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Get Fresh
They have a delicate, slightly velvety texture and a subtle summer-squash flavor, which makes them ideal for stuffing. My favorite is filling them with mozzarella and umami-rich anchovies followed by a quick fry in a very light batter. —ELIZABETH BLA
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T-SHIRT Rhone Celliant Our current leader in the workout-shirt derby has odor-reducing threads and four-way stretch fabric, and is comfortable and cool. We can’t vouch for Rhone’s claim that the fabric promotes blood flow. But it did make us look for
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Don’t Get Sick This Summer
Illustration by JODY HEWGILL THE MOON IS FULL, and so is the motel hot tub. So why not sneak away for a relaxing soak with the missus after the kids have passed out? First, no matter how novel that idea seems, it’s highly unlikely you’re the only per
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A Jimmy The Bartender
The woman I’m dating isn’t into beer. I’m into beer. How do I get her into beer? — CHARLIE, Reading, PA Know what she’d ask me, Charlie? “The guy I’m dating is very into beer. I’m so not into beer. Why won’t he stop trying to get me into beer?” See w
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Your Red-hot Summer Of Fitness
SEAN LAURENZ ▸ Pushups are a quick, efficient way to target the pecs, deltoids, and triceps—and you won’t look silly on your lawn. See how many you can crank out in 60 seconds. Lead with your chest rather than your hips or your neck, suggests Zack Da
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Rawlings Heart of the Hide Bryce Harper Look great, play great. Rawlings’s latest glove is all about comfort and style—its soft leather is lined with deerskin, and the color pattern is just what you’re likely to see on the Washington Nationals star’s
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The Wedding (crash) Diet
How did Men’s Health deputy editor Ben Court shed 16 pounds in 4 weeks to fit into his nuptial suit? With some dietary tweaks from nutritionist Mike Roussell, Ph.D.—and some suffering. WEEK 1 Diet: I replaced a giant breakfast bowl of cereal with 1 s
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Geek Out
Sony’s new ones Can earbuds weighing a combined 0.54 ounces shut out the world? Thanks to powerful noise-canceling tech, these Sonys can. The battery lasts three hours. $180, Samsung Gear IconX (2018) Your morning run just got simpler. No Bl
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Thrill List
Practice this on the beach first: Put your hands in the pushup position, shoulder-width apart, on top of the board—not holding the rails. This helps you hop to your feet quicker. (A quimby—that’s a beginner—who grabs the edges tends to hold on too lo
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Nike Free x Metcon A high-performing marriage of Nike’s ultralight, comfortable Flyknit material and the stable, minimal base you want in a lifting shoe. Deadlift and run short sprints with equal poise. $120, Reebok Fast Flexweave Reebok’s n
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Shred Your Arms and Abs
There are no secrets, just timeless weight-room exercises Theroux has done for decades. “We stick with the basics,” says his trainer, Rob Piela from Gotham Gym in New York City. Theroux typically works out 5 days a week. Most sessions start with 40 m
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Hyperice Hypervolt In 2016, TheraGun introduced the concept of a massage gun: Target a muscle, press the trigger, and feel its gentle pulse relax your tight spot. The shiny Hypervolt ups the ante, delivering quiet resistance with a handful of attachm
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Keep Your Cool!
You’re driving and a guy cuts you off. The driver can’t hear you, so cursing him out won’t help. Instead, do the opposite and yell out a compliment (“Have a wonderful day!”), even if it’s not genuine, says psychologist Jonathan Kaplan, Ph.D. This tra
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A Nutrition Breakthroughs
DAY STARTER Check your bag of coffee beans. Light-roast coffee may contain more disease-fighting antioxidants than darker roasts, according to a Korean study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food. When coffee processors roast the raw beans for s
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Take Your Best Shot
Photographs by Ben Watts KELLY COLE shirt, Theroux’s own, NIKE pants, $50, “I’m feeling an excessive amount of eye contact,” says Justin Theroux. So he punches me in the face. FOR THE RECORD, I wasn’t staring into Theroux’s haz
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The Five Best Foods for Your Prostate
TED CAVANAUGH This yellowish spice contains curcumin, a compound that may have anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show that curcumin disrupts how prostate-cancer cells metabolize. Recent Japanese research reinforced the idea that the compound supp
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48% OF MEN TAKE ALL THEIR VACATION TIME. Use your days! Research finds that the less vacation you take in midlife, the worse your general health, and that active vacations (even golf!) improve cardiovascular health. The mood boost and stress reductio
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The Smart Way to Drop Pounds
Q1 When should you schedule your cardio workout for maximum fat-burning impact? □ A. Before breakfast □ B. After breakfast □ C. Whenever you want C. There’s just not a whole lot of good evidence in support of “fasted cardio,” like running on an empty
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A Fitness Breakthroughs
ON THE ROAD There’s a new weapon in your quest for a faster 5K. A 12-week Pilates program helped recreational runners shave nearly 2½ minutes off their 5K times on average, according to researchers in Brazil. The exercises, which intensified weekly,
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The Old-School Road to Ripped
PHOTOGRAPHS BY BETH BISCHOFF STEP 1: THE WORKOUT Train Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; alternate between Workouts A and B. Do Workout A twice (on Mondays and Fridays) in Weeks 1 and 3; do Workout B twice in Weeks 2 and 4. Before all workouts, do th
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How A TV Commercial Spurred This Musician’s 100-pound Weight Loss
Before weight: 330 pounds Current weight: 215 pounds Age: 27 Height: 6′2″ Occupation: Jazz musician Location: Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania Time to weight loss: 2 years I never had any motivation to be healthy or exercise, and I was an emotional eater.
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“It’s competitive here. That aspect of this league is what keeps me going.”—Jeff Gomez, 25 Team Bumble Bee Tuna (black jerseys) and the Old Skool Jordans (white) from the Ultimate Hoops League in Laguna Niguel, California. ▸ DEMAR DEROZAN, Toronto Ra
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This Boy’s Life
Photographs by Benedict Evans Brody Silva is a typical 10-year-old boy: bright-eyed, curious, and restless. He wrestles; he runs track and cross-country; and he plays baseball, basketball, and football, which is the center of his life. He loves the D
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Peace, Officer
ANGIE SMITH Early on a cool, blue afternoon, Officer Eric Russell slides behind the wheel of his police cruiser and pulls away from the precinct, straight into Friday gridlock. Just nine hours removed—the minimum downtime allowed—from an 18-hour SWAT
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Tap Into Water Power
TED CAVANAUGH *NOTE THIS MAY CHANGE DEPENDING ON PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. Too much sodium and too little potassium may cause your kidneys to draw less fluid out of your blood, spiking blood pressure, says Alan Aragon, Men’s Health nutrition adviser. Emergi
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What Forges Real Grit?
When people say that football is the best, or only, way to teach toughness, they’re mistakenly equating physical punishment with mental fortitude. “When I think of toughness, I think of the survival of adversity, getting to the other side of sufferin
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Health Breakthroughs
SIREN CALL In 766 U.S. cities across 43 states where Uber operates, per capita ambulance usage fell by at least 7 percent, according to a paper by University of Kansas economist David Slusky, Ph.D., and Scripps Mercy Hospital’s Leon Moskatel, M.D. Co
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Flag Football
“I played football in high school and wanted to keep playing with my friends. This keeps us in touch.”—Kenny Coleman, 20 ▸ DEVONTA FREEMAN, Atlanta Falcons running back ▸ MELVIN GORDON, Los Angeles Chargers running back ▸ TRAE WAYNES, Minnesota Vikin
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Your 5-step Quit-soda-forever Plan
It was challenging for me to ditch the pop, but it won’t be for you. That’s because I asked experts—from the National Institutes of Health, Emory University, and Tufts University—to help me develop a plan for detoxing. —M. F. 1 Find a replacement Rat
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Outwit the Widowmaker
BRIAN STAUFFER COLIN HAYES MARLIN MOWERY was in Texas, participating in a new employee health and wellness program for his company, when he had a heart attack. It was his first meeting of a two-day workshop, and he had done one of the program’s morni
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