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At Paris Summit, US And EU Vow Coordinated Tech Standards To Counter China
After two days of intensive talks in Paris, the EU and US vowed to step up efforts to set the rules of the road for cutting-edge technology, in order to counter the rising influence of China and other "non-market economies". Speaking to reporters aft
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Ukraine War Propels 'Multilateral Momentum' On China-focused 'Nato For Trade', Experts Say
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has renewed talk about formation of a "Nato for trade" alliance to counter unilateral economic coercion, analysts say, while a Washington-led coalition in advanced technology is becoming more likely as competition between
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Chinese Communist Party Warns Retired Members Not To Make 'Negative' Political Comments
The Chinese Communist Party has banned retired cadres from making "negative political speeches" in the run-up to a major leadership reshuffle later this year. The General Office of the Central Committee issued a set of regulations - titled Strengthen
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EU-US Trade And Tech Negotiators Meet In Paris To Tighten Screws On Autocrats, Including China And Russia
In sun-drenched Paris on Sunday, EU and US officials fine-tuned a blueprint to counter what they see as autocrats' efforts to harness trade and technology for nefarious means. A joint statement seen by the South China Morning Post, to be released aft
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How Might Australia's Ties With China And Asean Change After The May 21 Election?
Amid the mudslinging between Australia's two major political parties over "who's tougher on China", the opposition Labor Party recently articulated another message on the need for more diplomacy and a shrewder foreign policy with Beijing. Australia i
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US-China Trade War: Timeline Of Key Dates And Events Since July 2018
The US-China trade war began in July 2018 under the administration of then-US president Donald Trump, eventually leading to tariffs on about US$550 billion worth of Chinese goods and US$185 billion worth of US goods. A phase-one trade deal between th
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China's Yuan Depreciation Complicates Trade Outlook, Leaves Manufacturers 'Nervous And Passive'
The fast depreciation of the yuan towards the key level of 7 per US dollar has complicated China's trade outlook, with producers having to pay more to buy materials overseas while receiving fewer orders from markets in Europe and the United States, a
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China-Australia Tensions And Racism Fuelling Asian 'Reluctance' To Join Politics
As Australia draws closer to its federal election on May 21, in an era it had once coined the "Asian Century", one thing continues to stand out: the lack of Asian-Australians in its parliament. According to an election watch brief released last year
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Hong Kong Team Develops Lightweight Drone That Can Fly For Longer - Inspired By Maple Seeds
A team at City University of Hong Kong say they have developed a lightweight two-wing drone with around double the flight time of others under 100 grams. The researchers said their 35-gram (1-oz) bicopter drone can carry a small air-quality sensor or
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In Washington For Summit, Asean Leaders To Meet With Top US Government, Business Officials
At the upcoming meetings with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, US President Joe Biden hopes to make clear that the United States is committed to expanding its engagement with member countries, the White House's coordinator for the Indo-Pac
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Removing China's Covid Controls Could Result In 1.5 Million Deaths, Study Warns
China could see more than 1.5 million deaths from a wave of Omicron infections without Covid-19 controls and the use of antiviral therapies, a new study has forecast. A model by Chinese and US researchers suggested that, given China's vaccine efficac
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Chinese Smart Satellite Tracks US Aircraft Carrier In Real Time, Researchers Say
When USS Harry S. Truman was heading to a strait transit drill off the coast of Long Island in New York on June 17 last year, a Chinese remote sensing satellite powered by the latest artificial intelligence technology automatically detected the Nimit
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China-Australia Relations: Threat Of War, Race-baiting Feature In Campaigning Ahead Of May 21 Election
Chinese-Australian accountant Jac* found recent election advertisements with the caption "CCP says Vote Labor" driven by trucks across Australia very shortsighted. The giant ads, referring to the Communist Party of China, portray Chinese President Xi
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Hong Kong Chief Executive-elect John Lee Gets Down To Work Right Away, With A Temporary Office, Staff
Following his election on Sunday, Hong Kong's next leader, John Lee Ka-chiu, is expected to move into a Chief Executive-elect's Office and get down to work, ahead of taking on the top job on July 1. The Post looks at what happens next for him. As the
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EU Slams Selection Of John Lee As Hong Kong's Chief Executive As A 'Violation Of Democratic Principles'
The European Union has slammed the selection process for Hong Kong's new chief executive as "a violation of democratic principles and political pluralism". Former security chief John Lee Ka-chiu was handed the city's leadership in an unopposed electi
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Australia-China Relations: PM Morrison's Coalition Draws Flak Again After Senator Thanks Chinese Community For 'Putting Up' With Racism
With two weeks to go before Australia's May 21 federal election, the issue of anti-Chinese racism has remain a major talking point amid a campaign that has seen Prime Minister Scott Morrison's coalition face criticism for using China as a bogeyman to
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Coronavirus: China Manufacturing Sentiment Trails World's Major Economies Amid Lockdowns
Manufacturing sentiment in China was the worst among the world's major economies in April, as the government refuses to budge from its zero-Covid policy and geopolitical tensions cloud the growth outlook. The state-affiliated China Federation of Logi
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What Is The CPTPP And Why Is China Eager To Join?
The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) is the successor to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which was a key plank in the Obama administration's "Pivot to Asia" strategy that aimed to create an economic c
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China's Giant Gold Deposit Was Formed By Different Geological Forces, Says Paper. Is There More Out There?
An international team of scientists has discovered that a giant gold deposit in northern China was formed by magmatic fluids mixing with rainwater, a process different from that of gold found in other parts of the world. The researchers said their fi
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Can India Fill The China-shaped Hole In Australia's Economy?
Australia and India's free-trade negotiations dragged on for years, but amid frail trade and political relations with China, the deal - albeit one with training wheels - recently turned around quickly. The Australia-India Economic Cooperation Trade A
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China Hits Back At Australia Over Solomon Islands 'Red Line', Saying 'The Pacific Is Not Someone's Backyard'
China has slammed Australia for opposing its security pact with Solomon Islands, calling it a colonialist myth-driven violation of sovereignty and saying Canberra had no right to lay down any "red line". This came as Australian Prime Minister Scott M
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China's Big New Infrastructure Plan Prioritises National Security In Face Of 'Extreme Conditions' At Home, Abroad
National security is front and centre in China's vast new economy-boosting infrastructure investment plan that analysts say is motivated in large part by a rapid deterioration in domestic conditions and the overseas environment. The top-level plan, u
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Coronavirus: China Urged To Be 'More Precise And Scientific' With Controls As Economic Toll Mounts
China has been urged to avoid excessive pandemic controls and provide a clear exit strategy from its hardline zero-Covid policy to mitigate damage to the economy. A growing number of communities across China are being placed under lockdown immediatel
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EU Approves Funding For Lithuanian Companies Hit By Chinese Trade Embargo
The European Union has approved a package of financial support for Lithuanian companies affected by the trade embargo China has imposed on the Baltic nation. A €130 million (US$138.8 million) fund, approved on Tuesday, will be available to companies
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British Surveillance Camera Monitor Asks British Government To Clarify Hikvision Position
The independent monitor overseeing the British government's use of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras has asked ministers to clarify their positions on buying surveillance cameras from China's Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology. Fraser Samps
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'Dream Maker': Preschool Teacher In China Convinces Class He Is Secretly Ultraman And Protects Them From 'Monsters'
A preschool teacher in north China leaned into his class's fascination with the Japanese superhero Ultraman by dressing up as the character to "defend the children from monsters". The video of the teacher from the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, su
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Coronavirus: Tougher Penalties For Hong Kong Employers Who Fail To Hire Enough Workers Under New Wage Subsidy Scheme
Hong Kong employers who fail to hire enough workers but apply for wage subsidies under a coronavirus relief scheme will face tougher penalties, the labour minister has warned ahead of the opening of the application window on Friday. Further details o
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Give Hong Kong's Care Homes For Elderly Better Help After Deadly Covid Wave, Welfare Sector Urge Chief Executive Hopeful John Lee Ka-chiu
Advocates for Hong Kong's elderly have urged sole chief executive candidate John Lee Ka-chiu to improve support for care homes for older residents hit hard by the deadly fifth wave of Covid-19 infections. Representatives from the elderly welfare sect
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Covid-19 Tests Limits Of Shanghai Hospitals As Omicron Infects Already-ill Elderly
The devastating impact of the Omicron strain on vulnerable populations is testing the capacity of Shanghai hospitals after weeks of surging case numbers put an increasing strain on resources. The coronavirus-related death rate has accelerated in rece
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Former Hong Kong Academic And Occupy Founder Benny Tai Pleads Guilty To Illegally Incurring Election Expenses Over Ads For Tactical Voting Scheme
Former Hong Kong law professor Benny Tai Yiu-ting has pleaded guilty to four counts of illegally incurring election expenses through newspaper advertisements to promote a tactical voting scheme ahead of the 2016 Legislative Council poll. Tai, 57, app
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