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Living on The Lakes
As if nearly 5,000 miles of sun-kissed coastline wasn’t enough waterside loveliness for one small country, Italy also manages to squeeze in more than 1,500 lakes. Some of them are heart-stoppingly beautiful, with surrounding landscapes that have been
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Our Life On Lake Garda
What drew them to Italy, and to Lake Garda in particular? “We’ve both always loved Italy, because who doesn’t?” Maxine says. “And we used to do a lot of sailing, which is how we got to know Lake Garda. Henry’s health hasn’t been great in recent years
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Step-by-step Focaccia
To say that Italians take their focaccia very seriously would be a simple understatement. Once, a dentist friend asked me if I’d like to take a quick drive with him as he had a hankering for focaccia. “I know a good place”, he assured me. “Why not?”
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Finding Fiesole
Going to Fiesole is something I have always loved, and I’m not alone. The place has been continuously inhabited and constantly visited by foreigners since the Etruscan era more than 2,500 years ago. The Etruscans built their town on one of the surrou
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Where Piedmont Looks At The Sea
Our Top 10 guide to Gavi and its environs The name Gavi is a favourite on any wine list. One of Piedmont’s most popular exports, it is named after a little-known territory in the southern part of the region, close to the Ligurian border. On clear day
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Gazzetta italia!
ITALIANO A febbraio 2021 l’equipaggio italiano a bordo di Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, in rappresentanza del Circolo della Vela Siciliana, ha vinto la Coppa Prada e si è qualificata per la finale della 36ma edizione dell’America’s Cup a seguito di un tr
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European Union Residency Permits
Q What is the post-Brexit situation regarding non-EU citizens who might want to stay in Italy for longer than 90 days? Do they need a residency permit? A Non-EU citizens can stay in Italy for up to three months every six months without requiring a vi
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It’s good to welcome you to the new issue of Italia! – I think you’ll love it, I know I do. So where are we two months on since we last met? Second lockdown, third wave… We hope you are doing well. Whatever our current situation, one abiding fact rem
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Property Showcase
Located in the centre of Arabba, with the ski lifts for the Dolomiti Superski slopes of Sellaronda and Marmolada within walking distance, a romantic duplex apartment created by a tasteful conversion of an historic hay barn with many original features
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The Lakes Regional Guide
The northern lakes represent an unwaveringly popular region to buy a home. Property here doesn’t come cheap, but you can still find value for money, and holiday rental potential is strong. But Italy has more places to consider for lakeside living. Lo
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Gosh, Procida is a beauty. I step off the ferry at Marina Grande, onto this small but perfectly formed island with an area of just 1.6 square miles – making it the third largest of the four Phlegraean islands, located in the Bay of Naples. Standing i
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What’s In Store
➤ SERVES 4 as a starter ➤ PREPARATION 15 minutes ➤ COOKING 30 minutes A friend from Naples described this dish to me – it’s served in his favourite restaurant during summer, when courgettes are in abundance. He explained it in such detail and with su
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Caffè Corretto
The swift Brenta River flows through Bassano del Grappa and is crossed by a venerable wooden bridge, the Ponte degli Alpini (which, incidentally, was designed by Andrea Palladio). At the eastern end of the bridge, in a weather-worn wall, I found a pl
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➤ SERVES 5 ➤ PREPARATION 2 hours (for the aromatic oil) ➤ COOKING 2 minutes • 10 slices of toasted bread (ciabatta is preferred)• 5 fresh figs• 1 garlic clove• 100g Parma ham• extra-virgin olive oil• sea salt and black pepper 1 Crush the garlic and c
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➤ SERVES 1 ➤ PREPARATION 5 minutes The drink that started it all – a perfect combination of three ingredients in equal measures that is better than the sum of its parts. Some people like to tinker with the proportions of gin, vermouth and Campari, bu
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Pesto Alla Genovese
There are plenty of pestos available on our supermarket shelves and in specialist stores, with many variations on the authentic recipe too. It appears we have an appetite for pesto sauces made from mint, peas, aubergine, chilli, sun-dried tomatoes, a
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Summer Herbs
Rosemary goes well with: Chicken Lamb Pork Rabbit Tuna, anchovy, bass and other oily fish Goat’s cheese Bread Aubergines (eggplant) Beans Carrots Celeriac Garlic Olives Onions Parsnips Potatoes Squash Sweet peppers Tomatoes Apples Apricots Grapes Lem
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We have one Friends’ subscription and eight virtual cultural tours to give away, thanks to our friends at Art History in Focus Art History in Focus’s pioneering Cultural Travels from Home allow you to travel virtually and enjoy live interactive guide
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Rachael Martin, White Owl, £14.99 (paperback) Author Rachael Martin is a regular contributor to Italia! magazine and has lived in Italy for more than 20 years. Home is just north of Milan, from where she is well-placed to observe the fashion scene in
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THIS MONTH Readers’ Photos
HOW TO SEND YOUR PHOTOS Please email large, high-resolution (300dpi) jpegs of your photos of Italy to or send prints to ‘Reader Photo Competition’ at the address given on page 6. Please include a brief photo description, plus your
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Unsung Nero?
He’s one of Ancient Rome’s most notorious rulers, but was Nero really the power-hungry villain he’s thought to be? This is the question behind a new exhibition at the British Museum in London, which showcases some 200 objects that explore Nero’s rise
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THIS MONTH Top 5 Events
1 For an explosion of colour and spectacle, the INDIA FILM FEST OF SALENTO is the place to be. This is the only festival of its kind in southern Italy and it takes place over six days in Tricase, Puglia. The IFFS will show a mixture of feature films,
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Wines From Sicily
Wine has been a way of life in Sicily for thousands of years. When the Greeks invaded the island in the 8th century BC, they brought their advanced viticulture techniques with them, but the Sicilians had been producing wine long before then. There ar
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Think of Italy and you think of Venice: it seems impossible to have one without the other. The globally-adored city, and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1987, is considered by many to be the most romantic in the world. It is famous for its archite
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This Month’s Contributors
KATE WICKERS writes for many British and international publications. Her family travel memoir, Shape of a Boy, Family life lessons in far flung places, will be published in January 2022. On Instagram as @wickers.kate, she visits Procida, Italy’s newl
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And Breathe…
It’s true. Our general surroundings really can make a difference to our wellbeing, and within an hour of landing in Rome, travelling north, I’m dazzled by the glorious sunshine, undulating olive groves and the medieval magic of the beautiful Sabine H
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In Love With Colour
Tell us about yourself… I’m Anna Paola, I’m an artist and I’m deeply in love with colours. Where are you from? I grew up in a farmhouse on the Venice lagoon, to the north, where on one side of the house there is the garden, and on the other side ther
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Going Up, Going Down…
• There’s been another exciting find at Pompeii, as the latest round of excavations continues. Archaeologists working on the ancient city have discovered a ceremonial chariot, the first of its kind to be found in the area. The four-wheeled carriage i
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Property Showcase
Located on the peaceful, lush hillside of Ossuccio, this detached and fully furnished villa with views over Lake Como has a heated pool, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 spacious living rooms. Walking distance from the lake, with a beach in front of Iso
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