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Lockdown May Be Over, But You'll Never Take My Zoom Quiz Away
Online pub quizzes brought me and my friends closer together. And besides, who wants to go for a socially distanced pint? Coronavirus – latest upda
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'Soon You'll Hit Gold!': The Day I Took Lessons With Herzog, Atwood, Lynch And More
Comedy tips from Steve Martin, film-making lessons from David Lynch, ballet insights from Misty Copeland … our writer signs up for MasterClass, the star-studded online tutorial service that’s booming in lockdown
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How Facebook And The White House Let The Boogaloo Movement Grow
Facebook on Tuesday removed extremist ‘boogaloo’ groups, but experts say the move is ‘too little, too late’
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'The Worshipping Of Whiteness': Why Racist Symbols Persist In America
Tributes to a checkered past exist all over the US, even as Confederate statues are removed and brands reconsider racial stereotypes
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Fauci Says US Death Toll 'Going To Be Very Disturbing' And Fears 100,000 Daily Cases
Infectious disease expert says US ‘going in the wrong direction’‘I’m very concerned. I’m not satisfied with what’s going on’
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If More Americans Wore Masks The Pandemic Would Slow, Experts Say
‘Masks are incredibly important’ to avoid airborne transmission of coronavirus, but a third of Americans say they sometimes or never wear them
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Oldest Surviving Photograph Of Māori Discovered In Australia
Picture of Hemi Pomara posing in London in 1846 was discovered at the national library of Australia by researchers
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White People Say They Want To Be An Ally To Black People. But Are They Ready For Sacrifice? | Kelsey Smoot
If the White people in my life could hit a button and instantly remove the privileges afforded to them along racial lines, would they hit that button?
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Summer Of The Cannibal Rats! Hungry, Aggressive, Highly Fertile – And Coming To Our Homes
With restaurants closed and less food discarded on UK streets, rats have had to find new places to feed. Luckily for them, people are eating more in their houses, flats and gardens …
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Solved: Acceptable Time To Wait Before Discussing Spoilers?
In a new weekly column answering crucial cultural questions, we explore the etiquette around pesky TV and film spoilers
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Fauci Doubts Effectiveness Of Coronavirus Vaccine In US Due To Anti-vaxxers
America’s leading public health expert suggests vaccine would not be fully effective and that US skepticism would thwart effort
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Racism And Covid-19 Threaten Our Health – We Can't Fight Them As Separate Battles
Systemic racism and oppression weaken the moral and physical health of the country. Fighting inequality is imperative
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The Other Two: What Happens To Adult Siblings When Their Teen Brother Becomes Insta-famous?
A comedy from two former SNL writers about jealousy, generational conflict and how the entertainment industry corrupts young performers
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Sumo's Heaviest Ever Wrestler Urges Others To Keep Eating Habits In Check
Ōrora, who hit 292kg before he retired, warns wrestlers need to care of themselves after death of colleague from coronavirus
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The FBI Has A History Of Targeting Black Activists. That's Still True Today | Mike German
The FBI has long disrupted and discredited civil rights leaders. It should put its authorities to better use by holding officers accountable
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I Was Touched Without My Consent, But I Won't Be Speaking Out On Social Media | Anonymous
Survivors of harassment or assault shouldn’t have to choose between a flawed justice system and public denunciation
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What Have I Learned In Lockdown? I Have A Burning Need For Small Adventures | Zoe Williams
I miss the joy of random events, of not knowing what will happen between the hours of 2pm and 4pm. Right now our lives are Groundhog Day, retold as tragedy
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I'm A Viral Immunologist. Here's What Antibody Tests For Covid-19 Tell Us
From serology to T-cells, there’s still a lot we don’t know about how immunity to coronavirus works Coronavirus
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'We're In Uncharted Territory': Coronavirus And Wildfire Risks Collide In California
Emergency centers and fire agencies work to reduce the risk of spreading the virus as the western and south-western US brace for the inevitable
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Rosetta Stone To Be Added To British Museum LGBTQ+ Tours
One of the most famous objects in the world, the Rosetta Stone, is to have its little-known gay history explored on public tours for the first time by the British Museum. The stone is known for its crucial role in giving the scholars Jean-François Ch
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Why Does Covid-19 Kill More Men Than Women? Researchers Grapple With Gender Mystery
Australian project to remove the sex and gender biases commonly seen in medical research to study global coronavirus data for men and women separately
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Sarah Sanders Lied Again And Again For Trump. Now She’s Got Her Teeth Into John Bolton | Arwa Mahdawi
The former White House press secretary has a memoir in the works. But let’s not forget her talent for fiction
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Why The 'Romance' Of Plantation Estates Is More Dangerous Than Confederate Statues | Chase Quinn
Instead of fixating exclusively on statues, we need to dramatically expand our understanding of what constitutes a monument
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Welcome To Chechnya: The Harrowing Film About The Regime's Gay Purge
Film-maker David France posed as a tourist to expose the brutal, state-sanctioned persecution of the region’s LGBT community – and tell the nail-biting story of the activists helping them to escape
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Digitally-savvy And Passionate, K-pop Fans' Trump Activism Should Come As No Surprise
K-pop fans have been able to put the online organisational tools they’ve honed for fandom projects to work on political activism
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I Wrote Sitting In Limbo To Tell My Brother's Story – And Honour The Windrush Victims | Stephen Thompson
Amid protests, toppled statues, and a pandemic taking more black lives, we must not forget this scandal
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What's behind Joe Biden's mystique? | Thomas Frank
The former vice-president’s brand of centrism no longer fits the times, but he has spoken up for the party’s traditional base
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Honk If You Like My Arias: The Summer Of Drive-in Culture
With venues locked down, entertainment-starved audiences are getting in gear for a season of opera, comedy shows and movies experienced from your own car seat – but is it an artistic cul de sac?
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From Centre Stage To You Got Served: Why Dance Movies Are The Ultimate Comfort-watch
Whether it’s a wrong-side-of-the-tracks tale or a wannabe trying to make it big, these are guilty pleasures to not feel guilty about
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What Defund The Police Really Means: Swapping Social Control For Investment | Robert Reich
Protests over brutality and racism highlight how far the US has travelled from any sort of equality. Real change is needed
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