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Syrian First Lady Thanks China For Standing By Her Country, Preventing Plans 'Still Being Hatched'
Syria's first lady, Asma al-Assad, has thanked China for standing by her country during international forums to prevent "plans which were and are still being hatched against independent countries". Both countries were facing a threat to erase their n
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Hong Kong Health Workers Could Have Done More To Prevent Deaths Of 2 Mentally Disabled Brothers, Advocates Say
Hong Kong hospital staff could have done more when assessing the self-care abilities of two mentally disabled brothers found dead at home after their mother was brought in for treatment, advocates have said. Renee Lai Pui-mei, who chairs the Associat
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If EU Wants Australia's Critical Minerals, 'Get Moving Or You Will Miss The Boat', Minister Says
Australia has warned the European Union that it will miss out on bountiful supplies of critical minerals if it does not stop haggling over prices and making "unfair" demands over a trade deal. "Get moving or you will miss the boat" was the message re
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China Still A Key Market, US Businesses Say, But Hope Dims For Improved Prospects
US companies' optimism about their business prospects in China is at a record low level for the second straight year, but China remains a top-five priority market for 74 per cent of companies, a new survey shows. The US-China Business Council's annua
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India, Not China, Is Best Suited To Lead The Developing World, Top Diplomat Tells UN
India has staked a claim as the leading voice of the developing world in an "emerging multipolar order", casting itself at the United Nations General Assembly as a better fit for the role than China. Addressing the general assembly in New York on Tue
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US 'Back In Force' In Pacific As Biden Hosts Regional Leaders At Summit, Vows To Reopen Embassies Following China's Diplomatic Push
When the White House hosts Pacific island leaders on Monday, exactly a year after their first-ever US-led summit in September 2022, President Joe Biden will follow up on his commitment to raise American engagement in the region to the "next level", a
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How Will Biden's Hi-tech Pledges To Hanoi Affect China's Role In Vietnam And Global Supply Chain?
Washington's latest pledges to hi-tech industries in Vietnam could further move the Southeast Asian nation up the manufacturing value chain, signalling a resolute de-risking from Beijing and subsequently threatening China's industry dominance. While
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Beijing Says It Would Welcome A Visit By US Senators Next Month
Beijing said it would welcome a proposed visit to China next month by US senators, seeing it as an opportunity to "inject positive energy" into bilateral relations. "China welcomes people from all walks of life in the United States, including members
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EU Trade Chief Heads To China For Prickly Talks Amid EV And De-risking Disputes
European Union trade chief Valdis Dombrovskis touches down in China on Friday on a mission to debunk and defuse. A swirling row over electric vehicles and Chinese anxiety over the EU's de-risking plans are high on the agenda of a four-day tour of Bei
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Hong Kong Loses Pride Of Place In Economic Freedom League Table To Rival Singapore For First Time, After 53 Years At Top
Hong Kong has been dethroned for the first time in 53 years as the world's freest economy by rival Singapore in a Canadian think tank's international league table because of what was said to be Beijing's greater interference in city affairs - a view
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China Evergrande Downplays Impact Of Staff Arrests In Shenzhen, As Property Management Unit Warns On Debts
Indebted property giant China Evergrande said that the arrest of certain members of staff from its insurance unit Evergrande Wealth Management would have no impact on its operations, according to a filing by the property developer with Hong Kong Exch
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Hong Kong Police Arrest 202 In Citywide Raids Targeting Illegal Gambling Operations Of Triad Group, Seize Nearly HK$2 Million In Cash, Chips
Hong Kong police have arrested more than 200 people in citywide raids targeting the illegal gambling operations of a triad group, seizing nearly HK$2 million in cash and casino chips. Many of the 202 suspects, aged between 14 and 78 years, had a tria
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China's Defence Minister Li Shangfu Does Not Attend Meeting, Continuing Public Absence
China's defence minister Li Shangfu was conspicuously missing from a major military meeting on Friday, according to footage aired on the state broadcaster CCTV, extending an unexplained public absence now in its third week. Li's name was also not inc
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US Senate Committee Passes Bill That Would Cut Taxes On Taiwanese Firms Operating In US
US legislation that would establish the first US-Taiwan taxation agreement - and possibly benefit TSMC and other Taiwan companies operating in the US - passed a key congressional hurdle on Thursday. The bill - which, among other benefits, would cut b
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Unlicensed California Lab Housing Pathogens Tied To China Firms, US House Panel Concludes After Subpoena
A US House select committee on China's Communist Party has concluded that firms that ran an unlicensed laboratory in central California are linked to Chinese companies. The development came after the panel last week issued its first subpoena as part
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Republicans Split Over Joe Biden's Plan To Restrict US Investment In Chinese Firms
Congressional Republicans disagreed over the best way to crack down on China when the chairman of the House Financial Committee described President Joe Biden's plan to restrict outbound investment in Chinese tech businesses as "nonsense" and urged to
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Hong Kong Will Need 'Proper Strategy' For Integrating Health Data For Biomedical Hub Ambitions, Pharma Giant GSK Chair Says
Hong Kong will need a "proper strategy" for integrating health data to promote itself as a biomedical hub, the chairman of global pharma giant GSK has said, as he recognised the Greater Bay Area's potential to create a data-led science ecosystem. Jon
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Survey Of 30 Years Of Chinese Students In US Reflects Pressures As Well As Satisfaction
Chinese students mostly have a fond impression of their time in the US, although they increasingly report experiences of discrimination and pressure to express certain political views, according to a survey of three decades of Chinese students in Ame
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China's Public Debt Could Stymie Asian Economies While US's Debt Could 'Tear Apart' Society: Analysts
China's public debt burden threatens to undermine the economic growth of its neighbours while US public debt may "tear apart" society and derail support for its green energy transition, according to analysts speaking at an International Monetary Fund
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China Yuan: Weak Currency Hits Traders, Travellers As Customers Request Discounts, Firms Could Raise Retail Prices
Exporters, importers and travellers have found themselves caught in the middle of China's yuan falling to a 16-year low against the US dollar, with the prices of their transactions left hanging in the balance. The offshore yuan traded at 7.36 per US
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Vietnam Ups Durian Trade To China, Land Border Offers Cost Advantage To Challenge Thai Dominance
Vietnam is increasing durian exports to China by using land-border shipments to control costs, a strategy that may challenge Thailand's dominance in the market. Cross-border shipments have surged since China formalised regular shipments of the popula
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A Battle Over A Foreign Agent Registry Highlights Split In Chinese-Canadian Community
For more than two years, Canadian concerns about Beijing-led political interference - and subsequent demands to register "foreign agents" - have been increasingly debated in Ottawa, dividing Chinese-Canadians and even crippling some political careers
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Biden's Indo-Pacific Economic Plan Must Be Stronger If It Hopes To Counter China: Report
A major US-led economic initiative aimed at countering China's many trade agreements in the Indo-Pacific region is failing and needs to be urgently strengthened if it has any hope of keeping pace, a new report concludes. The report, released on Monda
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Hong Kong Police Launch Probe After Korean Visitor Molested While Live-streaming In Central For Her Solo Travel Blog
Hong Kong police have launched an investigation after a Korean visitor was molested by a man while she was live-streaming for her solo travel blog in Central on Sunday night. A viral 60-second online clip recorded during her live stream shows the wom
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China's Yuan: How Far Will Beijing Go To Support Its Currency After Slide To 16-year Low Against The US Dollar?
China's yuan plunged to a 16-year low against the US dollar amid a narrowing decline of exports in August. The recovery of the world's second-largest economy has slowed as the manufacturing sector has struggled to pick up. The yuan has lost 6.3 per c
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Hong Kong Floods: Experts Blame Climate Change For Record Rainstorm, Warn City Must Prepare Better For More Extreme Weather Events
Experts have blamed climate change for the "once-in-500-years" rainstorm that pummelled Hong Kong, warning of more extreme weather events that will be difficult to forecast while calling for better disaster prevention and management. "This would have
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Biden And Modi Meet In New Delhi Ahead Of G20 Summit, But Xi's Shadow Still Looms
Chinese President Xi Jinping is physically absent from New Delhi, but Beijing remained in the backdrop when US President Joe Biden met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday ahead of the G20 summit this weekend. Amid escalating superpower
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Alibaba Eyes B2B Expansion In The US With Las Vegas Event As Rivals ByteDance And PDD Also Grow American E-commerce
Alibaba Group Holding, the Hangzhou-based e-commerce giant, is ratcheting up efforts to expand its business in the US by adding features such as an updated image search on its cross-border wholesale platform., the company's original cross
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Is China's Economy In Bad Shape? 5 Things To Consider From Silver Linings And Slow Growth To Lehman Moments And Japanification
Global investors are becoming increasingly worried after China's economic growth seemed to lose steam over the summer, while the risks faced by embattled property developers and local government financing vehicles (LGFVs) have further raised market c
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Future Of Cooperative US-China Science Agreement Is In Doubt, Say American Physicists
Two Stanford physicists who gathered signatures from 1,000 scientists and scholars from US universities supporting the renewal of the 43-year-old US-China science and technology cooperation agreement say there are not hopeful about the deal's future
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