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As English Evolves, I’m Increasingly Stumped
The classic 1951 science fiction film “The Day the Earth Stood Still” features an indestructible robot (Gort) whose threatening actions are tamed only when an earthling is told – by a sympathetic alien – to command it, “Klaatu barada nikto.” What doe
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It’s Official: US Residents Can Now Sponsor Refugees. Here’s How.
From California to Connecticut, Americans have welcomed thousands of recent arrivals seeking refuge over the past two years. Building on sponsorship models for Afghans, Ukrainians, and Venezuelans, the Biden administration last month launched an init
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What Does Forgiveness Mean? A Canadian Bus Crash, Five Years Later.
Because of Jaskirat Singh Sidhu, Christina Haugan’s husband is dead. But every April 6, she feels tugged toward the inexperienced semi driver who, on that day in 2018, barreled across the Canadian prairie through a blinking rural crossroad stop sign,
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Wunderkind British Explorer’s Life Demonstrates Ice-hard Resolve
In March 1931, a young Englishman sat alone, buried alive inside a tiny makeshift weather station under nearly 10 feet of snow, at the very center of Greenland’s massive ice cap. For Augustine Courtauld, whose wealthy family had financed the expediti
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Why Is Democratic India Helping Russia Avoid Western Sanctions?
Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine a year ago, the West has tried to curtail Moscow’s ability to finance the war by restricting its lucrative energy exports. Over that same time, Asia’s biggest democracy, India, has ramped up its imports of Russian o
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The Bonds That Earthquakes Can’t Shake
Within hours after the devastating earthquakes in southern Turkey and northern Syria early Monday, more than 60 nations pledged support. That compassion even reached across enemy lines. Israel has said it would send aid to Syria. Russians and Ukraini
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How Sarah Kidd, The Wife Of A Pirate Captain, Reinvented Herself
Among English ballads exists a song about the 18th-century pirate Capt. William Kidd. Although not entirely factual, it describes a man who murdered another sailor before it concludes: “Take warning now by me, and shun bad company,” or else listeners
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The Defusing Of The Cuban Missile Crisis Involved Delicate Diplomacy
It has been 60 years since the Cuban missile crisis, a two-week standoff between the United States under President John F. Kennedy and the Soviet Union under Premier Nikita Khrushchev. The two countries’ brinkmanship brought the world to the edge of
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Can Joe Biden Win Back Americans’ Confidence?
President Joe Biden’s first two years in office have been a study in contrasts: of highs and lows, triumphs and tragedies, stability and chaos. The nation has so far avoided a recession, and economic forecasts are looking rosier, with unemployment at
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A Curlicue Of Hope For Cursive Writing
I can still see and feel the sheets of white, blue-lined paper on which I learned cursive writing. Cursive was an obligatory lesson of early education in my day. Connecting all the letters in a word in a wobbly flow and with my own individualistic sl
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Panther, Puma, Cougar: All Names For The Same Cat
My family and I were in Florida recently and we saw road signs warning of “panther crossing.” My son imagined panthers stalking the swamps. I thought maybe they were mountain lions. We looked it up online and discovered that the Florida panther is “a
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Power Of Peace In Iran’s Protests
Last week, Iran’s ruling clerics began a 10-day anniversary celebration of the 1979 revolution that created the Islamic Republic. Yet nearly five months into mass protests against the regime, public enthusiasm for the commemoration is, to say the lea
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Do Americans Have A Right To Fix Their Own Stuff?
Surrounded on all sides by blinking screens, Jim Moore helms the deck of his computer fix-it shop, MotherBoards Tech.  Here from his home-based workbench the self-described “total geek” has steered his business for nearly 25 years. Meanwhile, the sma
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In Defense Of Punctuation, A Texter’s Lament
I have always been sensitive to punctuation. It sets the pace for the prose and tells it when to gallop or stop or just pull up slightly and peer over the fence. And I have my preferences. I use fewer commas than my English teachers would have liked
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‘Work That Leads To Joy’: White Men Who Recognize Privilege, Fight Racism
The focus of Black History Month is and always should be the achievements of Black Americans. But if you’d consider being radically inclusive for a moment, I’d like to give a shoutout to some white men this year. This is a necessary exception because
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Crocus Blooms In The Living Room? Kashmir's Saffron Farmers Get Creative.
Abdul Majeed Wani uses a flashlight to carefully inspect his blooming saffron crocus plants in red plastic baskets placed on iron racks. He’s deliberately deprived this small room of natural light, covering the windows to “maintain the quality” of th
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Balloon Burst Hopes For US-China Trust-building. What Now?
A rare opportunity for the United States and China to revive critical dialogues blew up in a plume of smoke this weekend as a U.S. Air Force jet downed a suspected Chinese spy balloon off the South Carolina coast. Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said Chi
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New Harvests: Skinny Trees In The Amazon, Tomatoes Instead Of Rice
The rate of violent victimization dropped from 79.8 to 16.5 per 1,000 people age 12 or older between 1993 and 2021. The findings measure rape, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault. Between 2012 and 2021, the violent victimi
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Plucking Peru From A Democratic Plunge
Violent clashes between protesters and police in Peru in recent weeks have sharpened fears that the South American country is edging closer to a failed state. It has had six presidents in as many years. At least 58 people have been killed during demo
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Inequality In Decline? Tech Jobs Fade, Waitstaff Jobs Boom.
On one side of Chauncy Street in downtown Boston last week, laid-off tech workers came to the headquarters of internet provider Starry to drop off their company equipment and say goodbye. “It’s sad,” says the security guard downstairs. “I tell them I
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‘Full Time’: Propulsive Film Turns Working And Parenting Into A Thriller
Considering how much of our days and nights are taken up in the workplace, it’s remarkable how rarely this is dramatized in the movies. People in films may hold jobs, but we do not often see how their lives might revolve around them. Perhaps the reas
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As Ukraine’s Economy Reels, Ukrainians Find Ways To Soldier On
Last January, Oleksandr Kachanovskyy and his family put all their savings into two big purchases: a new car and new furniture for their home in Mariupol. A month later, Russia’s invasion destroyed that second purchase. Shelling and street fighting le
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Turkey In NATO: Inscrutable, Unreliable, But Indispensable
Two strongman leaders could go a long way to determining how the Ukraine war ends. Both are intolerant of dissent, both harbor 21st-century ambitions fueled by nostalgia for vanished empires, and both are scornful of what they see as America’s outsiz
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How Common Are Killings By Police? How Often Are Officers Prosecuted?
When Chicagoan Laquan McDonald died in a hail of bullets after fleeing police in 2014, the city refused to release dashcam footage. What it showed was one officer shooting a retreating Mr. McDonald, and then pumping over a dozen more bullets into the
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From Reporter To Teacher: Helping Prisoners Find Their Voice
It is a Monday at Everglades Correctional Institution (ECI), a place few outsiders want to – or ever will – visit.  Incarcerated men line up for a head count against the Brutalist beige backdrop of the state prison west of Miami, not far from the glo
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Sanctions Aren't Keeping Name Brands Out Of Russia. Why Not?
The sanctions imposed after Russia invaded Ukraine were supposed to prevent it. But Russian audiences have been enjoying “Avatar: The Way of Water,” James Cameron’s new blockbuster film, much as they have most Hollywood movies in recent decades. It’s
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Pockets Of Progress With Otherworldly Purposes
It is a mark of progress in honest governance that a few experts are starting to ask this question: Do national laws against corruption apply in outer space? The question is not so far-fetched. One American company, Lonestar, plans to put computer se
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Palestinians See Fewer Paths To Safety Amid Violence With Israel
Community watches, neighbors as first responders, the creation of local militias: After a spike in Israeli-Palestinian violence and the deadliest month in the West Bank in years, Palestinians who feel vulnerable and abandoned say they have dwindling
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Endurance Test: How Sri Lanka’s Batik Artists Keep The Craft Alive
Jezima Mohammed has run a small workshop and boutique, Jez Look Batiks, from her home in Matara, Sri Lanka, for nearly seven decades. Now in her 80s, she still works every day. When visitors stop by, the batik artist proudly shows off framed letters
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Trumpet Star Ibrahim Maalouf Doesn’t Put Music – Or People – In Boxes
It’s almost unheard of for a modern-day trumpet player to break out from the niche world of jazz clubs. But Ibrahim Maalouf, who fills arenas in France and attracts sizable audiences worldwide, doesn’t make music that sounds like that of a typical tr
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