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Shrink Your RMDs in 2021 and Beyond
People who don’t need income from their IRA, SEP and/or 401(k) are benefiting from this year’s waiver of required minimum distributions (RMDs). They’re reducing income taxes and preserving their plan assets. But RMDs will return in 2021. Since retire
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Planning For Retirement In The New Normal Of Covid-19
There is a lot of talk these days about the “new normal,” which might be more accurately described as not normal. COVID-19 has impacted many aspects of our daily lives and if you’re nearing or in retirement, you may be wondering if it will impact you
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Stock Market Today: Disney Adds to the Market's Magical Run
The wind remained beneath stocks' wings on Wednesday, as Washington's stimulus standoff improved and corporate earnings encouraged investors. Congressional Democrats and White House representatives said Tuesday evening that the two sides might be abl
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20 Dividend Stocks to Fund 20 Years of Retirement
The traditional retirement wisdom used to be the "4% rule." You would withdraw 4% of your savings in the first year of retirement, followed by "pay raises" in each subsequent year to account for inflation. The idea? If you're invested in a mix of div
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Did You Get a Tax Refund? 5 Smart Ideas on What to Do with It
Cha-ching! Getting a tax refund may feel like a welcome surprise — and like a good time to treat yourself to a fun purchase. But that money wasn’t free: It was your hard-earned cash, to begin with. You merely gave an interest-free loan to the governm
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Stock Market Winners, Losers and Lessons Learned
Ryan Ermey: We hear at Kiplinger's recommend a lot of investments, but rarely do you hear how our portfolios are actually doing. senior investing editor Kyle Woodley joins the show today to do exactly that. We're talkin
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Stock Market Today: Stocks, Stimulus Both Inch Forward
The broader indices' pace slowed after yesterday's energetic rally, as Tuesday offered up little for the market to hang its hat on. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Fox News she doesn't believe a deal on more economic stimulus will be reached this wee
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10 Best Stocks to Buy If President Donald Trump Wins Re-Election
It's best to leave your politics at the door when investing. No matter how much you like or dislike the man in the White House, presidential policies generally matter a lot less for the stock market than Federal Reserve policy or the general health o
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10 Best Stocks to Buy If Joe Biden Wins the Presidency
It's still early, and a lot can happen between now and November. But over the past few months, former Vice President Joe Biden's chances of becoming the next president of the United States have vastly improved. As of late July, the betting markets we
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Understanding Tax Planning
Here’s the very first thing the tax experts at Kiplinger stress to readers about tax planning: This is not a game just for the wealthy. Tax planning will save you money. I’m most certainly not wealthy at this stage of my career, but I’m not going to
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Why You Might Still Need Life Insurance in Your 50s and 60s
The Baby Boomers get credit — and blame — for how they changed work, society and pop culture over the years. Now, with 10,000 Boomers turning 65 every day through 2030, this powerful generation is well on its way to redefining how we plan for retirem
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Who Can Still Do A Stretch IRA After The SECURE Act: Explaining The Exceptions To The Rule
Much has been written about The Secure Act since it went into effect on Jan. 1, 2020. One popular topic has been the exceptions to one of the act’s primary changes, eliminating the use of so-called stretch IRAs for most non-spouse beneficiaries. IRA
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Stock Market Today: A Red-Hot Start to August
The market kicked off the new month by rocketing higher as investors remained laser-focused on the good and shut out other discouraging developments. For instance, Republicans and Democrats appear to be far apart on another round of urgently needed s
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6 SPACs to Buy for 'Smart Money' Returns
The special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) might be the hot new trend, but it has been around since the 1980s. SPACs are often referred to as "blank check" companies because investors get nothing but a best-efforts agreement from the sponsors' ma
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3 Reasons Why 2020 May Be the Greatest Giving Year Ever
According to the newly released Giving USA numbers, 2019 saw a 2.4% increase in giving after adjusting for inflation. That’s wonderful news and continues the recent trend that Americans give more each year. But, as we all know, 2020 is already a “yea
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5 Tips to Minimize Your Taxes in Retirement
The July 15 extended tax filing deadline just passed. While it might seem early, now is the right time for you to rethink the impact of taxes when planning for your retirement. We all know that the sooner you begin saving for retirement, the more you
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Retired? Good Luck Getting a Mortgage, Even If You’re Wealthy
Just before James Heath* retired four years ago, he and his wife began the search for the home where they’d hoped to spend their senior years. He knew precisely what he wanted: a smaller property with a low-maintenance yard. He also knew what he didn
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Apple’s Stock Split Could Dampen the Dow
Apple (AAPL, $384.76) announced during its fiscal third-quarter report that it will undergo a 4-for-1 stock split in late August. Investors who pushed the stock to fresh all-time highs in the following trading session seemed excited enough. But it’s
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2020 Election: Retirement Security
Unless Congress acts, Social Security will deplete its $2.9 trillion reserve fund by 2035, which means the program would be able to pay only about 79% of promised benefits. Medicare’s finances are even more precarious. Given that seniors are a large
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2020 Election: The Stock Market Reaction
As we head into election day, investors are understandably wondering—and even anxious—about how the U.S. presidential election will affect the financial markets. It’s important to remember that this year, especially, the election isn’t the only marke
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2020 Election: The Health Care Debate
Health care is high on the minds of Americans as November approaches. According to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll, 23% of registered voters said health care is the most important issue in determining their vote for president. Only the economy ranked
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The 2020 Election and Your Money
Whether the upcoming presidential election is a battle for the soul of the nation or the way to keep America great is a question we will leave to you to answer. But the election will have important ramifications for your financial well-being, and we’
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2020 Election: A Redo on Taxes
Joe Biden says his tax plan would increase taxes on the wealthy and offer breaks for the middle class, but at least one of his proposals could boost taxes farther down the income ladder. A key component of Biden’s plan is that tax hikes will be limit
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Stock Market Today: Big Tech Roars, Everyone Else Snores
The stock market closed out an up-and-down week with another very clear separation of the haves and have-lesses. Big Tech ruled the day thanks to a trio of mega-cap earnings pops. Apple (AAPL, +10.5%) shot to new all-time highs after its Thursday eve
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18 of the Market's Most Heavily Shorted Stocks
Short selling gets a bad rap. Short sellers are sometimes seen as vultures, gleefully making money during the darkest times for some companies. And when times get tough, they are often smeared as manipulators of the market. However, short selling has
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5 Great Places to Buy a Vacation Home
These days, the prospect of buying a vacation home could hardly be more alluring. Mortgage rates are at historic lows. During a pandemic, escaping to a less-crowded area is just what the doctor ordered. Plus, to minimize the spread of COVID-19, many
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Tax-Free Weekend Dates, States and Savings for Back-to-School Shopping
Whether your kids will be learning from home or in the classroom this fall, you'll have to do some back-to-school shopping to prepare for the new school year. And, as every parent knows, the bill for new clothes, shoes, backpacks, and other schools s
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The Finances of Homeschooling Your Kids: What It Costs, Tax Breaks, More
As the upcoming school year approaches and the nation continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, many public school districts have already announced they’ll continue with distance-learning programs, either full- or part-time. Many parents will
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Emergency Funds: How to Get Started
Emergency funds typically fall into one of two broad categories. One is set up to handle unexpected expenses—say, when your car breaks down or your water heater springs a leak. The other is there to provide income if you lose your job. You should hav
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Time For An Insurance Review
The coronavirus has made one thing abundantly clear: We all need to be prepared for an emergency. Which prompts the question: When did you last review your insurance policies? You may want to make some changes to your auto, homeowners and life in­sur
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