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Violence Against Women Is On The Rise In Mexico. How Do Mexicans Perceive It?
We conducted a national public opinion web survey to better understand Mexicans' response to the increasing number of femicides.
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In North Macedonia, Some Young People Manage To Build Successful Businesses During The Covid-19 Crisis
Three young entrepreneurs from Bitola, a city in the south of North Macedonia, provide examples of youth who have dealt with the COVID-19 crisis in a creative and positive manner.
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The Georgian Dream Party Withdraws From EU-brokered Deal With Opposition
The governing Georgian Dream Party has pulled out of an EU-brokered agreement between the government and the opposition.
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The Essence Of LeRoy Clarke, Trinidad And Tobago's Master Artist Who Died This Week
"The art of being LeRoy Clarke is a discipline, cultivated by an artist equally inspired and terrified of the society that has hammered his art into existence."
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Iranian State Comes Down Hard On Protests Over ‘Thirsty Khuzestan’
Three years ago, protests broke out in Iran's richest province of Khuzestan against water shortages. Like today's, these were also met with force, as protesters blame government corruption and mismanagement.
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Journalist Working Remotely In Barbados Shares Her Experience Of Street Harassment
"Local women said to me, ‘But that’s how Caribbean men are.’ One said if I wanted to live in the Caribbean I would have to accept that."
Global VoicesLeitura de 2 minsInternational Relations
Armenia And Azerbaijan Exchange Accusations In Renewed Clashes
It was the deadliest clash since Russia brokered ceasefire ended the 44-day war between Armenia and Azerbaijan in November 2020.
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“Istanbul Is The New Cool” Claims Turkey's Ministry Of Tourism And Culture, Though Not Everyone Agrees
Turkey's Ministry of Tourism and Culture launches new video promoting tourism in Istanbul, is not real Istanbul critics of the promo film say.
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The Georgian Dream Party’s Anti-media Crusade Continues
Following the homophobic, anti-journalist riots on July 5, the Georgian government officials accused of inciting the violence have gone on the offensive against journalists.
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LGBTQI+ Community Celebrates The First Legal Same-sex Partnership In Montenegro
The registration of the first same-sex marriage is a historic step for the community in Montenegro, though homosexuality remains a sensitive issue.
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Angola's Government Launches A Campaign To End The Use Of Anabolic Body Modification
The Government of Angola launched a campaign to combat a harmful experimental practice called "jarda," a procedure that aims to alter parts of the body through chemical injections.
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Hong Kong Hands Down First Guilty Sentence On Terrorism And Inciting Secession Charges Under National Security Law
The special High Court's judgement was based on 'all the relevant circumstances' and the undisputed understanding that the slogan was 'capable of' inciting others to commit secession.
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Fifth Woman Murdered In Azerbaijan In 10 Days
A woman strangled to death in Azerbaijan is the fifth victim killed over a personal conflict with the attacker in the last 10 days.
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Filipino Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz Makes History For Winning The Philippines’ First Ever Olympic Gold Medal
"A woman unfairly included in the drug matrix wins the first Olympic gold medal for the Philippines. Coincidence or a foretelling? The last man standing is a woman."
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Bermudians Are ‘Bursting With Pride’ As Triathlete Flora Duffy Brings Home The Country's First Olympic Gold
Duffy completed the course a full minute and 14 seconds ahead of her closest competitor for a convincing win—and Bermudians cannot contain their elation!
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Indonesia Faces Criticism For Lack Of Financial Support Amid Lockdowns
Many citizens are criticizing the government for their seemingly inadequate response to the pandemic and lack of socio-economic support amid tightened COVID-19 restrictions.
Global VoicesLeitura de 5 mins
Community Support Is Vital To Women Athletes: Kosovo Alpinist Uta Ibrahimi
Uta Ibrahimi, an alpinist from Kosovo, talks about her mountaineering adventures and the challenges she faces as an gender equality and environmental activist in this interview for Global Voices.
Global VoicesLeitura de 3 minsWorld
Foreign Journalists Harassed By Chinese Citizens Over Zhengzhou Flooding Coverage
Correspondents for several international media outlets were harassed by citizens on the streets of Zhengzhou over the weekend as they covered the aftermath of severe flooding in the Chinese city.
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Religious Cleric Criticizes Turkey's Women's Volleyball Team For Their Appearance In Tokyo Olympics
Turkey's women's volleyball team, known as the "Sultans of the Net," beat China 3–0 during a Tokyo Olympics match on July 25.
Global VoicesLeitura de 5 mins
Pakistani Woman Cricketer Nida Dar Faces Sexism From A Former Cricketer
Excerpts of a recent interview with Abdul Razzag and Nida Dar show him pointing out that the top woman cricketer is "manly".
Global VoicesLeitura de 4 mins
Hong Kong Pro-Beijing Camp Finds Fault With Olympic Badminton Player's Black Outfit
In Hong Kong, the hottest topic about the Tokoyo 2020 Olympic Games in recent days has been badminton player Angus Ng Ka-Long’s monochrome black outfit. 
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Government Announces New Media Regulations That Could Further Constrain Freedom Of Expression In Turkey
A number of government statements issued this week in Turkey signal a further decline on media freedom.
Global VoicesLeitura de 1 mins
In Azerbaijan's Capital, Taxi Drivers Are Now Engaging In A Generational War Around Technology
Afgan Maharramov, 54, like many other traditional taxi drivers, is struggling to compete against new taxi apps in Baku.
Global VoicesLeitura de 3 minsInternational Relations
Fresh Clashes On Nakhchivan Border
Armenian and Azerbaijani forces exchanged fire along the border between Armenia and the Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan, just 66 kilometers from Yerevan.
Global VoicesLeitura de 4 mins
Indian Photojournalist Danish Siddiqui Who Was Killed In Afghanistan Remembered And Honoured Online
Danish's demise has led to a range of emotions being expressed across fraternities, from respectful tributes to critical comments from his naysayers.
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Samoa’s First Female Prime Minister Takes Helm Three Months After Former Leader Refused To Concede Defeat
"My administration is committed to returning this country to the special place dreamt of by our forefathers when they grabbed the mantle of independence almost 60 years ago."
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The French Government’s U-turn On Regional Languages
Originally published on Global Voices Screenshot of a YouTube video showing protests in the Basque Country in support of immersive teaching France's language policy has long placed French as the only “language of the Republic” and has ignored or even
Global VoicesLeitura de 4 minsInternational Relations
Cubans Want More Than Just The Lifting Of The US Blockade
"I dare to say that Cuba is facing the worst crisis in its history, becoming a humanitarian crisis similar to the one that Venezuela has gone through in recent years."
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Russian Internet Censor Blocks Team Navalny Websites
Navalny's main website,, as well as over 40 other webpages for Navalny's national network of campaign offices were added to Roskomnadzor's state registry for blocked websites.
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In Colombia, ‘Yatules’ Are The Misak People's Pantry And Pharmacy
"The yatul is made up of associated crops such as potato, corn, beans, and onion, among other medicinal plants, whose nutrients complement each other and keep the land healthy."
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