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Catch Up
Stuart Davies explains his motto: “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right… And if you own, or have owned, a classic American car you know that these cars were not that good when they left the factory, let alone 50 years later. They were mass
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Will Shiers' DISCOVERIES Will Shiers
1. The owner of this Denver, Colorado yard has scribbled ‘1967 Mercury Cougar’ on the side, not that I needed any help identifying this distinctive classic. The bodywork is in great condition – well what’s left of it is, anyway! There’s a yellow crus
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Perfect Pairing
While we may live in modern times, with many advantages such as the internet, mobile phones, greater healthcare and so on, for many people it’s the past which conjures up the most interest. Take Richard Mayo and his partner Ginny, for example. For th
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Mark of Respect
There’s no doubting that Ford in the Sixties enjoyed a renaissance as a brand that glossed over some of its less memorable achievements of the previous decade: the ho-hum styling of the ‘shoe box’ Fords, the spectacular failure of the Edsel division
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What The Critics Said
“The Mark III certainly will be the subject of many debates as it shows up in Lincoln dealers’ showrooms… The others, of course, will compare it to the Cadillac Eldorado, for which it is a direct competitor and to the earlier Continentals, Marks I an
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Runnin' In The Family
Growing up surrounded by American classics must sound like a dream to most of us, but for 25-year-old James Reed that’s exactly how he remembers his childhood years: “My dad, Steve, has always had interesting classic cars, the earliest I remember was
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Auction Watch
It seems Shelby Mustangs… Shelby ‘whatevers’ are a dime a dozen at auctions these days, all with eye-watering estimates and actual hammer prices. What makes this one special or any different (apart from that incredible deep gold paint) are those thre
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Muscle Car Files
This month we’re looking at the Plymouth Duster, a much-maligned muscle car in most pundits’ eyes. Smaller-bodied muscle cars tended to be the result of product developers’ efforts to stuff hot V8s into models that were designed to sip fuel. Plymouth
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MEET THE CONTRIBUTOR Steve Havelock – photographer and writer
There’s an old saying that goes something like: “Give me the boy until he’s seven and I’ll show you the man.” I’d say that in my case, it’s pretty true. I was brought up in a pub just a few miles from Silverstone race circuit. Says it all really. Whe
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Amectran EXAR-1
The American motor industry had witnessed umpteen grand schemes emerge out of nowhere; the sort that usually fizzle out almost as quickly. The Amectran EXAR-1 was among their number, even if the precise backstory behind its creation, and the reason b
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Classic American
Ben Klemenzson Fran Lovely John Bath, Nigel Boothman, Paul Bussey, Jon Cass, John Colley, Richard Coney, Huw Evans, Keith Harman, Steve Havelock, Richard Heseltine, Jonny Fleetwood, Will Shiers Pauline Hawkins Tim Hartley Su
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Classic Police Cruisers
I’ll admit it. Since I was a child, I’ve always had a fascination regarding American police cars. It probably dates back to those days of TV shows like the Dukes of Hazzard, T.J. Hooker and Knight Rider, which prominently featured late Seventies Dodg
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Shows To Go Ahead!
Who’s looking forward to a long hot summer of American car shows? Probably everyone reading this magazine – however, over the past 12 months we’ve become very cautious about announcing events that will go ahead and those that won’t, in part because t
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STAR Letter
Dear Classic American, I’ve just read the Cadillac article in the latest magazine – what can I say? Excellent, absolutely brilliant, and you know why? Usable, but presentable cars, just like mine, not trailer queens or cream puffs, all nice to see bu
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Dates Not Data
I realise that this is the opposite of the mantra which politicians and scientists have been parroting on TV and radio ad infinitum; however, the good news is that we actually have some dates – well several actually – for American car shows and event
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When faced with adversity, some folk just sink, while others rise to the challenge and succeed. William Theodore Ribbs, an African-American born into a comfortably well-off family in San Jose, California, in 1955, followed his boyhood dreams of becom
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Keep On Truckin’
We’re all familiar with seeing Crown Vics with their blues ’n’ twos, but they’re fast being de-fleeted and replaced with… F-150s?! No, not necessarily, but Ford has spotted a gap in the market and unveiled the latest version of its all-new 2021 Ford
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Fine '49
Martin Skipper of Sandbach in Cheshire is getting to be such a regular in Classic American, he’ll soon have his own office with his name on the door! Regular readers will recall our feature on his stealthy sleeper ’52 Mercury recently and, as we ment
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Scale Autos
I’ve been a fan of Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth for many years and his cartoon rodent, the nemesis of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Rat Fink. It appears that Round 2, under its AMT banner, now produces a sheet of Rat Fink waterslide decals. Round 2 has been clever i
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Cousins Reunited
In 2012, I persuaded a good friend of mine with long-term ownership of a Regal Deluxe Starlight Coupe to join the Rover P4 Guild Nationals at Gaydon, only a short drive from his home in Oxford. On a glorious day in May, the Coupe was displayed in a l
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The Story Of The "Rovebaker"
Reader Stephen Harcourt had a point in the letters column (Classic American, August 2020) when he spoke about the influence of American car design on British car styling in the Forties and Fifties, especially with Studebaker’s ground-breaking 1947 de
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Buried Treasure
Any El Camino is a rare sight on UK roads, which is perhaps why most of us wouldn’t spot the major difference this one has from all other 1968 examples. No, not the wheels – they’re 17in steels and despite being sourced from the US Wheel Corp., they’
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Author: Mark Cranswick Published by: Veloce Publishing Ltd. ISBN: 978-1-787112-67-4 Price: RRP £19.99. Amazon £11, plus postage. Nearly two years after I first looked at this excellent retrospective on Ford’s frequently overlooked Mustang II and
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Mercury Surprising!
When you’re lucky enough to own an eclectic and varied collection of high-quality classic American cars, it’s no surprise to expect that you might get at least one of them featured in a magazine at some time, but Martin Skipper, of Sandbach in Cheshi
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Jeep 1941
As part of the 80th anniversary celebrations, Jeep is introducing what it believes to be the most capable Wrangler ever offered on UK roads, the Wrangler 1941. Based on a Wrangler Rubicon, the 1941 utilises Jeep Performance Parts to enhance its alrea
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Fins Ain't What They Used To Be
You might recall that we featured Simon Ringham’s customised 1940 Ford in Classic American’s April 2019 issue. When Matt and I visited to photograph his Ford, Simon pointed out the gorgeous 1959 Cadillac he also owned and I vowed we’d return to featu
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LAST OF THE LINE 1974 Plymouth Duster 360
In 1974, Plymouth sales literature proudly proclaimed ‘Fourteen years ago the Big Three introduced three compact cars. Of these three only Valiant survives.’ The continued good health of the Valiant after 1970, when both its rivals from Ford and Chev
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1969 Mercury Marauder X-100
This big boat of a car must have had the salesmen at the Mercury dealerships scratching their heads when it was first unveiled. Mercury’s performance offerings up until then had been limited to the Mercury Cougar, offering as it did a compact size th
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Behind The Camera
Interested in reading about what it takes to become a motoring journalist? Then check out this book by Classic American contributor Paul Bussey. Entitled The Life & Times of a Classic Car Journalist & Photographer, it delves deeply into the fascinati
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The Chrysler New Yorker...
Almost all classic car owners will have travelled along some sort of restoration journey. Some take a leisurely route with a light rolling restoration, others become true adventurers, spending many years navigating a full rebuild. Sometimes there are
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