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The Ultimate Rowing Challenge
Perform 3 rounds of these two moves, which stretch and strengthen your lower back, readying your body to row. After each round, rest for 60 seconds. PVC Good Morning Stand with your feet hip-width apart, holding a PVC pipe or broomstick (overhand gri
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4 Best New Bucket-list Buddy Trips
EAT LIKE A CAVEMAN FLY INTO MDZ Come for the steaks, stay for the wine. In a nation famous for its beef, Mendoza shines. The asado—fire-grilled local meat served with vine-ripened tomatoes—is the country’s signature dish and experience. Other beef sp
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Build Your Beach Body
The truth: Your summer body is not just a few workouts away. You’ll need to take the slow-and-steady approach by losing a pound or two a week—the CDC’s recommended maximum. And you’ll want to follow a 12-week program like this one from Andy Speer, C.
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Superheroes Are Real
PHOTOGRAPH BY COLE WILSON AGE: 29 OBSTACLE: He had both legs blown off after stepping on a bomb while serving with the Marine Corps in Afghanistan. COMEBACK: Now, Ferreira is an officer with the Suffolk County Police Department, Babylon 1st precinct,
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Fire Up Your Fat-Burning Furnace with Conditioning Work
Stand and hold a 25-pound dumbbell vertically at your shoulders with both hands. Bend your knees and lower your torso until your thighs are nearly parallel with the floor; stand. Hang from a bar, palms facing away. Pull your chest toward the bar, pau
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Bombs Away!
Photographs by Peter Yang GIANCARLO STANTON WAS DOWN IN THE COUNT: ONE BALL, TWO STRIKES. HE WAS JUST TRYING TO MAKE SOLID CONTACT, he later explained, which is why his home run off Pirates pitcher Tyler Glasnow last June traveled a mere 449 feet, co
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Average Joe? Get Ripped Like This Guy
Eight years before he had the chiseled physique you see now, Andre Crews was like most guys: an average Joe who wanted more out of life and his body. By day he was a banker poring over financials at PNC’s Pittsburgh headquarters, and by night he was
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Workout 1/achieve Liftoff
▸ HOW TO DO IT Stand with a loaded barbell. Keep your knees slightly bent as you hinge at the hips; take 5 seconds to lower your torso until it’s almost parallel to the floor. Keeping your back straight, raise your torso. That’s 1 rep; do 5. Then do
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Pullups: A Master Class
PHOTOGRAPH BY JOSE MANDOJANA Do you avoid the pullup bar? Have flashbacks of gym class humiliation? You’re not alone. The pullup remains daunting for plenty of guys. And that’s too bad, because few exercises can strengthen your entire upper body, cha
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Workout 2/strengthen Your Armor
▸ WHY Hamstring strains don’t just plague regular guys; they also slow down All-Stars like Stanton. Keep your hamstrings loose with this drill. Much like Stanton’s own warmup, it places you in the lunge position, considered restorative in many yoga d
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My Buddy Is Rich But Spends It All. Do I Stop Him?
Must be nice. The M.O. with these guys is always the same: bottomless appetite, everything has to be epic. You’re not gonna change the guy—only life can. Showy guys flame out and grow up… or not. He may always make bank and never need to slow down. J
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Her Sex Secrets, Revealed
PHOTOGRAPHS BY STEPHAN WÜRTH REPORTING BY SOPHIE SAINT THOMAS AND BRITTANY RISHER SECRET 1 “Spank me harrrderrrr. / I want to role play. Yay costumes! / I wish you were more adventurous and sure of yourself. I wish you had a little Christian Grey in
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Fake Health News!
PHOTOGRAPH BY THE VOORHES ILLUSTRATIONS BY GREG MABLY I met Luke at a professional conference. I’m a public health and behavioral science expert; Luke’s a statistician for a hospital system in New York City. I thought he was brilliant—two Ivy League
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Whip Your Sex Life Into Shape
IN THE DUNGEON, I LEARNED JUST HOW AFRAID PEOPLE ARE TO SPEAK UP IN BED. For two years after college, I led a double life. By day I was Jenny, the glorified office secretary—but by night I became Mistress Scarlett, a dominatrix at an L.A. sex dungeon
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The Comeback Kid
In the 2012 novel Calico Joe, John Grisham describes the fateful moment when a Major League fastball connects with the face of a player at bat. Unlike the sound of a ball striking a batting helmet, which is frightening enough, “What we heard was the
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Your Best Way to Lose Fat
For decades, the experts’ line on exercise and weight loss was simple: Do this much, lose that much. But recently they’ve changed their tune: While exercise is awesome for overall physical and mental health, they say, don’t expect it to necessarily y
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Guys Hold Secrets Too
69% of men hide their masturbation frequency How often you masturbate. As long as you have satisfying sex with your partner and feel connected to her, then she doesn’t need to know. (Besides, she probably already does.) 83% have been secretly attract
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From Bullied To Buff
AGE 39 HEIGHT 5'7" BEFORE 190 AFTER 145 Growing up, Tourette Syndrome made me feel incredibly less “able.” I was never athletic and was bullied. As an adult, I was never in shape. I’d eat huge meals, like a big plate of meat and carbs and then cereal
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Seize Peak Asparagus Season
PHOTOGRAPH BY TED CAVANAUGH BAKING SHEET 1. Preheat the oven to 425°F and grease a rimmed baking sheet with 1 Tbsp olive oil. In a large pan on medium high, heat 2 Tbsp olive oil and add 1½ cups unseasoned panko bread crumbs. Cook, stirring frequentl
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The Happiness Test
68% NUMBER OF MEN WHO SUSPECT THEY HAVE A MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEM BUT HAVEN’T TALKED TO THEIR DOCTOR—MEN’S HEALTH POLL BILL WAS SUCCESSFUL IN ALL WAYS. AT 48, HE was wealthy and at the top of his field. His body was strong and trim from intense workout
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Which Deadlift Is Better: Classic Or Sumo?
Steve, Columbus, OH To build muscle fast, go with the classic, says David Otey, C.S.C.S., of Equinox Fitness in New York City. It works your entire posterior chain—back, glutes, and hamstrings. The sumo version—done with a wide stance—focuses more on
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The 2018 Best Foods for Men
We applied a strict set of criteria in selecting these products. Foods with the most protein, fiber, and healthy fats for the fewest calories and added sugars often won their categories. Organic products or those with fewer ingredients broke ties. We
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Elect To Eat Better
PHOTOGRAPHS BY PEDEN + MUNK Just about every summer Friday at the White House, around 5 p.m., I’d set up a beat-up old grill near the North Portico. I’d light wood charcoal, let the grates get screaming hot, and lay on a few steaks. As the meat sizzl
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I Often Get A Nasty Headache When I Lift. How Come?
Philip, Miami, FL Could be an exertion headache—a throbbing around your temples. Before your workout, drink three or four glasses of water; dehydration won’t help. Then warm up—that can reduce sudden rises in intracranial pressure. Feel it coming on?
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Sneak Attack!
PHOTOGRAPH BY LEVI BROWN After years on the margins of fashion, sneakers are now the world’s most important street shoe. Nothing is more versatile or more comfortable. Or more collectible. Or more emblematic of the great cultural shift toward all-cas
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A** holes
ILLUSTRATIONS BY SEAN MCCABE GENE SIMMONS DOESN’T CARE IF YOU CALL him an asshole. In fact, he considers it a compliment. “I don’t think ‘asshole’ is a bad word,” he says, with a smirk that rarely leaves his face. “It means you’re a leader. You’re ou
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THE NUMBERS ARE IN: People who improved their diet by 20 percent over a 12-year span—by eating more whole grains, vegetables, and omega-3 fatty acids—reduced their risk of dying in the next 12 years by as much as 17 percent, a New England Journal of
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Start Fresh
Spring’s great for your mood, but not so great for your face and hair. Months of whipping winds and blasting heat give way to moister, warmer days and often increased production of sebum (a.k.a. oil). That sheen isn’t ideal—and it’ll reflect poorly o
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The Average Guy: Money
62 Age of the average American man when he retires $1.8M What the experts say he’ll need to live comfortably until he dies (or turns 92) $124,831 Amount he actually has saved, just 10 years before he hopes to quit Tempted to raid your 401(k) for that
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You don’t need to run like a Kenyan. The most efficient stride length is likely to be the one that’s most natural to you, suggests a small study in the International Journal of Exercise Science. So just enjoy your run and don’t worry about how you lo
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