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STEM TV For Kids Leaves Out Women, Latinx Characters
Children’s television programming not only shapes opinions and preferences, its characters can have positive or negative impacts on childhood aspiration, according to a new study. The study is the first large-scale analysis of characters featured in
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6 Tips For A Safe Halloween This Year
This year, trick-or-treating on Halloween may come with extra risk, but there are ways to keep yourself and your family safe, experts say. Those things include limiting trick-or-treating groups to household members, social distancing when that is not
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Kids With Autism Tend To Visit Doctor More Before 1
Children later diagnosed with autism and/or ADHD visit doctors and hospitals more often in their first year of life, research finds. The findings, which appear in the journal Scientific Reports, provide evidence that patterns of health care use in a
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Elections Are Odd In 2020. Political Scientists Explain
Political scientists say concerns about this year’s electoral process—conspiracy theories, democratic backsliding, the integrity of mail ballots—are challenging some fundamental ideas about the United States. COVID-19 has upended many aspects of norm
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How Will Winter Affect The Way Coronavirus Spreads?
New research aims to help arm people with better knowledge of how SARS-CoV-2 spreads as the seasons change. Winter is on its way. And in this year of coronavirus, comes the potential for a second wave of COVID-19. Add in flu season and our tendency t
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Some Pre-existing Conditions Triple COVID Death Risk
Certain pre-existing conditions may double or triple mortality risk for COVID-19, researchers report. A large, international study of COVID-19 patients confirmed that cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, congestive heart failure, chronic k
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Watch A Tiny Robot Back Flip Through A Real Colon
A rectangular robot as tiny as a few human hairs can travel throughout a colon to deliver drugs by doing back flips, researchers report. Why the back flips? Because the goal is to use these robots to transport drugs in humans, whose colons and other
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Black Holes Need The Right Ingredients To Fire Stuff Into Space
Researchers may have figured out why some supermassive black holes launch powerful beams of material, or jets, away from them, while others don’t. Using data from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, ESA’s XMM-Newton, Germany’s ROentgen SATellite (ROSAT
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Genetic Deletion Boosts Schizophrenia Risk By 30X
Researchers have found that a common genetic deletion increases the risk of schizophrenia by 30-fold. Generating nerve cells with the deletion has showed the researchers why that is. When nerve cells aren’t busy exchanging information, they’re suppos
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Fewer Young Adults Drink Than 20 Years Ago
Fewer college-age Americans drink alcohol compared to nearly 20 years ago, according to a new study. Between 2002 and 2018, the number of adults aged 18-22 in the US who abstained from alcohol increased from 20% to 28% for those in college and from a
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AI Checks Out ‘Rash Selfies’ To Detect Lyme Disease
Using artificial intelligence and deep learning to study cell phone images of rashes could offer a way to more accurately detect Lyme disease, researchers say. The technology can identify the erythema migrans (EM) skin redness associated with acute L
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Wives Try To Earn Less? Not According To The Data
New findings challenge previous research showing a tendency by women to sabotage themselves in order to earn less than their husbands do, something called the “breadwinner norm.” The new, closer look at the data reveals that might not be the case. A
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Bisexuals Get Less Health Benefit From Education
The health benefits associated with education are less evident among well-educated bisexual adults, research finds. The study examines health among straight, bisexual, gay, and lesbian adults with various educational backgrounds. The researchers were
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Eurasia’s Oldest Balls Suggest Warriors Worked Out
Ancient leather balls from the graves of horse riders in northwest China are around 3,000 years old, making them the oldest ones from Eurasia, according to new research. The find suggests that the mounted warriors of Central Asia played ball games to
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Team Makes Superconductor ‘Holy Grail’
For the first time, researchers have created a material that is superconducting at room temperature. Developing materials that are superconducting—without electrical resistance and expulsion of magnetic field at room temperature—is the “holy grail” o
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Bruised Masculinity Can Backfire In 2 Ways
When men withdraw from their partners in an attempt to restore their masculinity, two negative outcomes can occur, report researchers. It’s bad for the relationship, and it doesn’t really make others see them as more masculine, the researchers find.
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Blue-light Glasses Improve Your Sleep And Work
Wearing blue-light glasses just before sleeping can lead to a better night’s sleep and contribute to a better day’s work to follow, new research shows. “We found that wearing blue-light-filtering glasses is an effective intervention to improve sleep,
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SARS-CoV-2 Immunity Lasts For At Least 5 Months
SARS-CoV-2 antibodies persist for months after infection, a new study shows. One of the most significant questions about the novel coronavirus is whether people who are infected are immune from reinfection and, if so, for how long. To determine the a
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Pandemic Puts Certain Groups In High-hazard Work
Women hold two-thirds of the jobs in the harshest category of work, according to new report on Washington workers during the pandemic. The researchers looked at data on demographics, working conditions, wages and benefits, and risks of exposure to di
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Mosquito Neurons For Tasting Blood ‘Break The Rules’
Researchers have pinpointed a unique group of neurons in female mosquitoes that activate only when sugar, salt, and other components of blood are all present at once. The human blood meal is a favorite recipe for female mosquitoes. They’re so drawn t
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Multiple Droughts Can Be A Mixed Bag For Forests
Successive droughts are generally increasingly detrimental to forests, even when each drought was no more extreme than the initial one, according to new research. Drought is endemic to the American West along with heatwaves and intense wildfires. But
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3 Factors Shed Light On COVID-19 Oxygen Level Mystery
Researchers have begun to solve one of COVID-19’s biggest and most life-threatening mysteries: how the virus causes “silent hypoxia,” a condition where oxygen levels in the body are abnormally low. Those low oxygen levels can can irreparably damage v
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Ideas From Others May Prevent ‘Fixation’ On Your First Solutions
When you’re in a rut in trying to creatively solve a problem, it may be a good idea to try ideas from others, new research suggests. When attempting to solve problems, people often fall back on prior experiences that worked, sometimes without conside
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Higher Doses Of Vitamin D Slow Frailty In Mice
“Over” supplementation of vitamin D, referred to as “hypersufficiency,” can slow the progression of frailty, according to a new study with mice. When it comes to vitamin D, most adults exhibit either frank deficiency, which results in clear clinical
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Crystal Insecticide Is 12x Better At Killing Malaria Mosquitoes
A new crystal form of insecticide is much more effective at fighting mosquitoes and malaria, researchers report. Using a simple process of heating and cooling, the researchers created a new crystal form of deltamethrin—a common insecticide used to co
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What Counts As A ‘Superspreader’ Event?
What exactly is a COVID-19 “superspreader” event or person? How can these events be prevented? An expert has answers. “A 10-person birthday celebration or 100-person wedding can all be superspreading events. It only takes a single infected person to
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Darwin’s Theory About Atolls Is ‘Beautiful’ But Wrong
Charles Darwin created a “beautiful” theory of how atolls form. But, say researchers, he lacked a key piece for information. Marine geologist and oceanographer André Droxler knows Darwin’s theory about atolls is incorrect. But Droxler, who’s studied
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Big-eyed Birds Need Gloom, Not Bright Human Landscapes
The glaring light in human-altered landscapes, such as livestock pastures and crop fields, can stymie big-eyed birds and potentially contribute to their decline, research finds. Researchers found strong links among bird eye size, habitat, and foragin
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Tech Prints Sensors Right Onto Human Skin
Researchers have developed a way to print sensors directly on human skin without using heat. Wearable sensors are evolving from watches and electrodes to bendable devices that provide far more precise biometric measurements and comfort for users. “In
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Chunks Of Venus May Have Smashed Into The Moon
Pieces of Venus, perhaps billions of them, are likely to have crashed on the moon, researchers say. A growing body of research suggests the planet Venus may have had an Earth-like environment billions of years ago, with water and a thin atmosphere. Y
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