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Another Australian University Criticized For Censoring Voices Supporting Hong Kong's Human Rights
An Australian university was criticized for deleting an article published on its website that urges the international community to put pressure on China for infringements on human rights in Hong Kong.
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‘Shadow Means Strength, Shadow is Invincible': A conversation with Turkish artist Selma Gurbuz
"That which is real does not change, but its shadow can change. Shadow is a two-dimensional representation. It shows us ourselves."
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Minister Accused Of Rape Gets Appointed. What Does This Say About France?
The appointment to the ministry of the interior of a man under investigation for rape and sexual harassment raises questions on normalization of sexist remarks and actions in France.
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The Chilling Tale Of Mass Surveillance And Spying In Rwanda
Rwanda justifies its tight control over media freedom, suppression of dissent, and hostility toward opposition as matters of national unity and security.
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Can Sudan's New Government Solve The Annual Mass Flooding Crisis?
No government in Sudan's history has been able to solve the humanitarian disasters brought on by annual flooding, which inevitably leads to chronic destruction and loss of life.
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In The Age Of Misinformation, Who Holds The Power To Categorize The ‘Truth'?
Over time, the categorization of information can result in the dominance of a single world view, making platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google the central arbiters of truth. 
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Moderate Globally, Impact Locally: A Series On Content Moderation In The Global South
''Even as the platforms have grown and spread around the world, the center of gravity of these debates continues to revolve around D.C. and San Francisco.''
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In Trinidad & Tobago, The Use Of Black Iconography In Emancipation Day Ads Backfires
"This ad brings to light greater issues of the way Africans are represented in media and how careless and flippant many media programmers are with African icons, legacy, and symbols."
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Ahead Of Elections In Trinidad & Tobago, One Party Promises To Build A Dome To Limit ‘Illegal Outsiders’
With less than a week until Trinidad and Tobago's general elections, electioneering has reached a fever pitch. Still, no one quite expected a dome as a campaign promise.
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In Chile, The School Year Is Only Halfway Through — And Teachers Are Struggling
“Winter is coming strong and it is going to be tough, and I don’t think I’m going to see my students any time soon”.
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Digital Rights Remain Under Threat In Malawi Despite Historic Win For Democracy
Will the change in the country's leadership bring about meaningful changes to ensure that Malawians enjoy human rights in the digital space?
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Who Are The 6 Hong Kong Activists Wanted By The Police Under Beijing's National Security Law?
All of the wanted activists live overseas. One of them, Samuel Chu, has been a citizen of the United States since 1995.
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Melbourne Academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert Remains A ‘Political Hostage’ Inside Iran’s Qarchak Prison
"Whatever the governments of #Australia and the #UK are doing to free their citizen, Kylie Moore-Gilbert from prison in #Iran, it’s failing miserably. This innocent woman should be free."
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Despite Attacks On Press Freedom, Nicaragua's Digital Media Landscape Is Still Flourishing
At least 24 new media outlets have been created since 2018, and the already established media outlets are adapting to produce multimedia content.
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As A Salvadoran, The U.S. Symbolized Safety For Me. Now, That Is Crumbling
Incessant US immigration reforms under the Trump administration bring uncertainty and hopelessness to immigrants like me.
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Amid Threats Of Mass Arrest, Filipino Protesters Rally During Duterte’s State Of The Nation Address
Defying threats of arrests, thousands protested President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address to condemn the slow, incompetent and militarist government response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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A City Shackled: How Beijing’s Security Law Transformed Hong Kong In One Short Month
In just one month, Hong Kong sees the criminalization of speech, political purges of dissidents, the suspension of upcoming elections and vanishing press freedoms.
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As Armenians And Azerbaijanis Clash Worldwide, Activists Petition For Peaceful Dialogue
When fighting on the Armenia-Azerbaijan border killed 17 people, violent clashes broke out between the diasporas of both countries worldwide. That enmity could close the one avenue for grassroots dialogue, warn activists.
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Five Months After The Elections, Guyana Swears In New President
After multiple court actions challenging the election's results, the Guyana Elections Commission declared Mohamed Irfaan Ali of the opposition People's Progressive Party (PPP) as the country's new president.
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New Facebook Oversight Board Must Remove Content Of Notorious Sudan Militia
“Despite the harrowing violations, the RSF maintains a presence on social media, most notably Facebook, which has been the main platform for this militia to spread its messages …”
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Anti-pandemic Measures In Their Home Countries Deter EU Tourists From Visiting North Macedonia
Tourism in North Macedonia is suffering because of the lack of foreign visitors, and people in the industry are appealing for additional government aid.
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Popular YouTube Channel Documents What It Is Like To Be Black In Japan
Popular YouTube channel and website The Black Experience Japan features interviews with dozens of Black residents of Japan.
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Nigerians Counteract COVID-19 Denialism With Social Media Campaigns
Nigerians directly confront coronavirus denial headlong with counter-narratives that use ordinary language in campaigns devoid of the usual mistrust between citizens and governments. 
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Appeal Court Says The Answer To Guyana's Election Results Lies In The Recount
Guyana's general elections took place on March 2. Now, the appeal court has ruled that the Chief Election Officer must submit his official report based on the recount results.
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The Day Liberia Shut Down Freedom Of Expression Amid A Mass Protest
Last year, the Liberian government disrupted social media access to prevent live protest coverage and the mobilization of protesters, shutting down freedom of expression and the right to access information.
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Hong Kong Government Disqualifies 12 Pro-democracy Candidates Running For The Local Legislature
Beijing is determined to block any pro-democracy candidates to be elected to the Hong Kong Legislative Council in order to extend its full political control over the territory.
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Musicians With Albinism Defy Social Stigma And Break New Ground In Cameroon’s Creative Sector
Albinos in Cameroon have brushed aside stigma to participate in the country’s vibrant arts and cultural scene. "It wasn’t easy for me growing up as an albino," says Boy TAG.
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Trinidad & Tobago NGO Identifies Treatment Of Women As Key Issue In Upcoming Elections
The histories of several electoral candidates have prompted the gender rights organisation Womantra to highlight "the need for urgent and collective attention to end violence against women in politics."
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In Northern Syria, COVID-19 Worsens An Already Dramatic Humanitarian Crisis
Despite the looming threat of COVID-19, military escalation has re-started in the form of a proxy war in Idlib, leaving peaceful civilians in ever-greater danger.
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How Balinese Communities In Indonesia Are Coping With The COVID-19 Pandemic
"COVID-19 mini-wikithons provide a safe space for people to talk in their native Balinese language about their challenges and coping strategies of the pandemic in Balinese communities."
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