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Home Away From Home
Airbnb changed everything. Yes, there were vacation rental services long before the home-sharing juggernaut launched, but its software and scale have opened up a completely new way of exploring the world. Travelers once limited to hotels in tourist q
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Jet-setter Style
Design tastemakers Tanya Meda and Kelly Lee didn’t earn influencer status by following everyone else. In increasingly crowded social feeds, the standouts are the ones who do it differently. Meda and Lee have mastered this approach, amassing admirers
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The Life Nomadic
Jay Nelson felt the spark the moment he finished his first one. “In my mind it was such a hit,” he says. “I felt like I had made something super functional, and I kind of amazed myself. It inspired me to keep going down that path and to explore other
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In the most recent issue, on page 22 [“Dwell Asks”], someone is quoted as stating that on his coffee table there is a camshaft from a 1964 Camaro. Oops. The first Camaro wore the model year 1967. Chevrolet did not undertake development on the project
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What is 2019’s Essential Design Destination?
In Barcelona you can find design everywhere. Of course, there’s the famous architectural part, but I find the awesome design you see in everyday life more interesting. Arts and craft shops, innovative cafes or art spaces, hidden terraces, design stor
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International Sensation
When attorney Dominick Sekich was hired to draft guidelines for preserving Denver’s treasured Joshel House in 1994, he had no idea that one day he’d be compelled to follow those rules himself. But 19 years later, he and his husband, Scott Van Vleet,
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Bold Strokes
Seattle artist Mattie Iverson was ready for a change. Having just lived in a modern home, she was drawn to the old-world character of a 1915 Tudor-style house, with its half-timbered facade and stained glass windows, in the Queen Anne neighborhood ov
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When Claire Benoist and Derek Kilner discovered the Clover Hill Foundry in the summer of 2017, they had no intention of buying a country home. The couple were already overwhelmed with planning their wedding and buying their first apartment, in Greenp
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You need only look up at the skyline to understand why Chicago is one of the United States’ most important design cities. The Chicago Architecture Biennial—the third iteration of which runs September 19, 2019, to January 5, 2020—has elevated that rep
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Painting With Light
Miguel Ángel Aragonés’s house in Mexico City is spread out over nearly 11,000 square feet, but the designer doesn’t occupy much of it. He and his wife, Ana, who is CEO of his firm, spend most of their time in two places: the principal bedroom and a d
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Oaxaca, Mexico
Built on a heritage of crafts such as weaving and pottery, Oaxaca, Mexico, could easily be considered a land of well-made tchotchkes. But its community of young designers is finding ways to keep the region’s long-established arts alive—and also give
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The Escape Great
Tranquil Uruguay, across the River Plate from the sprawling metropolis of Buenos Aires, is where busy Argentineans come to relax. Its beach towns, lined up along the Atlantic coast, get more bohemian and funky the farther north you get and are buzzy
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Seoul, South Korea
Following a decade of rapid economic growth in South Korea, things are finally starting to slow down. According to Jinhee Park, cofounder of the Seoul- and NYC-based architecture studio SsD, this has led to more time for creativity—particularly for t
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View Master
The panorama is staggering. High on a slope above Kenepuru Sound on New Zealand’s South Island, the parcel of land Kate Betteley and Ian Hamlin have owned for two decades overlooks a pristine coastal inlet. They have cultivated olives on the property
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Barcelona, Spain
Since she moved to the city’s old town in the pre-gentrification 1990s, Italian-born architect Benedetta Tagliabue of EMBT has watched Barcelona’s design community navigate between respecting tradition and forging a new path. “What I like about Barce
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Northwest Passage
Designer Josh Hissong had been looking for a lot in Spokane, Washington, where he could build a home for himself, his wife, Shiva, and their new baby when one of his employees sent him a text with instructions: “Click on this link and buy this house.
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Cape Town, South Africa
Ravi Naidoo, founder of Interactive Africa and the creative conference Design Indaba, attributes Cape Town’s flourishing design scene to one thing: confidence. “Cape Town has a design sector that is coming of age and has the confidence to be able to
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Modern Market
More at Dwell.com/Shop The Encalmo Series These handmade modern pendant lights feature the Venetian technique of fusing two separate entities of glass into one single piece. nichemodern.com/dwell The Art of Division Raydoor offers a wide range of sys
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Far From Home
Amenities offered at one of the world’s most remote Airbnbs include two wooden beds, sleeping bags, and an open-fire stove for cooking. A complimentary mug of reindeer milk tea greets you on arrival. The Dukha Reindeer Herders’ Traveling Teepee is lo
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Stay Cool
You may be enjoying the longer summer days by spending more time outside, relaxing with friends, or enjoying dinner on the patio. But when you step back inside the house, you want a perfectly balanced temperature. With a variety of factors to conside
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Olafur Eliasson
Olafur Eliasson is happy to talk about the weather. Over coffee at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, the conversation moves quickly from pleasantries about the rain to the profound sociobiological effects of sunlight on the human body. The leap
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A New Leaf
Malik Ashiru was in Bali when he heard that his ambitious plans for renovating a Brooklyn condo could move forward. He had an exacting vision for the space that required nearly gutting it. To pass the time while the city reviewed the paperwork, Malik
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Family Gathering
Sunil and Shalizeh “Shelly” Patel knew they would build a home tailored for their family when they moved to Houston in 2005. The two medical professionals live with their daughters and Shelly’s parents, and they wanted a design that would encourage c
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Farm to Gable
Carlo Zingaro, a cardiac surgeon, and Eugenia Morgano, a nurse, had been partners in the operating theater for two years and in life for one when they moved in together in 2012. They rented a rustic cottage near the town of Ancona in Italy’s rural Ma
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Idea Factory
Approaching sirens are the soundtrack of Hackney Road in East London, where designer Benjamin Hubert has set up shop with his agency, Layer. Today, the police are arriving to sort out the whys and wherefores of a collision between a bicycle courier f
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Catalonian Collage
The Mediterranean country house is an architectural tradition that unites Europeans beyond national borders and across social classes. The French maintain them in Provence, and the Spanish in Catalonia—where the name for such houses is mas—havens for
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A Contemporary Renovation Focused on Coastal Views & Indoor-Outdoor Living
Spectacular coastal views and a prime location were what first attracted the homeowners to the Plum Street house, a 1960s property located near Point Loma, San Diego. Aware that the mid-century home would need considerable updates in order to meet th
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In the Kitchen With Chopped Host Ted Allen
Whether he’s at home or at the chopping block, Emmy Award winner Ted Allen knows a thing or two about good food. Longtime host of the Food Network’s hit prime-time competition series Chopped, the culinary influencer has also traveled across the Unite
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