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Pests And Problems
This affects parsnips as well as carrots. Keep the bed covered with fine mesh net to keep flies out. Put this on when you sow and leave it in place until the crop is lifted. Uncover for weeding, but don’t leave the bed exposed for long if you want gr
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Love Lovage We Do!
A healthy and colourful lunch bowl that can easily be made in advance and taken with you in a container. Just keep the dressing separate. VEGAN RECIPE SERVES 1 Preparation time: 25 minutes Cooking time: 25 minutes ■ 4-5 falafel■ 1 red pepper■ 1 large
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What To Do In April
■ If you can provide constant warmth in a greenhouse, start to sow melon and cucumber seeds in a heated propagator. ■ Sow peas and mangetout in large pots of compost where they will grow and crop in summer. ■ Harvest spring cabbage and greens from th
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Cornwall, Cabbages And Keeping It Traditional
Up until 1970, many gardeners and growers throughout the country would purchase their vegetables for the coming season from their local farmers market or directly from neighbouring farms. These plants were bare rooted brassicas growninafield for seve
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Reader Offers
(AGM is the RHS Award of Garden Merit. Under RHS garden trials these varieties performed particularly well) SAVE UP TO £36 The collection contains one bare root plant each of: ■ ‘BEN CONNAN’ This excellent and reliable blackcurrant tolerates frost an
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How To Avoid A Brassica Massacre
1 Slip brassica collars around newly planted cabbages and sprouts. The collars serve as a physical barrier to cabbage root flies, preventing them from laying their eggs 2 Include nearby companion plants. Nasturtiums tempt cabbage white butterflies aw
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Prizes And Sponsors
This brand new planter from The Posh Shed Company comes in nine sizes. It has fully pressurised treated timber walls and a base that will not rot, made from recycled plastic board. This pack contains everything needed to
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Rhubarb Relish
Rhubarb has been cropping for weeks now, such a versatile ingredient for many sweet and savoury dishes. I make this relish without any added sugar, using dried fruit and orange juice to add sweetness. Keep it in the fridge for a week or so. ■ 500g/17
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Encourage Good Pollination
Trees may be full of blossom over the next few weeks, but this doesn’t automatically ensure that trees will be full of autumn fruit. Those flowers need to be pollinated to make fruit set, so try following a few techniques to aid the process: ■ Learn
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Joyce’s Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Folding Bench
■ Make sure legs are vertical and slide the shelf between them. The holes at each end should slip neatly over the protruding screws on the leg crossbar and wall support. This system provides stability and rigidity to the structure. ■ Choose the best
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Try Something Different
■ ‘MULTI-HEADED F1’: This produces one large head and three to five smaller side heads for later use. This unique cut-and-come-again cauliflower is perfect for those of you who like to harvest your crop in your own time. (Suttons) ■ ‘CHINESE SWEET SP
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Did You Know?
In January of this year the BBC reported that a dog walker in Tyne and Wear alerted the police to what she thought was a human foot buried in mud. When police investigated it turned out that what looked like a toe protruding through the mud was actua
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April Tips
■ As soon as you empty a watering can in the greenhouse, refill it from the water butt and bring it back inside. This does two things. Firstly, it allows the cold water time to get to room temperature so that when you water the plant, its roots don’t
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Creative Covers!
To make the most of my gardening space, I try to grow at least two crops in each bed every year, and often manage to grow three or four! Starting seeds off under cover (greenhouse, windowsill or cold frame) and putting them out as transplants means t
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Hand-pollinate Sweetcorn
This is really easy to do and I recommend it for home growers. To do this, I knock the pollen from the top flowering part of the corn (the tassels) into a plastic container. I then use a wide, dry paintbrush to paint the pollen on to the ‘silks’ that
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Top Jobs For April
Onions are shallow rooting and they suffer from competition if the bed is full of weeds. Keep the soil clean and don’t let it dry out if you want to grow some lovely large onions for lifting in the summer. Sow different types of kale and you can harv
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Tender crops such as tomatoes, peppers, squashes, French and runner beans are often started in pots or cell trays under cover. Here are some queries relating to indoor sowings. Q: SHOULD OLD POTS AND SOWING TRAYS BE WASHED BEFORE USING? A: It is bene
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Kg Top Tip Make A Home For Bees
Different species of bees have different requirements when it comes to nesting. Solitary bees like leaf cutters and mason bees will look for cavities in the soil, walls, trees, bricks, and in the hollow stems of plants, such as bamboo as in bee hotel
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Ones To Try
‘ALL GREEN BUSH’: This dark green skinned variety will produce succulent courgettes thoughout the season – just pick regularly to ensure a steady crop. (Kings Seeds) ‘BOLDENICE F1’: These round courgettes can be harvested when about golf-ball size, o
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On The Veg Patch
In mild areas you can sow direct in the ground outdoors at the end of April. If late frosts and cold wet earth area problem, then it is safer to start seed in pots with a little warmth – you can choose your moment to plant these out, depending on the
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WORTH OVER £918 Thorndown is a specialist water-based paint manufacturer that makes wonderful ranges of Wood Paint and Peelable Glass Paint from its factory in Glastonbury, Somerset. These high- performing eco paints are designed to be the best for e
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Favourite Varieties
‘GREEN UTAH’: Long, green and crunchy stalks with excellent flavour and very popular in the USA. Matures September to December. (Kings Seeds) ‘PINK’: Attractive pink-tinged stems on vigorous plants with good disease resistance. Early maturing from Au
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Our Plotter Of The Month
Natalie and her family grow veg in their garden and also have a small community plot. For Natalie the plot is an escape from the pressures of work and running a household, and away to connect to nature. Where do you grow your veg? When we moved here
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Although celtuce is similar to its lettuce cousin, the stem is the prized part rather than the leaves, although these can be eaten too. Celtuce can be sown in spring to early summer. Like lettuce, it will tolerate a bit of shade so it is a good crop
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Grow With Belle
Hi! I’m Belle and I’m now here every month to share lots of fun activities for you to do at home, on your own or with your family Do you use bamboo canes in your garden or allotment? Canes can be really useful when growing flowers and vegetables that
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Support Peas And Beans
Rows of peas and beans need some support. Even dwarf and bush varieties seem to grow taller than it says on the packet and they all do best if they don’t fall over and trail on the ground. ■ Push small twiggy sticks along each side of a pea row. The
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Send Us Your Letters - Everyone’s A Winner
Send us your tips and pictures and if your letter is published you will get a£10 Dobies voucher. If you are lucky enough to have yours chosen as our Star Letter you will get a £25 voucher. Your voucher will be sent out with a Dobies catalogue and you
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Bring On The Bees
Many of our favourite crops, including most of our fruits and a number of popular vegetables, need to be pollinated in order to produce a good crop. Even some which are self pollinating will produce bigger and better pickings once bees and other poll
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“Have you viewed us on YouTube yet?” Cut two-litre plastic soft drink bottles in half to make mini cloches for any seedlings or young plants in pots, such as tomatoes, peppers and aubergines, and later on, cucumbers Steve harvested some of his best c
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History In The Sowing
My growing journey started with a standard pack of seed off a shelf at a local garden centre. If I’m honest, I wasn’t connected or inspired to grow many of them. Where were their stories? What was interesting about them? Where did the seeds come from
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