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Part 2: Australian Nurse Discusses Her Humanitarian Mission To Ukraine's Frontlines
"The world is out there, your skills are needed, chances are it is you that is stopping yourself. Get out there and chase your dreams and give it a go."
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In Turkey, Religious Values Are Used To Censor Online Content
Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office claims the music streaming platform approved playlists that were "insulting religious values and state officials."
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Nepali Activists Protest Myanmar Executions
On July 26, Nepali rights activists took to the streets of Kathmandu against the execution of four democratic activists by Myanmar’s ruling army junta.
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Bangladesh Government Instructs TV Channels Not To Use The Word ‘Indigenous’ When Referring To Ethnic Tribes
On July 19, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issued a notice to 35 TV channels asking the media and civil society not to use the word ‘Adivasi’ (indigenous people).
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As Peace And Prosperity Unravel, Central Asia Braces For A Surge Of Forced Labor And Sexual Slavery
Economic crises, cuts in public spending and subsequent unemployment are commonly regarded as the factors that aggravate the risks for vulnerable groups of population to fall prey to human trafficking
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Two Years On, Syrians Injured In Beirut Port Blast Drown In Neglect, Medical Debt
On paper, the Lebanese government, the UNHCR and international aid agencies were meant to cover medical costs for those injured in the August 4 explosion, including foreigners. But the injured tell a different story.
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Five Songs To Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Music is a way to push back against threats to Indigenous peoples' way of life, languages, and culture due to settler colonialism and violence, climate change, economic and racial discrimination, and cultural assimilation.
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The Sweltering Traffic Congestion On The Roads Of Lagos In Nigeria
Driving in Lagos, it seems as though everyone is angry or mad. But fear not, soon enough, you notice yourself acting mad too.
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Solomon Islands Officials Order National Broadcaster To Stop Promoting ‘Disunity’
"It may well be draconian leaving no room for corruption by ministers and government officials to be brought to public attention."
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Australian Nurse Discusses Her Humanitarian Mission To Ukraine's Frontlines
"Irrespective of whichever side you may have family or friends on, there are innocent lives that are being used as pawns in a very vicious game."
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Advocacy Groups In The Americas Focus On Tackling Rising Surveillance Technology
As digital surveillance continues to spread in the Americas, human rights groups raise awareness, research, and earn small judicial victories to limit its negative impacts on communities.
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Under BTK's Eye: Investigation Reveals Turkey's Information And Communication Authority Has Been Collecting Private User Data For Over A Year
The private user data collected by Turkey's Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) has been described by main opposition party as the biggest tapping scandal in the Republic's history.
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China: Surveillance Tech Is Extending From The Classroom To Kids’ Summer Holidays
China is now deploying surveillance technology to the education sector. Now students are required to do their summer homework with a "smart pen" that monitors and records them.
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Why The Conviction Of Rapists In Nigeria Has Remained Atrociously Low
Nigeria’s unconvicted rape cases are becoming unbearable for its rape survivors, who are struggling to overcome their experiences.
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New Tensions In Karabakh As Armenia And Azerbaijan Exchange Blame And Accusations
Two years since Azerbaijan and Armenia fought a 44-day war over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, tensions are rising, with both nations accusing each other of violating the November 2020 peace agreement
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Undertones: How A Composite Sketch Gone Viral Sparked A Debate In Nicaragua
A digital campaign pressured the Nicaraguan government to show images of a political prisoner
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Unfreedom Monitor Report: Sudan
Advox research into digital authoritarianism in Sudan is now in a report. Read an excerpt and download the full pdf.
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Brazilian Lawyer After Murders In The Amazon: ‘We Need The State To Maintain A Presence In The Region’
Eliesio Marubo recounted the efforts made in the search for Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips, and talked about the demands the Indigenous movement is making to state institutions.
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Can ‘Bongbonomics’ Revive The Philippine Economy?
"Bongbonomics: More pro-market, business friendly state supporting private profits; improved anti-poverty rhetoric; removal of remaining restrictions to self-serving economic liberalization."
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How Are The Taiwanese Reacting To China's Military Threats Following US House Speaker's Visit?
While most Taiwanese have anticipated Beijing's retaliation, they reacted to the crisis by living a normal life.
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Artists And Famous Personalities Are Competing In Kenya’s 2022 General Elections
Over 20 comedians, journalists, musicians, radio presenters, actors, and MCs hope to join the next Kenyan government.
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A New Exhibit In The UK Reframes The Legacy Of A Brutal British Governor; Will Trinidad & Tobago Follow Suit?
Picton's portrait, which occupied an eminent space in the National Museum Cardiff for more than a century, was removed last year, but his name still echoes in Trinidad and Tobago.
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Why Do Seabirds Eat Plastic? How A Citizen Science Project In Poland Is Helping To Find Answers
What started out as a question about why sea birds mistake plastic for food, ended up as a successful citizen science project.
Global VoicesLeitura de 4 minsPopular Culture & Media Studies
How The Government In Sudan Legalized Internet Categorizing And Content Filtering
One regulation obliges telcos to block and filter a list of URLs, and to “daily monitor” the filtering equipment to verify that it is being updated
Global VoicesLeitura de 6 minsCrime & Violence
Azerbaijan Court Overlooks A Hate Crime Against LGBTQ+ Activist
The sentence omitted any mention of a hate crime and overlooked the perpetrator's targetted cruelty, including abusing the body after committing the crime, beheading Hafizil, and committing genital mutilation.
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Indonesia Blocks Yahoo, Paypal, And Gaming Websites Over New Licensing Rules
"The obligation of registration will open the gate for the government to intervene and censor. It's not just an administrative matter."
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Popular Chittagong University Shuttle Train Gets A Colorful Graffiti Makeover
A young artist from Germany has completely transformed the shuttle trains of Chittagong University into a moving work of art cheering up the students and locals.
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The Shards Of Memory And Trinidad & Tobago's Attempted Coup
"The clues are there; once we collectively piece them together, a story will be revealed. It won't be perfectly told [...] but we will see ourselves."
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Umasoye: A Language Activist Who Uses Technology To Make Learning Ekpeye Fun
Umasoye is a digital language activist from Nigeria that is using media tools to make the preservation and teaching of the Ekpeye language fun and engaging for younger generations.
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Turkish Football Fans Chant ‘Vladimir Putin’ During Match Against Kyiv
Aggravated Turkish football fans chanted "Vladimir Putin" during a match again the Ukrainian Dynamo Kyiv team, in a reference to Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine. International scandal followed.
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