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Amazon Layaway: A New Perk of Amazon Prime
If you’re old enough to have parents who bought items on layaway (or did it yourself), you’ll understand Amazon’s latest perk for Amazon Prime: Amazon Layaway. It’s available now, mostly pitched to back-to-school shopping, but many remember layaway g
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IRA Bill a Blessing in Disguise for Drug Stocks?
At first glance, the measures to curb drug price increases in the Inflation Reduction Act seem like negatives for pharma and biotech stocks. If passed, as expected, Medicare would be allowed to negotiate the price it pays for a limited number of drug
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Job-Hunting Tips for an Uncertain Marketplace
The pandemic buzz around the Great Resignation is still going strong. Employees are still quitting their jobs or switching jobs with the hopes of gaining bigger paychecks, new responsibilities or better conditions. According to the Bureau of Labor St
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Stock Market Today: Encouraging Inflation Data Sparks Stunning Stock Rally
The latest inflation data catapulted stocks higher out of the gate on Wednesday, with the major market indexes rallying hard into the close. Ahead of this morning's opening bell, the Labor Department said its consumer price index (CPI) rose 8.5% year
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A Bit of Inflation Relief in July
Consumer prices were unchanged, on average, in July because of a large drop in gasoline prices and a smaller decline in natural gas from the previous month. While lower prices at the gas pump are a welcome respite for drivers, prices still rose stron
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Inflation Reduction Act Would Boost Obamacare Tax Credit
Despite its name, the Inflation Reduction Act's main goals are really to address climate change and lower healthcare costs. One of the ways healthcare costs would be reduced under the bill is by extending enhancements to the premium tax credit that w
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Stock Market Today: S&P, Nasdaq Extend Losing Streaks on Micron Demand Woes
The latest batch of corporate earnings updates sparked a selloff in stocks on Tuesday, with the tech-heavy Nasdaq leading the path lower.  Travel stocks were hit particularly hard after Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCLH) reported its second-quarter result
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Earn More with a CD Ladder
Savers are finally getting some good news: Interest rates on savings and money market accounts are climbing. For example, the rate on American Express’s high-yield savings account jumped from 0.6% to 1.0% in a span of two months.  Certificates of dep
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Still Awaiting Your Federal Tax Refund? You're Not Alone
Service may be part of the IRS's official name, but the tax agency has been lacking in this area, especially over the past couple of years. It's not all the IRS's fault. Credit the perfect storm of the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of stimulus-related tax
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The 11 Most Expensive Cities in the U.S.
The most expensive U.S. cities are costly for a good reason – several, really. Residents are willing to pay extra for everything from housing to food to gas if it allows them to live someplace with great weather. Others are looking for cosmopolitan l
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Amazon Adds Another Popular Smart Home Brand to Its Amazon Prime Mix
That Roomba vacuum robot you were considering buying – or that’s already patrolling your floors for dust bunnies – will soon have ties to your go-to online shopping service. Amazon, which recently raised its Amazon Prime subscription price, is spendi
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Create a Special Needs Plan That Goes the Distance
It is easy to think that something called a “special needs trust” is only used infrequently – after all, the very name implies the need for such a trust is rare. That could not be further from reality. Perhaps a more appropriate name would be “freque
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Student Loans Can Affect Your Taxes: What You Should Know
Student loans are among the most common sources of debt in America. It has been reported that about one in five Americans have student loan debt-totaling more than $1.7 trillion. If you’re one of those people, you are probably waiting to hear whether
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Buffett Goes on Buying Spree as Stock Market Reels
Warren Buffett went bargain hunting with both fists in the second quarter, scooping up billions of dollars worth of equities amid the broader market's steep selloff. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B, $292.07) was a net buyer of stocks to the tune of $3.8 bi
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It’s Time to Cater to the Over-65 Crowd, Or Else!
“There is a huge market – millions of people – that could be a missed opportunity for American business,” says author Susan Golden, who teaches at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and is considered one of the nation’s leading experts on the i
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Stock Market Today: Nvidia Revenue Warning Weighs on Stocks
Stocks ended Monday with a whimper as a solidly higher open lost momentum throughout the trading day. Disappointing earnings announcements from a pair of tech names created selling pressure for the broader market. Most notably, Nvidia (NVDA) shed 6.3
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6 Satisfying Food Stocks That Look Appetizing Right Now
Rising prices are a problem for many businesses. As prices rise, costs to consumers do too. The company can eat the cost and show less profit, or it can pass the cost on and risk losing sales. To quote an Eastern European pearl, both are worse. But r
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Biden's Inflation Reduction Act: Investing Winners and Losers
It may still be a few weeks before President Joe Biden signs it, but it looks like the Inflation Reduction Act is about to become reality. The legislation passed the Senate, and it now awaits review by the House of Representatives, likely by next wee
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Walt Disney Earnings Expected to Show Monster Growth
Although the busiest stretch of the second-quarter earnings season is mercifully behind us, it's far from over. Among the notable names on this week's earnings calendar is entertainment giant Walt Disney (DIS, $105.71). DIS is slated to report its fi
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Pot Trusts: Why They’re the Fairest (Trust Structure) of Them All
Many trust and estate attorneys recommend that people with children set up trusts for their children in their wills. A common approach is for the will-maker to structure their will such that the assets they wish to pass on to their children are split
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‘I Can’t Retire – I Need Health Insurance’
It is one of the most discussed reasons people refuse to retire before age 65. There are plenty of reasons someone may not retire, including a lack of income, the fear of running out of money, the loss of identity, boredom, no longer having a sense o
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Digital Platforms Empower Investors through Control, Convenience and Confidence
The pandemic may have changed how we use technology, and ultimately how we manage our finances. Throughout the pandemic, people increasingly relied on digital platforms, such as websites, apps and videoconferencing tools, for work and personal activi
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What Hidden Obstacles May Snag Your Retirement? 5 Key Points to Consider
Whether your retirement is over a decade away or getting close, thorough planning is advisable because without it, you could face significant challenges that may not be top-of-mind now. And those issues down the road may affect the lifestyle you desi
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Will a Recession Affect Your Retirement? How to Take Action Now!
News headlines give anyone saving for retirement plenty to worry about. Inflation. High gas prices. Rising interest rates. Rumblings of a possible recession. It’s enough to make even the savviest investors wonder if they’ll outlive their money. But w
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Tech Support Fraud Targets Seniors
Through pop-up windows on computer screens, emails, text messages and phone calls, scammers target seniors by pretending to be tech support, there to  help solve invented “problems” with their electronic devices. These criminals can then  gain access
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Are You Streaming Too Much? What the Discovery+/HBO Max Mashup Means
If that ever-growing cable and streaming services bill has you thinking twice, the latest news out of media giant Warner Bros. Discovery may put you over the edge – and considering cutting back on your media consumption. Right now, Warner Bros. Disco
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Stablecoins: Definition and How They Work
Over the last few years, through surging market highs and painful downturns, stablecoins have become an integral part of both the DeFi and broader cryptocurrency ecosystems. With a total market cap of over $150 billion, stablecoins have drawn crypto
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Stock Market Today: S&P, Nasdaq Retreat After Sizzling Jobs Report
A milestone jobs report sent stocks lower on Friday as it sparked concern the Fed will stay aggressive with its rate hikes.  Ahead of the opening bell, the Labor Department said the U.S. economy added 528,000 new jobs in July, more than double what e
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Reading, Writing, and Personal Finance
Tim Ranzetta is cofounder of Next Gen Personal Finance, a nonprofit that has developed a personal finance curriculum used by more than 60,000 high school and middle school teachers.  South Carolina recently became the 15th state to require that high
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How Congress Might Ease the Pilot Shortage
Here’s one idea proposed in Congress to address the pilot shortage that is adding to travel delays – increase the profession’s mandatory retirement age. Currently, the Federal Aviation Administration requires commercial pilots to retire by age 65. Bu
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