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Cirque Du Soleil Performer Falls To His Death During Show In Florida
Veteran aerialist Yann Arnaud slipped off the double rings during a performance and fell 20 feet, according to the theatrical company. He died of his injuries at a hospital on Sunday.
NPR2 min readPolitics
Vladimir Putin Easily Wins New 6-Year Term As Russian President
In a widely expected outcome, Putin faced a weak field of candidates after disqualifying his only potential rival. He is set to become the longest-serving Russian leader since Stalin.
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Rory McIlroy Wins Invitational But Tiger Woods Gets More Attention
Woods is starting to show renewed spark in his golf game. The former world No. 1 found himself in contention on Sunday. He seems to have found his game again after a five-year winless streak.
NPR2 min readPolitics
Kushner Cos. Profited By False Filings On NYC Real Estate, Report Says
The Associated Press working with New York's Housing Rights Initiative has uncovered dozens of cases in which false applications were filed for building permits in rent-controlled properties.
NPR3 min readPolitics
Trump Cabinet Turnover Sets Record Going Back 100 Years
President Trump says "there will always be change, and I think you want to see change." Already he's had more Cabinet turnover in 420 days than 14 of his predecessors had in their first two years.
NPR2 min readPop Culture
Cornelius: Tiny Desk Concert
Cornelius' Keigo Oyamada deconstructs and reassembles music like it's a neon cubist-pop sculpture. On a rare U.S. tour, the Japanese band brought its complex cool to the Tiny Desk.
NPR3 min read
The Indelible Career Of Gospel Innovator Dr. Bobby Jones
The choirmaster is known as the "Ed Sullivan of gospel" and has helped launch the careers of artists like Kirk Franklin and Yolanda Adams.
NPR3 min readPolitics
Trump Continues Barrage Against Special Counsel Mueller, Fired FBI Deputy McCabe
Congressional Republicans would not go as far as the president. Sen. Marco Rubio said he remained confident that special counsel Robert Mueller is "fair and thorough" and will "arrive at the truth."
NPR2 min readPolitics
Britain Accuses Russia Of Stockpiling Deadly Nerve Agent
The U.K. says it has evidence Russia has been creating and stockpiling a lethal toxin used to poison a former spy in England.
NPR6 min readSociety
More Than A Job: Home Care For A Mom With Alzheimer's Disease
Celina Raddatz worked in eldercare for about 30 years, until her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and she quit her job to take care of her. Now Raddatz works as a paid caregiver for her mother.
NPR4 min readFood & Wine
Puerto Rican Cooking And The American South Mix In 'Coconuts And Collards'
Author Von Diaz's cookbook Coconuts and Collards offers a vegetable-forward take on foods she learned to cook from her Puerto Rican grandmother and on the fly in her family's kitchen near Atlanta.
NPR2 min readPop Culture
Cuco, 19, Keeps His Feet On The Ground As His Dreamy Tracks Break Through
The relaxed, Spanglish-singing artist is one of the leading up-and-coming Chicano artists, and performed at this year's South by Southwest.
NPR3 min read
Imagining — Yet Again — A New Disney Heroine
For decades, Disney has been criticized for its passive, love-struck heroines. Do the women in Black Panther and A Wrinkle In Time finally signal real change?
NPR3 min readSociety
In Texas, Another Explosion Injures 2 Men In Austin
The blast comes on the heels of three package-bomb explosions that killed two people and injured two more, as well as a bomb threat that canceled a Saturday concert at the South by Southwest festival.
NPR2 min read
All Victims Recovered In Miami Bridge Collapse, Police Say
Police recovered five bodies from the wreckage Saturday and said a sixth person died at the hospital. Florida International University said engineers met hours before the collapse to discuss safety.
NPR2 min read
Habibi Fuses Farsi Lyrics With Western Riffs
The Brooklyn-based band doesn't need to speak English to pack a punch. Frontwoman Rahill Jamalifard talks about songwriting in Farsi and how Middle Eastern rock emboldens her.
NPR3 min readPolitics
Ohio Democrat Marcy Kaptur Makes History As Longest-Serving Woman In The House
The 18-term lawmaker takes the title from the late Massachusetts GOP Rep. Edith Nourse Rogers.
NPR4 min read
Don't Call This Rebel On Wheels An 'Angel From Above'
Maryangel Garcia Ramos, a Mexican disability activist, isn't afraid to call out TV execs, rock out in front of the stage at a Killers concert and stand up to her country's machismo culture.
NPR6 min readPolitics
After Documenting Nazi Crimes, A French Priest Exposes ISIS Attacks On Yazidis
Patrick Desbois has spent the last 15 years uncovering details of Nazi massacres in Eastern Europe and Russia. Using the same methods, the priest is now uncovering ISIS crimes against Yazidis.
NPR5 min read
'Love, Simon' Is Your Typical Glossy, Hollywood, Teenage, Gay Rom-Com
It's a coming-of-age story that's also a coming-out story — and it's in mainstream theaters around the country. Director Greg Berlanti says that's a big deal.
NPR3 min read
Childhood Playmates Reconnect, Rekindle Friendship That Transcends Race and Distance
As part of our Missed Connections series, NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro reunites Sharony Green and Beth Hegab, former childhood friends who drifted apart, according to Green, in part because of race.
NPR3 min readSociety
The Call-In: Childhood Obesity Rates Are At Their Highest Since 1999
On this week's Weekend Edition Call-In, NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro hears from listeners about childhood obesity and speaks with Dr. David Ludwig of Boston Children's Hospital.
NPR2 min read
Sunday Puzzle: Decipher These Phrases
NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro and puzzlemaster Will Shortz play the puzzle this week with Dawn Ladd of New Port Richey, Fla.
NPR5 min readPolitics
With Centrist Democrats' Success, Party's Identity Struggle Gets More Complicated
Having centrists like Conor Lamb from southwestern Pennsylvania in the party can conflict with the increased progressive activism energizing Democrats against President Trump.
NPR3 min readPolitics
Turkish Forces Seize Syrian City Of Afrin
The Turkish military has taken control of Afrin, a city in northwestern Syria. An advocacy group says nearly 200,000 people have been displaced by the fighting.
NPR2 min read
Christiane Amanpour's New Series Explores Sex And Love All Over The World
The CNN correspondent's documentary series examines nuances of intimacy. "I was surprised with how open everyone was, how much everyone wanted to talk, in each and every city we visited," she says.
NPR4 min readPolitics
Former Coal Lobbyist On Tap For No. 2 Spot At EPA
The man hoping to help lead the Environmental Protection Agency, Andrew Wheeler, is a former lobbyist for coal and natural gas companies. As a young EPA lawyer, he worked on hazardous chemical rules.
NPR2 min readPop Culture
Making Musical Connections At Sing Sing Prison
Since 2009, the maximum security prison has been home to music workshops put on by Carnegie Hall and led by some of New York City's top musicians.
NPR7 min read
What You Could Take Away From 'David Bowie Is'
When the exhibit was first conceived, in tandem with Bowie's own collection, its success was far from guaranteed. In the five years since, its outlived its subject and changed as much as he once did.
NPR2 min read
Snapchat's Stock Sinks After Rihanna Denounces Domestic Violence Ad
The ad asked would you rather "slap Rihanna" or "punch Chris Brown." Snapchat pulled the ad, but its stock prices were still down by week's end.
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