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Full Works
Photography by DAVID DEWHURST David Bailey at the 1985 Daytona Supercross event, wearing the No. 1 plate (a style that was only his, and the last year of factory MX bikes). Note the raw metal exhaust, blued from welding. In January 1982, David Bailey
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Wayne Rainey’s quadrophenia
By ERIC JOHNSON Photography by TOM RILES, GOLD & GOOSE Wayne Rainey was placed on this earth to be a motorcycle racer. Raised in Downey, California, he started at age 9 when his family lived less than 10 minutes from Ascot Park. Now long gone to urba
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By KEVIN CAMERON Photography by DOUGLAS MACRAE Here in all its dark, fluid grace is the AJS Porcupine, a parallel-twin that was England’s postwar bid to rise above the limited power of traditional British racing singles with more cylinders and higher
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Honda's New Flight
By Steve Anderson Kazuho Nakai, the second engineer on the new Gold Wing project, explains: “We wanted to give the Gold Wing customer a more premium experience. We wanted to appeal to younger riders and make it sportier.” But Nakai’s description only
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Cal’s Cali Café
ByJohn L. Stein Photography by Stoney’s Photography For most people, reality TV is little more than vicarious entertainment. But for transplanted Irishman Paul Crozier, the Cafe Racer program on Velocity five years ago became pure inspiration. After
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Daddy, What’s A Carburetor?
BY KEVIN CAMERON Thinking about Suter Racing’s MMX500 offering—its $130,000 replica 500 GP two-stroke V-4—I realize why they gave this bike four-stroke-style throttle body fuel injection. They did it because selling the bike with carburetors would ha
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Great Expectations
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Of Style And Substance
BySean MacDonaldPhotography byJeff Allen BMW R nineT Racer vs. Triumph Thruxton 1200 Café racers, with their sleek lines, beautiful bodywork, classic looks, and aggressive riding position,are what first drew me to motorcycles. I didn’t grow up around
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The Waiting Game
ByBradley AdamsPhotography ByJeff Allen Aprilia RSV4 RRvs. Honda CBR1000RRvs. Suzuki GSX-R1000vs. Yamaha YZF-R1 THE OLDER GENTLEMAN at the guard shack doesn’t appear to be in a hurry. The world waits. Or at least our world waits as he shuffles past t
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The White Arrow
Photography by JEFF ALLEN To the casual observer, Husqvarna is an off-road brand, and always has been. The Swedish marque was in the vanguard of motocross in the 1960s and will forever be associated with legends like Bud Edkins and Malcolm Smith, but
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Strange Partners
The artist, scientist, and engineer influence one another because they share the same world. Physicists of 1900 were nervous because theory and experiment could not in important respects be reconciled without making upsetting assumptions. Albert Eins
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Magic glass
By STEVE ANDERSON Photography by DREW RUIZ Arthur C. Clark famously said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. That certainly applies to face shields, goggles, and glasses that automatically darken. That sorcery h
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Get Lost
Story and photography by BARRY HATHAWAY Back in 1849, the forgotten soul who gave Death Valley its name escaped that godforsaken desert with fewer men in his party than he started with. In the years since, infernal heat and scarce water have killed q
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The Big Question
By Kevin Cameron Photo by David Dewhurst HONDA WAS SUFFICIENTLY IMPRESSED TO LICENSE ELF CONCEPTS FOR PLANNED MASS PRODUCTION, BUT AFTER ELF-5 OF 1988 ALL BECAME SILENT. After so many promising beginnings by chassis innovators, why has it taken so lo
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2018 Harley-davidson Heritage Classic
By Don Canet Photography By Jeff Allen The Motor Company announced its newly designed family of 2018 Milwaukee-Eight-powered Softail models. Technical Editor Kevin Cameron whetted our appetite with an in-depth analysis of what has been touted as “the
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The North Rim
ByZach Bowman Photography by Jeff Allen The road ran us out of Sedona, the sky kettle black and upturned. Rain poured onto that red desert, flooding usually dry washes with a thick slurry of sand and water. We saw it coming, a wall of weather punctua
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Dynamic Changes At Harley-davidson: Adios, Dyna!
ByKevin Cameron HARLEY-DAVIDSON’S BIG TWIN CRUISER line has been redesigned for the new century in “the largest product development project in company history.” It’s not easy being The Motor Company. Having created the most successful motorcycle styl
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High-performance Attaché
ByPaul d ’OrléansPhotography byYve A ssad CELL PHONES DON’T WORK IN RURAL NEW HAMPSHIRE, which is fine with Walt Siegl after 20 years of living and working in New York City. He’s nearly off the grid—and out of the hubbub where he founded Walt Siegl M
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Dan Gurney
Photography from THE DAN GURNEY COLLECTION During the 1968 South African Grand Prix, Gurney takes a seat on Mike Hailwood’s Honda 250cc Six. Dan Gurney—champion racecar driver, vehicle engineer, motorcyclist, and racing-car builder—died this year at
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The Workhorse
Photography by JEFF ALLEN Aluminum is everywhere that either lightweight structure or high thermal and electrical conductivity are required. The typical sportbike has an aluminum cylinder block, head, and crankcases, plus a welded aluminum chassis an
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By MARK HOYER Photography by DREW RUIZ D3O really does call the base material used in its armor “orange goo,” but that’s mostly because those of us who are not scientists or engineers glaze over when we hear “dilatants are a non-Newtonian fluid.” But
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The First Taste
By Morgan Gales Standing in the same paddock that Marc Marquez used during the Japanese round of the MotoGP World Championship, I could see the very seat where I peered through rain to watch the race just three days earlier. I never thought I would s
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Call Me Bob, But Don’t Call Me Dyna
By Mark Hoyer Photography by Jeff Allen Among the letters that came in following the October 2017 “Softail Supreme” issue, there were those essentially saying, “Yay, Harley!” and, “Boo! Harley,” in roughly equal measure. Some folks were comparing the
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Why Wires?
ByMark Lindemann PHOTOGRAPH BY Drew Ruiz Forget about that red-state/blue-state thing, or which bathroom to use, or burgers or burritos, boxers or briefs. We’re talking about the state of the motorcycling union. Wheels, specifically. Wire or cast? In
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First Ride: 2018 Harley-davidson Soft Ails
ByPeter EganPhotography byBrian J. Nelson MOTORCYCLE DESIGNERS the world over must currently be asking themselves the question famously (and repeat edly) posed by Axl Rose a few years back, which is, “Where do we go now?” The motorcycle market has so
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Isle Of Man Tt
By Mark Hoyer THE VIEW FROM INSIDE THE PADDOCK MICHAEL DUNLOP Senior TT Winner By now we’ve all seen the bonkers videos of Isle of Man TT racers lapping at 130-mph average speeds, head-shaking or crashing between hedges and rock walls (if they are lu
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Life On The Street
Rain is the only thing that could put a damper on a 350-mile day aboard the latest crop of literbikes. And it’s raining. Not hard. But strong enough to have us second-guessing our ride plan. “Maybe if we ignore it and just keep riding, it’ll go away,
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Photography by DREW RUIZ Here’s what tends to happen after you’ve worn a great modular helmet for a while: Your standard non-flip-up full-face helmet begins to look like a house without doors. An open-face seems like a house with holes for doors but
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