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Opportunistic Yankees Walk Away With The Win Over Angels
ANAHEIM, Calif. - Cody Allen may have put it best Wednesday afternoon, when the struggling reliever was discussing his demotion from the closer role with a group of reporters outside the Los Angeles Angels clubhouse. "This game is humbling," the vete
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George Skelton: Golden State Killer Trial Could Put Anti-death-penalty Governor In Hot Water With Voters
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - One year ago Wednesday, a former policeman was arrested and accused of being the Golden State Killer who raped and murdered up and down California in the 1970s and '80s. If anyone deserves the death penalty, it's the Golden State
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Clippers Fight Off Warriors To Force A Game 6
OAKLAND, Calif. - After eight months and 86 games together, Doc Rivers knew his team. But in 20 seasons as an NBA coach, he's learned to never assume. Elimination games can reveal unforeseen things, and the Los Angeles Clippers' coach had witnessed s
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Review: Pink And Lizzo Make Mature, Non-icky Empowerment Pop
Pink and Lizzo both begin their new albums with funny, blaring, slightly rough-edged retro-R&B numbers in which each woman addresses a man who's done her wrong - or is sure to in the future. In Pink's "Hustle," she's warning such a manipulator agains
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Jared Harris Is A 'Game Of Thrones' Super Fan And Shared These Episode 3 Predictions
Most everyone who watches "Game of Thrones" has a theory or two about how "Game of Thrones" will end. But during a recent chat with Jared Harris about his phenomenal performance in the upcoming HBO miniseries "Chernobyl," I asked the actor to share h
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Commentary: The Supreme Court Needs To Lift Its Cone Of Silence On Oral Arguments
On Tuesday the Supreme Court heard arguments in one of the most momentous cases it will decide this year: whether Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross violated the law by insisting that a question about U.S. citizenship be added to the 2020 census. But
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The Real Problem With The Mueller Report: It Should Have Been A Musical
For the past week, the Mueller report has been dissected, deconstructed, analyzed and psychoanalyzed. But where many see a damning portrait of Russian interference and President Trump's mendacity, I see ... a potentially terrific musical. No, serious
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Editorial: The Academy Wisely Ignored Hollywood's Grumbling Old Guard To Embrace The Future
Ignoring the grumbling from many in Hollywood, the governing board of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voted Tuesday evening not to make it harder for movies financed by Netflix and other streaming services to qualify for Oscars. Any m
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Review: Netflix's Haunted Horror Show 'Chambers' May Be Uma Thurman's 'Stranger Things'
In "Chambers," a fine new supernatural horror mystery dropping onto Netflix at midnight Friday, Sivan Alyra Rose plays Sasha, a Native American high school student in a working-class Arizona town who suffers a massive heart attack while trying to los
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Commentary: Remember When Trump Promised To Drain The Swamp, Not Restock It?
At some point even avid Trumpsters are going to have to start asking themselves why this administration has so much trouble understanding ethical lines, and how not to cross them. The latest entry into the "Swamp? What Swamp?" sweepstakes: The Interi
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One Of Southern California's Last Model And Hobby Shops Will Close Because Of Rising Rent
LOS ANGELES - Evett's Model Shop has gotten unusual requests over its 71 years of operation, but few have been as weird as the one in January from YouTube car comedy channel Donut Media: Help a Bugatti built from Lego bricks go really fast, maybe eve
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Commentary: Reparations Aren't About Money
A commission to study government redress for the atrocities of slavery and Jim Crow - what is popularly referred to as "black reparations" - is the subject of bills introduced in Congress. Most Democratic presidential contenders also have come out in
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Joe Biden Enters The Presidential Race, Testing Whether His Time Has Come — Or Come And Gone
WASHINGTON - When Joe Biden ran for president for the first time, 30 years ago, the World Wide Web had not yet been invented. When he ran again 10 years ago, Twitter was in its infancy. Now, with his announcement Thursday that he is launching a third
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Police Tweet Calls Muslim American Congresswoman 'Un-American'
LOS ANGELES - A tweet posted on a California police department's official Twitter account that called a Muslim American politician "un-American" had tongues wagging this week. Officials initially said the Fontana Police Department's account had been
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NFL Draft Needs 2019: A Team-by-team Look
The NFL draft will be held Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Nashville, Tenn. Here's a look at each team's needs by division. ___ AFC WEST ___ Broncos: Denver has its temporary answer at quarterback in Joe Flacco, but it's possible the Broncos take a
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Editorial: Trump Just Declared Himself Immune To Congressional Oversight
When Democrats won control of the House of Representatives in last November's blue wave, it seemed as if Congress might finally start performing oversight of the Trump administration after two years of see-no-evil Republican leadership. This week, ho
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Steve Lopez: An Unscientific Survey Of Young People On 2020
Robert Nava ordered his breakfast at Eggslut and sat down to relax Tuesday at Grand Central Market, only to be bothered by a stranger. My apologies. It's what I do. CNN had broadcast a town hall meeting Monday night in which five Democratic president
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Marquise 'Hollywood' Brown Ready To Take Thrilling Ride At NFL Draft
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The first round of the NFL draft unfolds Thursday night, and Marquise "Hollywood" Brown is strapping in for the ride of his life. He's among the most coveted receivers in this class, yet all the defensive talent is in the spotlight
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Rami Malek Joins 'Bond 25' Cast, Promising Daniel Craig's 007 Won't Have An Easy Ride
The newest James Bond film, currently known as "Bond 25," is taking shape, most recently with a high-profile live reveal on Thursday. Appearing during the start of production from GoldenEye in Jamaica - where author Ian Fleming wrote the iconic super
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Trump's Withdrawal From TPP Trade Deal Is Hurting U.S. Exports To Japan
WASHINGTON - One of Donald Trump's first acts as president was to pull the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the 12-nation free-trade deal that President Obama negotiated but left unfinished. Trump derided the pact as a bad deal for
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The Real Climate Change Controversy: Whether To Engineer The Planet In Order To Fix It
In 1965, leading scientists of the day produced a report for President Lyndon B. Johnson on the rampant pollution of the environment. It included a section that summed up their understanding of climate change. "Through his worldwide industrial civili
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Sri Lanka Was A Popular Travel Destination. Bombings Are 'A Big Blow' To Its Vital Tourism
COLOMBO, Sri Lanka - Kithsiri De Silva, the head chef at Sri Lanka's venerable Kingsbury Hotel, walked through the main restaurant during breakfast Sunday, greeting diners and surveying the extravagant buffet. He would have seen, he thinks now with d
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Commentary: The NeverTrump Movement Is On Terminal Life Support
With the over-hyped but underwhelming conclusion of the Mueller investigation, whatever dreams NeverTrumpers within the GOP had of removing the president from office have vanished. Their last flicker of hope lies in mounting a Republican primary chal
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Rams' No. 1 Priority In NFL Draft Could Be Finding Gems In Later Rounds Again
LOS ANGELES - This year, at least, there will be suspense for the Rams. They hold the 31st pick in the first round of the NFL draft, which begins Thursday in Nashville. They must decide whether to use the pick, trade back for more picks or - far more
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Michael Hiltzik: California Utilities Use Wildfires As An Excuse To Wring Ratepayers Dry
It always was predictable that California's utilities would ask for a heap of government assistance to cover their financial liabilities resulting from two years of epic wildfires. What wasn't so predictable was how deep they would try to reach into
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General Manager Tom Telesco Has Helped Produce Great Drafts For Chargers, But No Titles
LOS ANGELES - They've made some great runs in April. Unfortunately for the Los Angeles Chargers, the NFL holds its Super Bowl in February. "We just don't grade our draft classes," Tom Telesco said. "We don't do a lot of that assessment. It really com
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SpaceX 'Anomaly' Happened During Test Of Crew Dragon Escape-system Engines
SpaceX was test-firing the escape-system engines on its Crew Dragon capsule when this weekend's accident occurred, a NASA safety advisory board said Thursday. It's not clear what happened Saturday to cause a plume of orange smoke to billow above the
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Lawsuit Alleges Sexual Assault By Former California Democratic Party Chairman Eric Bauman
LOS ANGELES - A California Democratic Party employee sued the organization in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Wednesday, alleging he was repeatedly groped and sexually assaulted by former Chairman Eric Bauman. William Floyd, who served as Bauman
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Putin And Kim Meet In Summit Heavy On Pleasantries But Light On Specifics
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time Thursday in a summit filled with gifts, pleasantries and champagne, but with few specifics on how to achieve what both men have said they want - denucleariza
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'Crime Against Humanity': Passionate Parents Speak Out Against California's Vaccine Bill
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Hundreds of parents lined the corridors of the state Capitol on Wednesday, alternatively pleading and demanding that lawmakers reject a bill that would tighten the state's school immunization law. The emotional testimony on the c
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