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Europe’s Central Bank Moves Toward Introducing Digital Euro
With consumers increasingly using cashless ways to buy things, the European Central Bank took a step closer to issuing a digital version of the euro currency shared by 19 countries, saying it had to be ready to launch digital money if a changing worl
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Nobel Prizes And Covid-19: Slow, Basic Science May Pay Off
While the world wants flashy quick fixes for everything, especially massive threats like the coronavirus and global warming, next week’s Nobel Prizes remind us that in science, slow and steady pays off. It may soon do so again. Science builds upon pr
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Carbon Capture Project Would Be Largest In World
One of the largest coal-fired power plants in the U.S. Southwest would undergo a $1.4 billion overhaul as part of a proposal to keep the plant operating for at least another decade while meeting stricter environmental requirements aimed at reducing g
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Google, Oracle Meet In Copyright Clash At Supreme Court
Tech giants Google and Oracle are clashing at the Supreme Court in a copyright dispute that’s worth billions and important to the future of software development. The case before the justices Wednesday has to do with Google’s creation of the Android o
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Ivan Castilho Chief Executive Officer / Design Conception Glauco Ribeiro Chief Design Officer / Art & Graphic Design Director Michael Danglen Art & Graphic Design Producer Vinicius Souza Art & Graphic Design Producer Anderson Ulquiorra Art & Grap
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Alongside the new Apple Watch Series 6 announcement at this year’s September Event, Apple introduced an altogether more interesting concept: the affordable Apple Watch SE. Designed to tap into the price-conscious consumer market and help Apple furthe
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Small Gyms Devastated By Coronavirus Fear, Restrictions
There’s little evidence of Americans’ passion for fitness at the tens of thousands of small and independent gyms around the country. Gyms, health clubs and workout studios began reopening in late spring following government-ordered shutdowns aimed at
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Sofia Coppola’s ‘On The Rocks’ Is A Modest Delight
Few filmmakers can bring a rut to life like Sofia Coppola. When her characters are in a funk, whether it’s a Hollywood actor in between jobs, a few lost souls in a foreign place or a Queen, it’s never the stuff of melodrama. She has an eye for the co
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‘Time’ A Terrific Look At The Pull Of Loss
There is a scene in the documentary “Time” that captures a woman on the phone trying to speak to a judge’s clerk. She’s put on hold. Nothing happens as the seconds tick away. One minute becomes two. The woman is still, waiting patiently. Eventually,
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James Bond Film ‘No Time To Die’ Pushed Again, To 2021
The release of the James Bond film “No Time To Die” has been delayed again, this time to 2021, because of the effects of COVID-19 on the theatrical business. MGM, Universal and Bond producers, Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, said on Twitter t
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Hawaii Pushes Forward With Tourism Despite Safety Concerns
Despite increasing coronavirus cases across the U.S., Hawaii officials hope to reboot tourism next week by loosening months of economically crippling pandemic restrictions, including a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all arriving travelers. The plan,
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‘Dune’ Ditches 2020, While AMC Commits To Staying Open
The 2020 theatrical release calendar is getting even slimmer in the wake of the announcement that Regal cinemas are temporarily closing, although AMC, North America’s largest theater chain, says it will remain open. Warner Bros. said that its sci-fi
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Facebook Braces For Contested Election, Voter Intimidation
Facebook said it’s readied new safeguards for the 2020 U.S. elections that have it better prepared to deal with candidates who prematurely declare victory or contest official results and the possibility of voter intimidation by alleged — and potentia
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Hundreds Of Regal, Cineworld Movie Theaters To Close
In the latest blow to the beleaguered film industry, the second-largest movie theater chain in the U.S. is temporarily shuttering its locations due to a lack of blockbusters on the calendar and major domestic markets like New York remaining closed. C
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Morgan Stanley Buying Eaton Vance In Deal Valued At $7b
Morgan Stanley will buy the investment management firm Eaton Vance in a deal valued at about $7 billion. Morgan Stanley has actively gone after potential targets this year. The prosed acquisition Thursday comes just days after it closed on one of the
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Pandemic Pushes Start Of Holiday Shopping Earlier Than Ever
Add last-minute holiday shopping to the list of time-honored traditions being upended by the coronavirus pandemic. Retailers are kicking off the holiday season earlier than ever this year in hopes of avoiding big in-store crowds and shipping bottlene
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Malcolm Jenkins Starts Venture Capital Fund With NFL Players
Malcolm Jenkins has teamed with fellow NFL players to launch a venture capital fund. The three-time Pro Bowl safety and two-time Super Bowl champion launched Broad Street Ventures. The fund focuses on late stage and growth stage technology and consum
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Airbnb Blocking Some Rentals Over Halloween To Halt Parties
Airbnb will prohibit one-night rentals over Halloween weekend as part of its ongoing effort to crack down on party houses. The action comes nearly a year after a deadly shooting at an Airbnb in Orinda, California. Five people were killed in the shoot
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2 Scientists Win Nobel Chemistry Prize For Gene-editing Tool
The Nobel Prize in chemistry went to two researchers Wednesday for a gene-editing tool that has revolutionized science by providing a way to alter DNA, the code of life — technology already being used to try to cure a host of diseases and raise bette
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Lilly Seeks Emergency Use Of Its Antibody Drug For Covid-19
A drug company says it has asked the U.S. government to allow emergency use of an experimental antibody therapy based on early results from a study that suggested the drug reduced symptoms, the amount of virus, hospitalizations and ER visits for pati
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Prince William, David Attenborough Launch ‘Earthshot’ Award
Prince William has joined forces with renowned British broadcaster and naturalist David Attenborough to launch a new environmental award Thursday, the Earthshot Prize, which has grand ambitions to “incentivize change and help to repair our planet ove
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Boeing Says Pandemic Will Cut Demand For Planes For A Decade
Boeing is lowering its expectations around demand for new planes over the next decade as the coronavirus pandemic continues to undercut air travel. The company predicted that the world will need 18,350 new commercial airplanes in the next decade, a d
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Nice Knowing You: London Heathrow’s Farewell To Ba’s Jumbos
British Airways’ last two Boeing 747 planes at the airline’s historic base of London’s Heathrow Airport made their final flight Thursday, the fleet’s retirement having been brought forward by the coronavirus pandemic. To mark the occasion, the two pl
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Microsoft Plans $1 Billion Data Center Venture In Greece
Microsoft has announced plans to build three data center sites in greater Athens, providing a badly needed investment of up to $1 billion to the Greek economy which has been hammered by the pandemic. The news was announced this week by the U.S. tech
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French Court: Google Must Open Payment Talks With Publishers
A French appeals court upheld an order for Google to open negotiations with French publishers over payments to use their news content. The Paris Court of Appeal sided with France’s competition authority, which had ordered the U.S. tech company to dis
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Nvidia Says It Will Build Uk’s Most Powerful Supercomputer
Graphics chip maker Nvidia said this week it plans to build Britain’s fastest supercomputer that healthcare researchers can use to work on medical problems including COVID-19. Nvidia, based in Santa Clara, California, said it will spend 40 million po
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3 Scientists Win Nobel Physics Prize For Black Hole Research
Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in physics for establishing the all-too-weird reality of black holes — the straight-out-of-science-fiction cosmic monsters that suck up light and time and will eventually swallow us, too. Roger Penrose of Britain,
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Uk’s Johnson Promises To Use Pandemic As Catalyst For Change
Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised to use the COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst to build a stronger Britain led by private enterprise, and took aim at “potshot, snipeshot” opponents who want to prolong government bailout programs forever. In a somet
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Unemployment Marches Higher In Europe As Pandemic Grinds On
Unemployment rose for a fifth straight month in Europe in August and is expected to grow further amid concern that extensive government support programs won’t be able keep many businesses hit by coronavirus restrictions afloat forever. The jobless ra
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Cyberattack Hobbles Major Hospital Chain’s Us Facilities
A computer outage at a major hospital chain thrust healthcare facilities across the U.S. into chaos Monday, with treatment impeded as doctors and nurses already burdened by the coronavirus pandemic were forced to rely on paper backup systems. Univers
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