clubs In Dar Es Salaam
These environmental activists teach young people in Dar es Salaam about the importance of nature conservation and the threat of single-use plastic on the environment.
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What Happened After Anti-extradition Protesters Broke Into Hong Kong Legislature?
The decision to break in the legislature was the culmination of a month-long escalation of protests against the extradition bill proposed by the Hong Kong government.
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‘No Visa Mix': Tanzanian Singeli Stars Denied Visas To US Music Festival
"For those of you who still think of artists escaping to America, think about it again. It doesn’t make sense and you’ll lose the chance to see amazing performances."
Global VoicesLeitura de 11 minsSociety
How One Journalist Sparked Armenia’s #MeToo Moment
An Armenian journalist has started collecting and publishing anonymous accounts of sexual assault, provoking an uncomfortable but deeply necessary public debate.
Global VoicesLeitura de 2 minsPolitics
Post-election Crackdown In Mauritania: Internet Shutdown Lifted, Journalist Remains In Detention
Despite ending a 10-day internet shutdown, the government continues to restrict press freedom and freedom of expression as part of its post-election crackdown.
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The Lives Of South Asians In Khon Kaen, Northeast Thailand
Narinthorn Sachdev measures cloth for a customer in his store. Photo and caption from The Isaan Record, used with permission. This edited article by Priya Vaikuntapathi is from The Isaan Record, an independent news site in Thailand, and is republishe
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Death Of A Fighter: Post-Yugoslav Civil Society Bids Farewell To Dissident Playwright Borka Pavićević
Borka Pavićević at the conference “Is there a chance for civil society in Macedonia?” held in Skopje on May 18, 2018. Photo by Vančo Džambaski, CC BY-NC-SA. Influential Serbian playwright and anti-war activist Borka Pavićević passed away at 72 on Jun
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Is A ‘Concordat’ Stymieing Education Progress In Trinidad & Tobago?
"If indeed education is better in denominational schools then we must ensure that government schools are brought up to the best level."
Global VoicesLeitura de 6 mins
Kim Kardashian, Cultural Appropriation, And Genocide
While combining "Kim Kardashian", "kimono" and "cultural appropriation" into a sentence seems almost comically idiotic, cultural appropriation can be deadly, which is reason enough to take cultural appropriation seriously today.
Global VoicesLeitura de 3 mins
French Expat Forced To Apologize For Making A Music Video Which Mocks The Thai Junta
"…criticizing a government and a regime does not equate to hating a country. I love Thailand, I just don't love dictators and military coups."
Global VoicesLeitura de 2 mins
Is Cuba Trying To Outlaw Independent Media? A New Decree Will Prohibit Foreign Web Hosting
“The law leaves independent media without ‘legal’ hosting options,” said local journalist and Global Voices author Elaine Diaz.
Global VoicesLeitura de 7 minsPolitics
Russians Quick To Point Fingers After Deadly Floods In Siberia
Thousands have lost their homes in the deluge, and some commentators aren’t taking ‘natural disaster’ as an answer.
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In India, Opposition Leader Rahul Gandhi Steps Down After Losing Elections To Narendra Modi
India's opposition leader, Rahul Gandhi, announced his resignation as the president of the country's oldest party, Indian National Congress, after losing general elections earlier in May.
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The Ripple Effect Of The Hong Kong Anti-extradition Protests On Taiwan Politics
"Beijing would now be well aware that its policy on Hong Kong is not just about the city, but has greater implications for its "One China" dream."
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New York Times Ad For Nairobi Bureau Chief Riddled With Clichés About Africa
The NYT’s language to describe their ideal Nairobi bureau chief reignited the debate on Western media's perpetual use of tired clichés and tropes about Africa.
Global VoicesLeitura de 4 minsTech
Netizen Report: Preventing Bias Or Protecting Extremism? Debunking The New US Senate Proposal For Silicon Valley
Cuba bans citizens from using foreign web hosts, Iran's internet falters and The Guardian shows that even tourists are subject to targeted surveillance in western China.
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Spanish Town Challenges Its Residents To Lose 100,000 Kg In Two Years
The small Galician town of Narón launched the campaign in January 2018. By February 2019, the population had lost a total 46,000 kilos.
Global VoicesLeitura de 5 mins
This Jamaican Woman Is Fighting ‘Period Poverty’ And Daunting Attitudes About Reproductive Health
"This ‘hush hush’ attitude to female reproductive health is dangerous. If we are able to talk openly, there are a lot of benefits. The silence stops you from getting help."
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