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‘They Don’t Want To Give Power To Girls’: The Women Shaking Up Colombia’s Graffiti Scene
A drug-smuggling route runs straight through the Comuna 13 neighbourhood on the outskirts of Medellín, which was once one of the most dangerous places in Colombia. Over the past decade it has been transformed, and is now better known for its colourfu
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‘These Kids Were All Struggling’: The Real Story Behind The Bling Ring
An attractive young woman in billowing white linen enters the room and takes a seat on the floor cushion, arranging her body in lotus position. Her eyes flutter closed and she takes a deep breath, then fixes her gaze ahead. “Hello, everybody,” she sa
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Lauren Groff: ‘Virginia Woolf’s Flush Is Delightfully Bananas’
My earliest reading memoryI was an early reader because I was excruciatingly shy, and books alleviated some of the discomfort of existing as a tender little person in the world. I remember lying in my bed at naptime, picking up a Little Bear book, an
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‘I’m 90. I Worry If I’m Gonna Make It To Lunch’: Michael Caine And John Standing On Wives, War And Feeling Like The Queen
Michael Caine wears two watches: an analogue for the time and an Apple for everything else. It even knows his pulse, he says, impressed. Right now, it’s telling him his flat is 26C: warm enough for his wife, Shakira, to pour iced coffee into his flas
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‘To Be A Girl Is To Always Be Performing’: Hannah Diamond On Pink, Punk And Making The Pop Album Of The Year
Hannah Amond always loved drawing. When she was young, she would use gigantic rolls of wallpaper to draw intricate schematics of interconnected rabbit warrens, and “each little rabbit had a room with sofas and all these things”. Then, in high school,
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Opinions By Roxanne Gay Review – The Art Of Argument
“I have a lot of opinions and I come by them honestly,” Roxane Gay writes in the introduction to a new anthology of her essays. The academic and author, whose 2014 collection, Bad Feminist, became a bestseller and cultural touchstone, has gained a de
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Olivia Rodrigo Is Scared Of Birds – And She’s Not Alone. What’s Behind This Fear?
“Birds are so foreign to us – there’s not one body part that looks like ours,” Olivia Rodrigo recently told Rolling Stone magazine with a straight face. The gen Z pop sensation went on: “Everyone’s all afraid about aliens and shit. They’re like, ‘Wha
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Bestselling Author Naomi Wood Wins 2023 BBC National Short Story Award
Naomi Wood has won the 2023 BBC national short story award for Comorbidities, a story about a married couple struggling to maintain their sex life who eventually decide to make a sex tape. The bestselling author and UEA creative writing lecturer was
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‘It Has A Price’: War Photographer Corinne Dufka On Capturing Conflict
When the tears came, they weren’t always for the dead and the unfathomable depths of suffering. They also flowed for the times in between, for the joy and smiles of the unknowing. As the acclaimed American war photographer Corinne Dufka sorted throug
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‘His Work Seems Endless’: Music Stars Pay Tribute To The Incredible Life Of Moondog
Most tourists who come to New York City for the first time seek out sights like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park. But between the early 60s and 1972, visitors with a more adventurous nature had a different agenda. “Ce
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‘I Taught Johnny Depp How To Paint!’ Superstar Artist Julian Schnabel On His New Works – And Most Famous Pupil
Julian Schnabel is agitated. The artist and director has just walked into his new exhibition at the Pace gallery in Manhattan and is fixated on the folding table I’m standing behind. “What’s that?” he asks the PR person. “It’s … a table,” she replies
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The Double Life Of Bob Dylan Volume 2: 1966-2021 By Clinton Heylin Review – A Fierce Kind Of Love
Who will get to write the last word on Bob Dylan? A number of men compete for the honour of world authority – Michael Gray, Howard Sounes, Greil Marcus, Robert Shelton, Clinton Heylin – and relations aren’t always good. In his introduction to volume
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Crypto King Or Conman: Is Sam Bankman-Fried About To Be Sent Down For A Century?
Sunil Kavuri is not a novice investor. Sure, he hasn’t always been involved in finance: 20 years ago, he was a model. He and his identical twin brother were the stuff of local newspaper human-interest stories, straight-A lads from Rugby in Warwickshi
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A New Start After 60: I Spent My Career In IT – But Rediscovered My Childhood Love Of Music At 70
It’s possible that Chris Raven is the only person in the UK making baroque flutes. He turns 80 in a few months, and far from having a lifetime of making instruments behind him, he started out at 70, after decades working in IT. Yet in childhood, he l
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Libyans Pick Up The Pieces After Devastating Floods – Photo Essay
Almost two weeks after the Libyan port city of Derna was devastated by floods, Hassan Ben Faid sits on the floor of a secondary school classroom that will, for the foreseeable future, be his home. A pen in hand, he starts drawing his house and then,
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Daniel Johns Addresses Disagreement With Silverchair Bandmates After ABC Documentary Pulled From IView
Daniel Johns has responded to speculation about the removal from iView of an ABC documentary featuring his former Silverchair bandmates, Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou. In a statement posted on Instagram on Sunday night, the singer claimed drummer Gil
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Is The Hollywood Writers’ Strike Over? The Provisional Deal Explained
After nearly five months – 146 days, to be exact – the Hollywood writers’ strike appears to be nearing its end, as the Writers Guild of America (WGA) reached a provisional deal with the group representing the studios and streamers. If ratified by uni
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The Fall: The End Of The Murdoch Empire By Michael Wolff Review – A Succession Of Absurdities
Several years ago, I paid a friend to read a boring book about British television so I could pretend to my Channel 4 bosses that, as head of news and current affairs, I had done so. I bought her a slap-up meal, from my own pocket, in recompense. Her
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The City Of Imminent Doom: Why The Coolest, Edgiest TV Shows And Books Are Set In Naples
It’s sometimes the fate of a single city to epitomise an era: Berlin in the 1920s, perhaps, or London in the 1960s. So which one would represent our own period of ecological anxiety, true crime and fake news? I’d wager it’s one you might not suspect:
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‘Spandex And Big Hair Weren’t My Thing’: How Europe Made The Final Countdown
When I was young, I wanted to be an astronaut. I loved flying and space travel. My dad was a flight captain and he’d take me up in his plane. I remember having to be quiet in the cockpit because of the black box, so nobody knew I was there. The first
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Boring?! Rewatching Screen Favourites Again And Again Is An Addictive Joy | Maddie Thomas
I am a chronic rewatcher. I love watching films and TV over and over, never stopping to think it might be a waste of time. Some find this baffling – how boring to rewatch something you’ve already seen. You know how it ends! Recently I started to wond
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For The Likes Of Jeremy Clarkson, This ‘Lefty’ Penchant For Safer Roads Is Just Too Pedestrian | Catherine Bennett
Given the extensive research that connects dangerous driving with alarming personality traits, it is always enlightening to see who speaks up for speed, currently by attacking the introduction of 20mph limits in residential roads. Last week the leade
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The Times Review: How The Newspaper Of Record Survived – And Thrived
When the first great book about the New York Times was excerpted in Harper’s Magazine in 1969, the magazine’s cover proclaimed its scoop with an imaginary Times headline: The One Major Story America’s Foremost Newspaper Has Never Covered In Detail: T
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‘Reading Is Resistance’: Students And Parents Take On DeSantis’s Book Bans
This summer, Iris Mogul – a junior at a Miami high school – found out that she wouldn’t be able to take an AP African American history course that she had planned for the coming semester because it had been blocked by the state’s department of educat
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Russell Brand’s No Hypocrite, He Preached What He Practised. That’s Why We Indulged Him | Martha Gill
Anyone remember Ned Fulmer? Fulmer was one of the Try Guys, a quartet of fairly inoffensive comedians whose YouTube channel was in 2022 valued at $6m. But one day last year, Fulmer was unceremoniously deprived of his living. The problem was that he h
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Beverley And Cynthia Knight Look Back: ‘Cynth Never Let Me Go Off And Get Lost In Showbiz’ | Flashback
Born in Wolverhampton in the West Midlands in 1973, Beverley Knight is a musician and actor. She discovered her talent for singing in her Pentecostal church choir when she was a child. Signing her first record contract at the age of 21, she joined a
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An AI Game Of Thrones Prequel? No Wonder George RR Martin’s Raining Ice And Fire On ChatGPT | Tim Adams
Battles between human and artificial intelligence are no longer science fiction. The strikes in Hollywood led by the united guilds of actors and screenwriters have a common, intangible enemy: the algorithms and computer-generated imagery that are inc
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Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Review: Excellent Expansion Enhances An Overhauled Game
Like a Night City gangster after a botched cyberware installation, Cyberpunk 2077 emerged from development as a half-finished pariah. When it was released in the dismal winter of 2020, the game’s stunning virtual metropolis and cinematic storytelling
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‘There Are Dozens Of Russell Brands’: Female Comedians Say Abuse Is Rife
“When I was 18 I had an incident with a powerful male comedian in his 30s,” says Lucy (name changed), a female comic in her early 30s. “It was really harrowing and triggering. But when I raised it with other comics at the time they just encouraged me
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‘I Think It’s A New Artform’: Chris Fonseca, The Man Bringing Deaf Dance To The Mainstream
“The first thing people see me as is a Black person,” says choreographer and dancer Chris Fonseca, 33, meditating on the multiple aspects of his identity. Only, Chris isn’t speaking to me, at least not in a language I understand; Fonseca has been Dea
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