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It was the most 2021 of encounters. Foxy Callwood was nowhere to be found the night before, when we’d had dinner at his iconic restaurant in Great Harbour on Jost van Dyke, but here he was the following morning, hanging out at the island’s small medi
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Life In The Fast Lane
It’s tough when our heroes suddenly become mortal. For 40 years, Reginald Fountain II was the face of the company he founded, Fountain Powerboats. Always clad in black clothes adorned with the company logo and until recently his perfectly combed, jet
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Full Circle
The first rule of fishing is pretty simple: You must find the fish before you can catch them. When fishing a small body of water, locating fish is somewhat easy. But when you’re fishing for marlin or tuna along the continental shelf in several thousa
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The Legend of Al Grover
As kids, my brother and I spent many an aft ernoon exploring Al Grover’s High & Dry marina in Freeport, New York. We’d scour the ground for broken zincs, climb atop trailers and pretend they were battleships, and run along the shoreline like soldiers
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Uncharted Territory
Seven miles beneath the surface of the ocean, the pressure is 1,000 times that at sea level. Within Challenger Deep exist volcanoes, lifeforms that have evolved to withstand the pressure, and darkness. Little else is known about this deep-sea world,
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Bavaria Vido 33
Bavaria has long been known for producing a range of inboard family cruisers and sailboats at its yard in Giebelstadt, Germany. Apart from a sister company that builds catamarans in Southwestern France, and one failed dip into day boats 20 years ago,
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Joe Namath - Still in the Game
I decided to pack the jersey. It was still wrapped in a layer of squeaky plastic, but I placed it gingerly into the waterproof rucksack with the same level of care a curator would afford to an original Monet. Stepping out of the Lyft, I wondered if a
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Risk and Reward
Because boat projects sometimes crowd my little hatchback into doing double duty as a pickup truck, my most recent trip to the Betty Jane II was a solitary one. The co-pilot’s seat, ordinarily occupied by my wife, remained empty, presaging a return t
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Wally Pushes the Envelope
Wally continues to push the design envelope. The Italian yard—part of the Ferretti Group’s constellation of brands since 2019—recently announced the WHY200, an 88-foot widebody design that reportedly offers 50 percent more living space than comparabl
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That Sinking Feeling
You think your boat’s safe when it’s tucked up safely in the marina, but the facts say otherwise: According to insurance statistics, more boats sink when they’re unattended than when underway. While you’re reading this your own boat might be collecti
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Listen Up!
There’s always a story behind the articles you read in this magazine. In the Power & Motoryacht Podcast we take a deeper dive into the boats we report on and the people we interview. Join Senior Editor Simon Murray as he meets his lifelong hero, Joe
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Santa Barbara, California
Like many of California’s best-protected ports, Santa Barbara’s harbor opens to the southeast, shielded from the prevailing westerlies by the promontory of Point Conception, making it a preferred inlet for hundreds of years. Located midway along Sout
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Solaris 48 Open
Solaris is a relatively new name in the motoryacht world, but the Italian builder is more than familiar with the requirements of high-performance, luxury yachts: It has been building schooners up to 111 feet since 1974. Solaris is extending its exper
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In The Shadow Of Cousteau
A forgery, a train ticket and an address. The childhood dreams of Damien Leloup hung in the balance as he awoke in his parents’ home in the town of Montcourt-Fromonville, France. The forged sick note would get him out of school. The train ticket woul
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Power & Motoryacht
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What Makes A Legend?
There’s nothing better than a good sea story. Two of my favorites take place on the same body of water, decades apart. The first happened when I was around 10 years old; I remember being below on my family’s Egg Harbor, which was rare and reserved fo
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Sea Ray Sundancer 370
In 2018, Sea Ray ceased production of yachts over 40 feet to focus on its smaller sportboat and cruiser series. So, when an invitation came to sea-trial the builder’s first new cruiser since that landmark decision—the 2021 Sundancer 370—I jumped at t
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Sleepless in Long Beach
Ahhh, the life of a yacht designer. Some of you probably think it’s all glamorous. You imagine us choppering from the top of the Burj Al Arab hotel to the bow of some superyacht for lunch. Or cruising to the Ocean Reef Club with a client for a privat
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Running With The Wind
A powerboat magazine may not be the most logical place to discuss wind power, but then again, I’m not talking about using wind to power boats—I’m referring to wind farms that can power anything. Growth in renewable energy is everywhere in the U.S., f
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Fortune Favors the Brave
Innovation. It’s a word that’s tossed around far too often and much too cavalierly. It’s used to describe everything from media companies to toothpaste. But what is innovation? I believe that true innovation only happens outside of your comfort zone.
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Nordic Tough
We all have plenty of surreal memories to take away from these virus-stricken times, but there’s one that seems especially destined to stick in my mind: When I opened a cockpit locker and found it crammed full of packets of biscuits. It was mid-Septe
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Princess V60
It wasn’t so long ago that finding a performance sedan was quite diffcult. Just about everything was built with a flybridge. Dedicated flybridge owners often remarked that not having a flybridge was like having “half a boat.” Well, times have changed
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MCY. 76 Skylounge
It’s funny how a smell or a taste can transport you. Certain boats have that effect on me too. I spot a Viking and am immediately back in New Gretna, New Jersey. I see a Sabre or Back Cove and can smell the pines surrounding the yard in Raymond, Main
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Wax On
Every time I hear an acorn rat-a-tat-tat on the roof, my mind turns to the boat under its sleepy cover in the driveway. Those rolling nuts of doom always find a way under the cover. They’re like guided missiles in pursuit of nefarious ne’er-do-wells.
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San Diego
Boating and San Diego go quite well together—at least that’s what the U.S. Navy thinks. The Southern California port is home to 60 percent of the ships in the Navy’s fleet. After a tour of duty, many sailors opt to settle in the area for the choice w
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The Dawn of Driverless Boats
Back in the mid-’80s, in the midst of the Gulf of Mexico, well south of Galveston, Texas, and well north of the huge semi-submersible oil rigs that inhabit the Gulf’s truly deep, ink-blue water, there used to be—and still may be for all I know—a conf
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Fast Company
It was a mild, breezy day in La Spezia, Italy, cool in the shadows and pleasantly warm in the lingering, late-season sunshine. The sun was welcome, but the breeze was merely a remnant of a proper blow the day before, the kind of instantaneous gale th
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Power & Motoryacht
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Crazy Cat
Brian Schmitt is the quintessential cat person. He’s had professional photos and videos taken of his cats, and he spoils them with all kinds of toys. He’s had cats most of his life and he loves talking about them. His next cat, however, is going to b
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Chasing Happiness
Chas, Chuck, Chase, in that order—each name and human a derivation of the original Charles Kozora, may he rest in peace. Chas was called Sonnie by his parents, but the world decided against that. Chuck was named Charles, but the world saw him and sai
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