NPR3 min read
Comic-Con Day 3: The Best Hawkeye
On their third day at San Diego Comic-Con, Mallory Yu and Petra Mayer get into the spirit of things by dressing up as their favorite heroes and checking out the parade of amazing costumes on display.
NPR3 min readScience
Masses Of Seaweed Threaten Fisheries And Foul Beaches
A floating, smelly mass of seaweed called sargassum is covering beaches in the Caribbean and along the Gulf of Mexico.
NPR4 min readPolitics
What Your State Is Doing To Beef Up Civics Education
Not enough people know how a bill becomes a law and other aspects of civic life. More than half the states are trying to fix that. See how your state is doing and take our quiz.
NPR1 min read
Prize-Winning #iPhoneOnly Photos: From Dinos To Divers
It's a haunting image. At dusk, hundreds of Rohingya refugees at a camp in Bangladesh are huddled around a projector, looking at something just outside the frame — a film about health and sanitation. That photo, taken on an iPhone by documentary phot
NPR5 min readPolitics
The Russia Investigations: How Many More Maria Butinas Are There?
In a week even Hollywood couldn't have scripted, the feds launch their case against a Russian accused of infiltrating U.S. politics. And the deputy attorney general speaks out on foreign interference.
NPR4 min readPolitics
In the White House Press Room, Sarah Sanders Channels President Trump
Sarah Sanders is marking one year as White House press secretary, a job that requires her to understand and reflect Trump's combative style.
NPR4 min readPolitics
Now A Museum, This USSR Submarine Base Was Built To Endure U.S. Nukes — And Retaliate
A once-secret underground naval base in Crimea designed to preserve Soviet submarines in case of a nuclear attack is now a museum with an anti-American message.
NPR2 min readPolitics
Opinion: An Act Of Bravery At The World Cup
NPR's Scott Simon recounts an act of bravery in the World Cup championship game that happened in President Putin's Russia.
NPR3 min readPolitics
Michael Cohen Recorded A Conversation With Trump About Paying An Ex-Playboy Model
The FBI found the secret recording after a raid on the lawyer's office in April. His lawyer says, "Suffice it to say that when the recording is heard, it will not hurt Mr. Cohen."
NPR7 min read
Summer Latin Music Festivals Offer Music And Opportunity
For Latinx musicians who have found themselves excluded from the stages of mainstream festivals, a growing range of festivals and tours catering to Latinx artists and fans is changing the game.
NPR4 min read
Deported Guatemalan Man Desperately Awaits Return Of 9-Year-Old Son From U.S. Custody
The Ramirez family tried to seek asylum in the U.S. The dad says he was deported, but his son and wife are being held in the U.S. in separate facilities.
NPR3 min read
Starbucks To Open First 'Signing Store' In The U.S. To Serve Deaf Customers
The store will be in Washington D.C., and will not only focus on hiring employees fluent in American Sign Language, but also on lighting and design that makes it easier for the deaf to communicate.
NPR2 min read
The Internet's 'Hive Mind' Is A Soundtrack To The Slow Burn Of Summer
After embarking on solo projects and a three-year break, The Internet has come back together to produce an album of low-key songs of summer.
NPR2 min read
At Least 11 Dead, Others Missing After Tour Boat Sinks In Missouri Lake
At least seven others from the amphibious duck boat carrying 31 people were treated at a local hospital. The incident occurred during a severe storm that produced gusts of at least 60 mph.
NPR3 min readPolitics
North Korean Economy Suffered Sharpest Drop In 2 Decades, South Says
Not since 1997 has the country's gross domestic product shrunk at such a large rate in a single year, according to a report by the Bank of Korea. And the bank says sanctions are responsible.
NPR3 min readPolitics
Is Trump The Toughest Ever On Russia?
President Trump boasts that he's tougher on Russia than any other president. His administration has adopted some tough policies, even though Trump's rhetoric is almost always friendly toward Moscow.
NPR3 min read
Your Questions About Language, Answered
As we kicked off our weeklong language series, we asked you what questions you've got on the subject. You responded. Now, we have some answers.
NPR3 min read
He Was Wrongly Convicted When They Were Teens. Now They're Building Their Lives Together
De'Marchoe Carpenter spent 22 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit, which pulled him away from a new romance. Although he was exonerated, he struggles with anxiety from his time in prison.
NPR2 min readPolitics
Republicans To Hold 2020 Convention In Charlotte, N.C.
The city hosted the Democratic National Convention that renominated Barack Obama in 2012. President Trump won North Carolina in 2016, a swing state key to his victory.
NPR4 min read
Week Of Trump Reversals Puts 2018 Election Security In The Spotlight
The security of the midterm vote is a question that's coming up again after President Trump's press conference with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, where Trump seemed to doubt Russia interference.
NPR2 min read
Father Of 2 Parkland Shooting Survivors Is Shot And Killed In Robbery
Ayub Ali was working at his Florida convenience store when a man with a gun walked in. Two of his four kids were in class during the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in February.
NPR4 min read
Doctors Raise Alarm About Shortages Of Pain Medications
Hospitals across the country are reporting significant shortages of pain medication. A survey of anesthesiologists found that 95 percent say it is impacting patient care.
NPR3 min read
Britain's Big Butterfly Count Begins, With David Attenborough Leading The Charge
For the next three weeks, citizen volunteers in the United Kingdom will be tallying the painted ladies, peacocks and brimstones they see, to help create a nationwide count — and soothe their souls.
NPR2 min read
Brazilian 'Celebrity' Plastic Surgeon Arrested After Patient's Death
Denis Cesar Barros Furtado, known as "Dr. Bumbum" had been on the run for five days when police arrested him in Rio. A patient of his suddenly fell ill and died following a procedure on her buttocks.
NPR1 min read
Willow Smith's Summer Fun Comes Crashing Down In Zhu And Tame Impala's 'My Life'
Summer's never as long as it used to be and that means, sometimes, the beginning is the end.
NPR4 min read
How Luxury Hotels And Restaurants In Developing Countries Fight Food Waste
The United Nations says nearly one-fourth of food purchases in hotels and restaurants are thrown away. Luxury properties in Mexico, India, and elsewhere are trying programs to bring that figure down.
NPR2 min read
Paramount President Fired Amid Allegations of Racially Charged Comments
Amy Powell's five-year run as head of Paramount's television division has come to a halt. She is alleged to have made insensitive remarks regarding black women.
NPR4 min read
Who's Entertaining Who?: How The Internet Picks Up Drake's Slack
Drake's latest No. 1 hit "In My Feelings" shot to the top of the charts thanks to a viral dance challenge that had little to do with the rapper himself.
NPR4 min readSociety
Denied Asylum, But Terrified To Return Home
Immigration lawyers say they're seeing an alarming spike in the number of asylum claims that are being rejected at the earliest stage, known as the credible fear interview.
NPR3 min readSociety
Judge Vacates Terrorism Convictions Of Man Who Had Trained With Paintball Group
A federal judge says Seifullah Chapman should be released rather than serve out the rest of his 65-year prison term, citing a shift in how the law defines violent crime.
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