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School’s Out for Summer … But Tuition Is Back in the Fall
I can only imagine the enthusiasm of students and teachers who will finally able to be back in a classroom and learning in person as schools and campuses around the country start coming back to life this fall. As I walked around my neighborhood every
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Don't Want Another Child Tax Credit Payment? Opt-Out by August 2
If you received a child tax credit payment on July 15, the IRS is planning to send you another one on August 13. In fact, a new payment will be sent each month through the end of the year for a total of six payments. Depending on your income, your mo
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Stock Market Today: Stocks Retreat After Amazon Revenue Miss
The major market indexes ran out of steam on the last day of a strong month, dragged down by a second-quarter revenue miss from e-commerce giant (AMZN, -7.6%) and rising concerns over the spread of the delta variant of COVID-19. Wall Stree
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Are You Itching for an Earlier-Than-Expected Retirement?
If you’re like many people, the pandemic has had a profound impact on your worldview. The tragedy and social isolation we’ve experienced have put into sharp focus what’s most important. It’s no surprise, then, that a survey conducted by Ameriprise Fi
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Make a Shopping List for Stocks
Did you ever go to the grocery store without a list and end up spending more than you wanted, buying junk food you'd vowed to avoid or succumbing to an impulse purchase just because something was on sale? Well, failing to compile a shopping list of s
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How To Win In A Red-Hot Housing Market
Laura Gross knew that she’d be facing fierce competition this spring when she was getting ready to bid on a four-bedroom house in Troy, Mich., a suburb of Detroit. So she pulled out all the stops: She waived an appraisal contingency, offered $30,000
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OK Boomer vs. Avocado Toast: How to Talk Money Across Generations
Since Baby Boomers entered adulthood in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the American financial landscape has changed drastically and is almost unrecognizable. Most middle-class Americans used to expect pensions. Now, pensions are gone and 401(k)s are
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Raymond James: Facebook (FB) Stock Is a Buy, Growth Worries and All
Facebook (FB, $373.28) blew past Wall Street's bottom- and top-line estimates when it posted results late Wednesday, yet FB stock slumped Thursday on concerns about decelerating second-half growth as it laps tougher year-over-year comparisons.  But t
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How to Play the High-Yield Rally
High-yield bonds have been on a roll. Over the past 12 months, funds that invest in junk-rated debt – credit rated double-B to triple-C – have gained 14%, on average, more than any other bond-fund category. As a result, investors have poured more mon
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COVID Sparked a Surge of Generosity
Pamela Norley is president of Fidelity Charitable, the largest donor-advised fund in the U.S. Fidelity recently published “Women and Giving,” an analysis of how the pandemic affected women’s philanthropy. Since her divorce from Amazon founder Jeff Be
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Long-Term Rates Will Edge Higher
When the Federal Reserve signaled in June that it expects to raise short-term interest rates by the end of 2023—sooner than an earlier forecast—the response was immediate and fierce. The Dow Jones industrial average dropped more than 800 points, and
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Make a Plan to Start Repaying Student Loans
In an effort to provide economic relief during the pandemic, the federal government suspended payments on federal student loans last year, with no interest accrual on loan balances. The moratorium was extended a couple of times, but now that the pand
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Find Health Insurance You Can Afford
One of the most popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act allows young adults to stay on their parents’ health insurance plan until they’re 26. I’ve been fortunate to have coverage through my parent’s insurance plan for several years, but I will
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Exercise Saves Seniors Money on Health Care
Health care costs later in life were significantly lower for adults who maintained moderate or high physical activity levels, according to a new analysis of claims data linked to the National Institutes of Health–American Association of Retired Perso
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26 Things Home Buyers Will Hate About Your House
Despite the pandemic, home sales are outrunning their pre-pandemic pace. The sale of existing homes rose 1.4% in June to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.9 million. Demand for existing homes pushed sales up by nearly 22.9% from the year before.
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Older Adults Battle Long-Term Effects of COVID-19
Marina Oshana was previously diagnosed with a pulmonary condition that sometimes led to fever and fatigue, but the symptoms she started experiencing in July 2020 were completely different. Everything from daily activities to exercise became a struggl
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How Patients with Lasting Symptoms of COVID Can Apply for Disability
COVID survivors who are unable to work because of lasting effects from the virus should consider applying for disability benefits, though this can be a difficult road, says Barbara Comerford, founder of the Law Offices of Barbara B. Comerford in Para
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How to Give a First-Time Home Buyer a Hand
The housing market is a tough nut to crack these days. Prices are hitting the stratosphere thanks to low inventory, which is sparking bidding wars among buyers. Landing a home can seem impossible for younger buyers, who may need help with the down pa
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Kip ETF 20: The Best Cheap ETFs You Can Buy
The past year has been huge for exchange-traded funds (ETFs) – those increasingly popular low-cost securities that hold baskets of assets and trade like stocks. And it's against this backdrop that we review the Kiplinger ETF 20, which is our list of
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Readers Find Some Weird Winners
Bond rates are plunging, banks pay next to nothing, and stocks are so rich that the S&P 500 Index yields a paltry 1.4%. My mailbox is thus brimming with queries about offbeat, high-distribution investments. Many are leveraged funds, rely on options a
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13 Best Consumer Discretionary Stocks for the Rest of 2021
Consumer discretionary stocks put in a solid performance through the first six months of 2021. But what's in store for the second half? While rising concerns over the delta variant of COVID-19 could stall the sector's upside in the short term, the la
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How to Profit From ETFs
Exchange-traded funds have never been hotter. Investors are pouring a record amount of money into ETFs, which hold baskets of securities like mutual funds do but trade like stocks. “It’s just explosive growth,” says Armando Senra, head of iShares Ame
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I Still Like the Trillion-Dollar Stocks
"It may be a matter of months, or more likely a few years," I wrote in September 2017, "but sometime soon a U.S. company will breach the trillion-dollar mark." By June 2021, to my pleasant surprise, all five companies I highlighted had become trillio
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Fidelity's FIGFX Makes the Case for Investing Overseas
A portfolio without foreign stocks would be like "fighting an investment battle with one arm tied behind your back," says Jed Weiss. He's biased, of course, as manager of Fidelity International Growth (FIGFX) fund. But he has a point: Foreign stocks
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Stock Market Today: Dow, S&P 500 Back Atop the Mountain
A pair of the major stock indexes registered record closes on Thursday, and they did so in the face of middling economic signals. The Commerce Department revealed that U.S. gross domestic product grew by an annualized 6.5% rate during the second quar
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Retirement Can Keep You Busy
For retirees, volunteering is a major source of satisfaction (see The Virtues of Volunteering). But you’re also involved in other activities that are just as rewarding. In fact, many of you have found your sense of purpose in going back to work—somet
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2021 Estate Planning Checkup: Is Your Estate Plan Up to Date?
Even though it’s critical for your assets, family and legacy, estate planning tends to fall to the bottom of people’s to-do lists. What new parent wants to draft a will while finalizing a nursery paint color? Who wants to talk extensively about life
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5 Unwritten Rules to Know to Succeed at Your First Job
May and June are the months when American colleges and universities hold their commencement ceremonies. After that comes the beginning of the next stage in life as an adult, a first real job. “Many will succeed, and fit in,” says HR manager “Delia” f
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Wedbush: Apple (AAPL) Earnings a 'Gold Medal' Performance
Apple (AAPL, $146.77) was meant to be one of the highlights of a jam-packed earnings calendar this week. And despite what Wednesday's sluggish response in AAPL stock might suggest, Tuesday evening's report didn't disappoint. In fact, Apple delivered
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Stock Market Today: Stocks Finish Mixed as Fed Stays the Course
The Federal Reserve and Chair Jerome Powell brought a little cheer to parts of Wall Street on Wednesday, keeping benchmark interest rates steady (as expected) but also indicating that accommodative policy would stick around for some time. In a releas
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