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MH World
How This Guy Gave Fear the Finger The ski jump ramp at Olympic Park in Utah turned MH Adventurist Clint Carter’s courage to pudding. But if a guy wants to land a double backflip in five days, going faster and harder is the only option. Two-time Olymp
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Greatest Holiday HIITs
Staying fit in December isn’t easy. So here’s our holiday gift to you: a half dozen exercises that you can mix in infinite ways for a brief, convenient, intense, fatburning, strength-building workout. Do them in the gym, at home, or anywhere at all.
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SECTION 10 PAGE 25 CANYON AEROAD CF SLX DISC 8.0 DI2 High quality at a low price; this German road bike has disc brakes and carbon fiber wheels. From $1,500, 3T STRADA The best of a road bike (lightweight frame), cyclocross (wider tires),
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Keep On Climbing
ON MATT: ARC’TERYX VEILANCE JACKET, J. CREW SHIRT, ROKA FALCON TI SUNGLASSES, CANYON BIKE; ON EDITOR BEN COURT: RAPHA JEANS, JOHN VARVATOS SHIRT, 3T BIKE I’ll never podium, but riding the hills around our Pennsylvania offices beats the squat rack for
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6 Microwave Muscle Meals
I once put instant coffee in my microwave oven and almost went back in time. —Steven Wright Swaps for the Top Not a cilantro fan? You can scatter on some mint, basil, scallions, or edamame. That microwave on your countertop can do so much more than j
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Smart Home
SECTION 11 PAGE 28 AMAZON ECHO SHOW Make video calls, check who’s at your front door, watch streaming video, all via voice command. $230, AWAIR AIR QUALITY TRACKER This genius will alert you through an app when it detects toxins and allerg
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Charging into Thin Air
DATE SePtember 30 LOCATION Park city,utah PHOTOGRAPHs BY ethan Scott They told me not to look up, and now I get why. I figure I’m nearing the end of the Red Bull 400. Except I actually have a 75-meter bear crawl to go. I’m already gassed and tasting
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Is This Medical Test Overused?
It’s all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourself back. —Mick Jagger Plan Your scans CTs do save lives, but they can also lead you down expensive (and scary) rabbit holes. The pain woke me up in the middle of the night. It felt like
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SECTION 01 PAGE 4 ROLAND GO:KEYS Stream audio and songs from your smartphone and create unique loops, or just, you know, play the piano. $300, LIGHT L16 The 16 modules on this device are unsettling, but the quality of its low-light 52- meg
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I Signed up for One of Those Charity Polar Bear Plunges. Now What?
Mark, Madison, WI DECEMBER Your biggest, strangest, and most embarrassing questions— answered! Shrinkage, that’s what. We found you some polar brrr advice from Scott Carney, an environmental conditioning expert and the author of What Doesn’t Kill Us.
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Eat, Drink & Be Lean: A Holiday Strategy
1 Swap out cream and sugar for cinnamon in your coffee, says Amy Gorin, R.D.N. Tastes like Christmas, and you won’t miss the sweeter, creamier version. May help lower blood sugar too. 2 Have oatmeal for breakfast. Slow-digesting carbs may trigger you
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Don’t Miss Out: Grab a Bargain
SECTION 02 GIFT GRID MILWAUKEE TICK Attach this tracker to items the neighbors borrow. Your smartphone will keep ’em honest. $29, ARTNATURALS OIL DIFFUSER Just add water and an essential oil, and let the Bluetooth provide the soothi
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Are Those Promo Code Plug-Ins Safe?
Web paranoia: a holiday classic. You’re smart to be cautious. A reputable site like the Chrome Web Store ( is a safe start, says Cisco security outreach manager Craig Williams. Internet security consultant Steve Weisman say
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The Health Report
NEW RESEARCH BULLETINS FROM AROUND THE WORLD. Two 2017 studies have raised new concerns about tattooing. One found the sweat rate of inked skin to be half that of bare skin, potentially compromising body cooling and your workout. The other discovered
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Ask the Advisors
DEBBY HERBENICK, PH.D., is director of Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion. Is it possible to have a sexually transmitted infection and not have any symptoms? I can’t stop worrying. Bob, Silver Spring, MD Yes. And the only surefir
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Your Opioid First-Aid Kit
Daily opioid use by someone in chronic pain may not necessarily mean addiction. (Requiring medication to function is common in chronic conditions like diabetes and asthma.) A more telling sign is drug use that continues despite negative consequences.
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Find Me a Non-Goofy Holiday Outfit.
I refuse to laugh at “What am i, chopped liver?” until i know what it is, and why that’s supposedly funny. cause it’s not. Ken, Reno, NV Tough crowd. The humor may be lost in the Catskills mists, but “it” is a proteinrich side dish, often unloved and
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The Best Way to Flip Out
One impossible challenge. Five days to train. Go. When the rep at Utah Olympic Park told me I wouldn’t be allowed beyond the 10.5-foot single ramp, I was a little burned. I came here to learn and execute a backflip in five days, and even though I’m a
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Do the Perfect Pullup
YOUR TRAINER Gerren Liles, N.A.S.M., Master Instructor, Project by Equinox, NYC @gerrenliles Complete 2 rounds of this circuit. The standing wall slide fires up your upper back, while the reverse plank hits your glutes, abs, and lower back. Rest 15 s
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Reason No.1 "There's Too Much Shit I Want to Do".
Glad for a few hours off from shooting Aquaman, Jason Momoa is shirtless and polishing off a bowl of chicken and peanut butter. A superhero physique requires that he ration his carbs to even enjoy Guinness. But as he’s quick to tell you, being Aquama
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Shaun White’s Olympic Drive
The Manual FOR Enlightened Living Shaun White flew home from the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi having finished fourth in the snowboarding half pipe. He’d won that event at the two previous Olympics and become a global superstar. He was 27, and for th
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Reason No.2 2018 Is Going to Be so Much Better
3. There’s never been a better time to pour a cold one. Craft beer has approached maximum saturation since its early inception in the 1980s. In 2016, craft breweries accounted for 5,234 of 5,301 U.S. breweries, the Brewers Association reports. Sift t
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Spaghetti Carbonara
WHAT YOU'LL NEED 3 OZ REGULAR OR WHOLE WHEAT ANGEL HAIR PASTA 1 EGG 1 STRIP BACON, CHOPPED 1 TBSP FRESHLY GRATED PARMESAN MINCED PARSLEY FOR GARNISH 1. In a large pan of boiling salted water, cook the pasta per package directions; drain. 2. In a smal
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Inside the Orgasm Lab
Oh god, I'am going to come. I KNOW IT WHEN I FEEL IT. I KNOW WHAT WORKS WHEN I TAKE my pleasure into my own hands. Still, I’d been told to expect performance anxiety— after all, I’m in a strange room far from home, with someone just outside the crack
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Jimmy the Bartender
STEP 2: HAVE A COW Grant Mombach, marketing manager at tunity, likes public house at the Luxor in vegas for good grub and sports. RANDY, BOZEMAN, MT As a barkeep, I’ve staked money on the “daughter or girlfriend” bet. And I always win. One easy way t
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The Men's Health Restaurant Awards
The Corner Bakery Café’s Anaheim Panini (and a half): Wake up with some protein and produce. MORE THAN A MILLION RESTAURANTS ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS in the United States. But the landscape is shifting: According to a 2017 National Restaurant Associatio
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Carve Runestone-Hard Abs
NEEDS: A TOWEL, YOUR FLOOR MOVES: DO EACH MOVE FOR 30 SECONDS; THEN REST FOR 1 5 SECONDS. DO 4 ROUNDS. Assume a plank position, your toes on the towel. Using your forearms, push your body back as far as you can, sliding the towel along. Return to the
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Justice League
Clockwise from top left: Nyght, Nightingale, Yce, Mr. Xtreme, Midnight Highwayman, Messenger. Phoenix Jones can't help but laugh when he recalls the second time he got shot in the line of duty as a real-life superhero. SUIT UP “Nyght” wears 150 pound
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Pack Smart, Travel Easy
STEP 5: CONQUER THIS TOWN Hoka One One president Wendy Yang loves Big sky, Montana, for hiking in summer and skiing in winter. Host of Food Network’s Iron Chef Showdown No matter where you are, you deserve decent coffee. This cylindrical coffee press
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Great Gear on a Budget
SECTION 05 GIFT GRID GORE FUSION RUNNING It’s breathable and lightweight, and the flat seams reduce chafing as you run. $110, CUISINART PREPEXPRESS No more bloody knuckles: Shred vegetables for salad, stir-fry, and pasta in seconds. $
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