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The Time Is Now
In essays, poems, and images—from screenshots of social media to archi val photographs—Claudia Rankine searches for new pathways into conversations about race and racism. Recalling encounters with white men at airports, personal memories from college
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Return To The MFA
I REMEMBER a story I last workshopped in my MFA program. It’s a story about Soma, a call-center agent in India who has to ignore daily encounters with American racism. In my story’s climax she has to empathize with a white woman accusing Indians of b
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Telling #Stories
CAN SOCIAL MEDIA MAKE US BETTER WRITERS? IT USED to be that after a writer felt the spark of inspiration, she refined her idea in a period of incubation and reflection. She sat alone wrestling with her mind, wrangling phrases and plotlines and insigh
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Dearest Tayari
The dead eat everything—our sense of belonging, our place, and our memories are halved due to the disruption of death. For the past four months, death notices have consumed my social media timelines: Rana Zoe Mungin (COVID-19-related), Leilani Jordan
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Why We Write
AND WHY WE STOP THIS kind of thing used to thrill me—a few dozen writers huddled in a dark bar, taking turns at the mic, hooting and cheering one another afterward. I could sense the way it felt to most of them—nourishing, holy, the air charged with
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We Need New Metaphors
I’VE taught creative writing at the college and university level for seven years. I’ve taught all-ages poetry, creative writing, and performance workshops with nonprofits and community centers for the past thirteen years. I’ve experienced trauma duri
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Nate Marshall isn’t interested in being “once in a generation,” but he is a poet fiercely curious about both generation and generations. He is a poet I turn to when I’m looking for a long love song, propulsive and methodical. Like Chicago, the city w
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Dear Black Queer Boy
Dear Black Queer Boy, I know what it means to feel as if parts of yourself are missing. You look in the mirror and see a brown face, full lips, and a crooked smile. You listen to your mother when she tells you to keep your hands out of your pockets f
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AYAD Akhtar knows the truth is never simple. “The more I know, the more I see, the more lives I come in contact with, the more I understand that there is no single way of looking at anything,” he says. And there is perhaps no truth more fractured and
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MFA Programs In The Time Of COVID-19
IN MARCH, shortly before the state of California ordered its residents to shelter in place to slow the spread of the coronavirus, San Francisco State University shuttered its campus, forcing the university’s creative writing department to abruptly sh
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For updated information about more than 260 graduate programs in creative writing, including MA and PhD programs, visit our MFA Programs database, which includes details about funding, class size, core faculty, and more. Keep tabs on your application
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I was introduced to Aimee Nezhukumatathil’s work on a long drive from New Jersey to Maine, while tagging along with my friend Patrick Rosal, who was joining Adrian Blevins, Tyehimba Jess, and Gibson Fay-LeBlanc for a reading for From the Fishouse, th
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The End Of An MFA
FRIDAY night’s reception for our low-residency MFA program seemed destined, now, to feel like a wake. But I still wanted to be there. So I boarded my flight from Washington, D.C., to San Antonio, Texas, on the Tuesday morning before the Association o
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Poets & Writers Magazine
Editor in Chief KEVIN LARIMER Senior Editor DANA ISOKAWA Managing Editor ARIEL DAVIS Associate Editor EMMA KOMLOS-HROBSKY Assistant Editor SPENCER QUONG Art Director MURRAY GREENFIELD Copy Editor ANTOINE DOZOIS Diana and Simon Raab Editorial Fellow I
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To the Tentatively Hopeful
To the Tentatively Hopeful, Most human societies have fostered a discrepancy between what is generally accepted as the official story and what is widely known and experienced by the society’s actual members. In the United States our discourse is orga
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Online MFA Programs
WHEN the COVID-19 outbreak spread across the United States in the spring, forcing colleges and universities to move online for the remainder of the semester, it was business as usual for my students who take fully online creative writing courses at L
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Hashtag Highlights Anti-Black Bias
The month of June brought the continuation of daily protests around the United States, and the world, in recognition of violence against Black people and the importance of Black lives. As protests progressed, waves of social media posts and newslette
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I’m Writing To You
On June 11, during the third week of recent protests in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and against police violence, we posted an open call at pw.org inviting writers of the Black literary community to submit letters written to any individ
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Ten Online MFA Programs at a Glance
New Haven, Connecticut Offers both low-residency and fully online options. Three times per semester, classes meet either virtually in an online environment or in person at the New Haven campus. Tuition: $750 per credit hour, 39-credit program. Longme
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ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, UNLOCK THE DOOR THE FRIDAY NIGHT BEFORE THIS ISSUE WAS DUE TO THE printer marked the end of a long week of final touches on the pages you are now reading. I was looking forward to an uneventful evening with my family: Dinner was o
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Dear Fellow Black Writers
Dear Fellow Black Writers I began an earlier draft of this letter by saying, “Today, so much of what we do, so much of who we are, is an act of resistance—writing is no different,” but I couldn’t get past that first sentence. Really? Writing is an ac
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The Art of the Author Photo
I REMEMBER inspecting the cover of Alexander Chee’s debut novel, Edinburgh, the 2016 Mariner Books paperback, turning it over and gazing at his author photo. I was in my junior year of college, seeking out queer fiction for the first time. While read
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Feedback from readers Kevin Larimer’s “Maybe This Is Enough for Now” (July/August 2020), calmed the ruthless self-critic who kept nagging me for not using quarantine time to write. After reading the Editor’s Note, I recalled the 2019 Kauai Writers Co
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To My Precious Black Son
To My Precious Black Son, The purity and joy in this photo take my breath away. As your mother, I was consumed by breast milk, baby milestones, day care bills, and sleep training. Somehow the whirlwind of mothering had obscured your #blackboyjoy, unt
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Reviewers & Critics
ISMAIL Muhammad, the criticism editor at the Believer, is one of the sharpest young critics working today. Pick up any recent issue of the bimonthly literary magazine, published by the Black Mountain Institute in Las Vegas, and you’ll get a sense of
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Writing in Spanish Elevates Academia
An estimated fifty-threemillion Spanish speakers live in the United States. This is the largest Spanish-speaking population outside of Mexico and makes Spanish the second-most-spoken language in the United States. Reflecting this growing demographic,
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To Writers Struggling With Their Whiteness
To Writers Struggling With Their Whiteness, I grew up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh in a white family who taught me to identify as white; only at age twenty-seven did I learn that I had a Black biological father. As a mixed-race Black woman who had in
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GLENNA LUSCHEI PRIZE FOR AFRICAN POETRY A prize of $1,000 will be given annually for a book of poetry by an African poet published in the previous year. Writers who were born in Africa, who are a national or a resident of an African country, or whose
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Small Press Points
What makes a book a Vegetarian Alcoholic Press book? “Connectivity and transcendence,” says Freddy La Force, the editor behind the Milwaukee press. Inspired by the city’s vibrant poetry scene, La Force started Vegetarian Alcoholic Press (www.vegetari
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A Letter To The Allies
A Letter to the Allies: I’m making this about you because it is always about you. From the bliss of your ignorance to your choices of morality. You are the face of our oppression, and amid the din of these chaotic times, our eyes naturally turn to yo
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