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The Mostly Healthy Guy’s Guide to Getting Really Healthy Now
FOR A LOT OF US, what was initially stay-at-home “self-care” has gradually turned into an Everest of White Claw cans, more than a few pounds, and a languishing list of workouts you were going to do tomorrow. We all let our games slip. But now that mo
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DUE RESPECT to Hunter S. Thompson, who wrote those words in 1994 to describe the fate of the “poor bastards” born at the turn of this century, but it hasn’t been quite so bad. Consider the Americans born in the year 2000, the first natives of the bra
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Calling Tech Support
AS PORTIONS of the country went into lockdown earlier this year, Liam Elkind stepped up. In the beginning, you’d find him at a stranger’s doorstep in New York City in a mask and gloves, with a smartphone in hand and a grocery bag in tow. Elkind is a
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The Humbling Power of PAIN
THE BAD PAIN STARTED in my right arm soon after dinner. By the next morning, it hurt for me to make a fist. I was on the chronic-injury ride. One of my sons and I had been bull raking from a skiff near an island in Narragansett Bay, scratching up bas
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HOLD ON, we’ll get to the essence of Zion Williamson, basketball’s Next Big Thing, in a little bit. Just wait. Patience is not a trait we associate with youth—or with our pop culture at large. But if there’s one thing we have not been able to fully d
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I’m A Dreamer
NELSON MARTINEZ DE LOS SANTOS remembers hiding on bus rides to school. When police cars passed, he’d duck. In 2001, when he was one, his parents arrived in the United States with their four children. Back home in Saltillo, Mexico, drug cartels ruled
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Colon Cancer
COLORECTAL CANCER is the third-most-common cancer in American men, and Black men have a more than 20 percent higher risk than white men. The good news is that there is plenty all of us can do to try to prevent it. This is my plan. When I’m at a socia
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The Star Behind The Camera
UNDER OVERCAST skies, on a two-way road through lush, green fields, a BMW swerves out of its lane. In the driver’s seat is a haggard, middle-aged preacher who smokes and sips from a flask as the radio blares details of a woman’s murder. A man of the
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Young, Conservative, And Unafraid
ELECTED TO the West Virginia House of Delegates as a Republican in 2018, Caleb Hanna took office in early 2019 as one of the country’s youngest state legislators—ever. He’s also a conservative, which makes him something of a rarity in an otherwise pr
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I COULD say that the reason I wanted to lose weight was so that I would have more time on this planet with my wife and kids. And sure, those were huge motivating factors for me, but really it came down to the small things. Like having to carry a wash
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Beyond The Gold Standard
SUCCESS SEEMED to come easily—maybe even accidentally—to snowboarder Red Gerard. Soaring high in the slopestyle at the 2018 Olympics, Gerard became the youngest American male to win a gold medal since the Great Depression. The media seized on what th
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I’m Creating A Spectrum For Opportunity
BEFORE GAME time, the Kent State men’s basketball locker room is usually charged. Music blasts. Athletic tape tears. Teammates shout and whoop. But Kalin Bennett, the team’s six-foot-eleven-inch center, is quiet. He’s scrutinizing the game plan. He’s
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Shrimp Boil!
A 3-ounce serving of shrimp (a decent handful) delivers 20 grams of protein for around 350 calories. Shrimp are also a strong source of potassium, an electrolyte that helps balance sodium in your body. So the shrimp, along with the high-potassium swe
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Grappling With Ignorance
Q&A What does being in your 20s mean to you? It means learning from different experiences that you don’t [get] from being in your parents’ house. YOU MIGHT know Mack Beggs from the photo that rocketed around the Internet after he went undefeated to w
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THIS MONTH America’s Youthful Cities
After we tabulated the results, we saw that these cities are old pros at living young. 1. MADISON, WI 2. SAN FRANCISCO, CA 3. SEATTLE, WA 4. PLANO, TX 5. RALEIGH, NC 6. LINCOLN, NE 7. AUSTIN, TX 8. SAN JOSE, CA 9. MINNEAPOLIS, MN 10. SAN DIEGO, CA 90
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A Blitzkrieg Of New Oktoberfest Beers
This Festbier from the Oregon-based brewer is legit. That’s because they lean on a balance of Vienna and Pilsner malts and then spike it with German hops. Tentbier pours the color of a well-worn biergarten table, and at an easygoing 5 percent ABV, th
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Mastering The Art Of Healthy Distraction
IN 2017, one of Allan Maman’s high school teachers sent his parents a blunt note: “Allan is dismissive and disinterested,” it read. “During class, he is always on his own laptop and I’ve had to get him on task countless times.” Maman was then a junio
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Richard Dorment EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jamie Prokell Creative Director Ben Court, Mike Darling Executive Editors Ben Paynter Features Editor Nojan Aminosharei Entertainment Director Jordyn Taylor, Spencer Dukoff Deputy Editors Marty Munson Health Director P
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Oooooooooh Yeah that Feels good, you Lovely Female Dog.”
IN THE second season of the Netflix comedy-drama Sex Education, Colin, the health teacher—the guy literally responsible for sex education—is terrified to talk dirty to his partner, Emily. She wants him to call her a b*tch, but all polite Colin can mu
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Winning The Futuristic Fight Against Cancer
IAN BRIDGES was stick welding a quarter-inch steel plate at Green River College in Auburn, Washington, when a sneeze sparked a nagging, achy pain in his back. Just like any normal person would, he thought he had pulled a muscle or something. But by t
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Only believe half of what you see and none of what you hear! @Circe13 It’s all cause and effect. Every action promotes a reaction. If you do nothing, then that will be your result. It’s simple, don’t overcomplicate it. Practice it.” @ukjimwatson Inve
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Kickin’ It Old School
Yes, you read that right. This shoe by Reebok is made from sustainably sourced rubber and has castor beans and algae in its sole and liner. It’s all about going green and looking good, too. Forever Floatride Grow ($120); West Coast minima
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I’m Battling A Global Crisis
EIGHT YEARS ago, Kevin J. Patel was sitting in his sixth-grade classroom when the chest pains hit. His heart was beating fast and it was hard to breathe, so he told a teacher. “I thought I was fine,” Patel says, “but everyone else was freaking out.”
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World Letter From The Editor
Q+A WITH THE E.I.C. you would tell YOUR 20-YEAR-OLD SELF if you had the chance? —@l_b_jefferies) FIRST I’D GRAB the little bastard and tell him he’s gonna regret that Dave Matthews Band tattoo. (That’s a joke.) Then I would ask him to kindly put out
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WHEN WE talk about strong skin, we’re essentially talking about collagen, the body’s main structural protein. “Collagen provides strength and elasticity,” says dermatologist Ife J. Rodney, M.D. But our bodies can start steadily losing it as early as
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By The Numbers 15 Seconds Of Fame
BRYCE HALL’S mission is to go viral—at any personal cost. He pranks himself, mocks others, pranks himself more. He says “bro”—a lot. Lest you forget what he stands for, there’s the line of branded merch to buy and energy drinks to guzzle. Those would
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Meanwhile, On Instagram …
Times are tough. Drew Ramsey, M.D., a dip-lomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and Greg Brown, M.D., founder and director of Austin’s Center for Green Psychiatry, are here to help every Friday on our IG Live. Check out some of th
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The Scaaaaaaary Side of Fatherhood
HALLOWEEN IS a big deal in my New England neighborhood. I know you’re thinking, Yeah, yeah, I’m sure, and that’s exactly how my wife and I responded to our new neighbor Gregg. He warned us about the approaching holiday after we moved into our house i
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I’m Repping The Next Generation Of Athletes
IF YOU’RE skeptical about a 19-year-old with a company named after himself, Ariel Levy gets that. Levy has been working in sports marketing and management since he was 15, when he convinced some agents to give him a shot at bringing them players they
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How Exercise Helped Me Find The True Meaning Of Pride
I didn’t realize it at the time, but starting in 2013, I began to spiral into depression. I was out as a gay Black man, and I felt proud. But I didn’t fully understand how the oppressive body standards inside gay culture—men with thick shoulders, sle
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