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Hawaiian Airlines Exploring Electric Aircraft Technology
Hawaiian Airlines is exploring electric aircraft technology with a company based in Boston. The airline is interested in using the vehicles for travel between Hawaii’s islands, Hawaii News Now reported. The company called REGENT is designing“seaglide
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Mcdonald’s Era In Russia Coming To A Close, Restaurants Sold
McDonald’s is selling all of its restaurants in Russia 30 years after the burger chain became a powerful symbol of easing Cold War tensions between the United States and Soviet Union. The company shuttered hundreds of locations in March after Russia
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NBC, Fox Offer Fall Television Plans, To A Point Amid Change
Something was missing when Fox announced its plans for the fall television season: a schedule. It was one of several signs of how the business has changed since networks resumed their annual glitzy presentations for advertisers, which had been suspen
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Argo Touts Driverless Operations In Miami And Austin, Texas
An autonomous vehicle technology company that partners with Ford and Volkswagen says it has started driverless operations in two of eight cities where it is developing its technology. Pittsburgh-based Argo AI has pulled drivers from its autonomous ca
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2022 Is The Year Of All-inclusive Travel, And Here’s Why
The hotel name Zoetry (in Zoetry Montego Bay Jamaica) has an umlaut mark over the letter “e.” For some travelers, all-inclusive hotels conjure up images of flavorless food served under a heat lamp in lush and vibrant destinations where guests never a
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Ny Agency Files Discrimination Complaint Against Amazon
A state agency in New York has filed an administrative complaint against Amazon, alleging the e-commerce giant discriminated against pregnant and disabled workers by denying them “reasonable accommodations” and forcing them to take unpaid leave, Gov.
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‘Twitter Philanthropy’ Reveals Chasms In Social Safety Net
Single father Billy Price was already struggling to make ends meet before someone broke into his Michigan storage unit, stole his identity and ruined his credit. Price filed a police report, and then tweeted about it to Bill Pulte, a multimillionaire
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Dusty Demise For NASA Mars Lander In July; Power Dwindling
A NASA spacecraft on Mars is headed for a dusty demise. The Insight lander is losing power because of all the dust on its solar panels. NASA said it will keep using the spacecraft’s seismometer to register marsquakes until the power peters out, likel
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MacBook Air Rumors Apple : What ’s 2022 to redesign expect with
With an overhauled MacBook Air reportedly just around the corner, experts are gearing themselves up for a new generation of computing. Likely to sport the M2 chip and an all-new design, the upcoming MacBook Air refresh could be one of the most signif
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With Roe In Doubt, Some Fear Tech Surveillance Of Pregnancy
When Chandler Jones realized she was pregnant during her junior year of college, she turned to a trusted source for information and advice. Her cellphone. “I couldn’t imagine before the Internet, trying to navigate this,” said Jones, 26, who graduate
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Musk’s China Ties Add Potential Risks To Twitter Purchase
Elon Musk’s ties to China through his role as electric car brand Tesla’s biggest shareholder could add complexity to his bid to buy Twitter. Other companies that want access to China give in to pressure to follow Beijing’s positions on Taiwan and oth
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A Bezos-biden Squabble: Can Corporate Taxes Tame Inflation?
Jeff Bezos this weekend became the latest centibillionaire to launch a political fight on Twitter by denouncing a tweet from President Joe Biden about corporate taxes as “disinformation” and “misdirection.” The White House quickly retorted Monday tha
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Biden Administration To Release $45b For Nationwide Internet
The Biden administration is taking the first steps to release $45 billion to ensure that every U.S. resident has access to high-speed internet by roughly 2028, inviting governors and other leaders to start the application process. Commerce Secretary
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Nissan Mulling Third Auto Plant In The Us To Meet Ev Demand
Nissan is considering adding a new auto plant in the U.S. to keep up with growing demand for electric vehicles, a top executive at the Japanese automaker said. “It may not be a surprise that we go for a third plant,” Chief Operating Officer Ashwani G
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Park Outdoors: Ford Recalls SUVs Due To Engine Fire Risk
Ford is asking the owners of 350,000 vehicles in to take them to dealers for repairs in three recalls, including about 39,000 that should be parked outdoors because the engines can catch fire. Ford says in U.S. government documents posted Thursday th
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Consumers Shift Again, Flummoxing Big Retailers Like Target
The pandemic vastly changed the way Americans spend money and now as they return to pre-pandemic behavior, they’re tripping up retailers again. That dynamic has only been intensified in recent months as inflation jumps sharply, and the latest financi
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Ivan Castilho Chief Executive Officer / Design Conception Milene Mencari Graphic Production Coordinator Natielly Dias Graphic Design Producer Saulo Cardoso Graphic Design Producer Ketlyn Hanna Graphic Design Producer Claudio Magalhaes Graphic De
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A Bear Market May Be On The Horizon. Here’s What That Means
Investors on Wall Street need a place to hide. The stock market’s skid this year has pulled the S&P 500 close to what’s known as a bear market. Rising interest rates, high inflation, the war in Ukraine and a slowdown in China’s economy have caused in
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‘Top Gun’ Sequel A Welcome Trip To The Danger Zone
Early on in “Top Gun: Maverick,” Tom Cruise hops on his sleek motorcycle, wearing Aviator sunglasses and a leather jacket with patches, and speeds into a time machine. No, that’s not right. It’s actually us who take a trip back. More than 30 years
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Musk Wars With Twitter Over His Buyout Deal - On Twitter
Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised that taking over Twitter would enable him to rid the social media platform of its annoying“spam bots.”Now he’s arguing — without presenting any evidence — that there might be just too many of those automated accounts for
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4 Ways To Protect Your Small Business From Cyberattacks
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses have quickly adopted remote working and transitioned to new technologies, such as contactless payments and online ordering. Unfortunately, these adjustments have come with increased risks
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Menaced By Flames, Nuclear Lab Peers Into Future Of Wildfire
Public schools were closed and evacuation bags packed this week as a stubborn wildfire crept within a few miles of the city of Los Alamos and its companion U.S. national security lab — where assessing apocalyptic threats is a specialty and wildland f
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Harleydavidson Suspends Production For 2 Weeks, Shares Fall
Harley-Davidson announced a two-week suspension of vehicle assembly and most shipments, citing a regulatory compliance issue with one of its suppliers. Shares tumbled almost 8% after the announcement. The decision was made Wednesday “out of an abunda
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Congress Dives Into Ufos, But No Signs Of Extraterrestrials
Congress held its first hearing in half a century on unidentified flying objects. And no, there is still no government confirmation of extraterrestrial life. Testifying before a House Intelligence subcommittee, Pentagon officials did not disclose add
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Google’s Russian Business Plans To File For Bankruptcy
Google says its Russian subsidiary is planning to file for bankruptcy because it can’t pay staff and suppliers. Russian state media reported Wednesday that the U.S. tech company’s Russian subsidiary, Google LLC, submitted notice of its intention to d
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Learn Your Parents’ Financial Plans Asap
My mom died at age 61, when I was 31. Seeing her headstone in a field of others smacked me with a brutal, if obvious fact: Everyone, including everyone’s parents, will die. I promise I’m not trying to depress you. I want to prepare you, as this loss
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Self Service Repair
As Apple officially launches its Self Service Repair program in the United States, consumers can now purchase genuine Apple parts and tools and fix broken iPhones and Macs, setting a new standard for repairs and empowering consumers. The scheme offer
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Supplies Launched To China’s New Space Station For Next Crew
A Chinese cargo vessel docked with the country’s under-construction space station Tuesday ahead of a new three-person crew expected to arrive next month. The Tianzhou-4 spacecraft was slung into space atop a Long March-7 Y5 rocket at 1:56 a.m. from t
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Save On Family Travel Without Stressing
My family didn’t travel much when I was a kid, but when we did, my parents jumped through hoops to cut costs. On a trip to Disney World, for example, our family of six switched hotels. Every. Night. My mom worked for a hotel chain and could get one f
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Amazon Fires 2 Union Organizers Tied To First U.s. Labor Win
Amazon has fired two employees with ties to the grassroots union that led the first successful U.S. organizing effort in the retail giant’s history. The company confirmed Tuesday that it fired Michal, or ‘Mat,’ Cusick and Tristan Dutchin of the Amazo
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